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Envelope Book

Are you looking for a cute little gift, or a fun kids project? It only takes a few minutes to create one of these fun little envelope books. May Arts Ribbons add a beautiful finishing touch!!


  • 5 envelopes
  • 5 pieces of patterned paper 4”x5.5” (a great way to use scraps!)
  • 2 pieces of patterned paper 1”x4”
  • 1 piece of patterned paper 1”x5.5”
  • 24 inches of May Arts ABB46 Check Stitch Ribbon
  • 24 inches of May Arts TS22 Stitched Center Ribbon


Here's a photo of the project from the side all closed up with a ribbon bow.


To make the envelope accordion book, lay out 5 envelopes with the flap up and to the left.


Use your favorite adhesive to attach the flap to the back of the envelope to its left until you have all 5 envelopes connected.

Fold the flaps to make an accordion.


Lay out your patterned paper on the envelopes until you get them the way you like them. Then, on the right most envelope, cut a small slit on the fold about 2 inches up from the bottom.

Make a matching slit on the right edge of the envelope as well.


Feed the long piece of Ribbon through the 2 slits (the ribbon will be inside the envelope, and hidden from the back).


Here you can see it going through the back.

Add little bows using the thin ribbon to add little accents.

Refold the accordion, and I added a punched butterfly as an accent.

Bring the ribbon around the front and close with a bow.

This little book is great for kids to place pictures on the envelopes, and also tuck little things into the pockets of the envelopes! Makes a fun gift as well, tuck gift cards into the pockets for a fun surprise!


Blog post by:  Julie Kelley

  1. Gloria Westerman

    Love this idea!!! Thank you so much for sharing…

  2. Charlene

    Cute idea, Julie!

  3. Aki

    Wow, the envelope book looks so cute! I’ll make one~ XD

  4. Kristie Maynard

    I really love this project. Simple but so beautiful, so many uses for this. Would make a great brag book.

  5. Dana Tatar

    I have so many envelopes that I could make several albums. Thanks so much for the inspiration and the fabulous tutorial! =)


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