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End of Summer Pool Party

Charlene here, I thought it would be fun to plan an end of summer pool party for the kids. May Arts make it super-fast and easy to pull together fun party favors.

A trip down the party and candy aisles at the dollar store yielded some sand buckets with shovels, and some adorable necklaces that I think are supposed to be shot glasses but I filled them with brightly colored chewing gum, neon colored gummy worms and Pixie Stiks.  Sure kid pleasers!

Here’s your supply list:


Just follow the directions for inserting the peel and stick stamps into the stamper and stamp way.  Color with markers and decorate with sparkly paper stripes.  Then just tie on beautiful May Arts Ribbon and hand print each child’s name.

Decorate the sand pails too.  Make a 6-8 loop bow and tie off the middle.  Cut each loop and curl just like curling ribbon….uh, oh… looks like some of those wiggly worms are trying to escape!

Thanks to May Arts Ribbon, you can plan a party in no time at all!

Blog post by: Charlene Driggs

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  1. Natasha Poteraj

    How cute. I love the turtles.

  2. Sharon Gullikson

    Love the pool theme. Great tags.

  3. jen shears

    What a super fun party set!!! Love it, Charlene!

  4. Ruth G

    So much fun! Makes me wish summer could go on forever!!! TFS!

  5. Connie L. Riley

    Charlene, great idea and very colorful. I liked the way you decorated the plastic bucket and the tags were very clever.

  6. Denise Bryant

    Fun project! I love all the bright colors!

  7. Miriam Prantner

    Cute tags and I love the buckets too!

  8. Theresa Fredrickson

    How colorful.  I love the bright ribbons you chose.

  9. {vicki}

    what fun!!!!!!!

  10. sue wisniewski

  11. rush

    what a fun party idea!  thank you for sharing.

  12. Linda R.

    How creative!  What great ideas!  Thanks for sharing.

  13. Sue D

    Very fun ideas for an end to summer party!

  14. Donna Sue

    What a great project! Love the summer colors.

  15. Kim H

    too cute!  Thank you for the inspirations, and a chance to win.

  16. sharon gullikson

    Kids love gummy worms, moms love pretty ribbons. Nice combo.

  17. Karen L K

    Very festive.

  18. ava

    such a quick decorating ideal for adding sparkle to end of summer party

  19. Melinda Wilson

    Such a cute idea for the summer themed parties!

  20. Kristie Maynard

    How cute!  Great ideas!  TFS.

  21. kathy/NorthCarolina

    What a fun idea for a Labor Day pool party!  Affordable, too.  Thanks!

  22. Vickie Doswell aka okienurse

    WOW way too cute and some fun time before summer is gone!

  23. Cheryl wage

    That is all so cute if I only had a pool.

  24. AnnetteH

    Fun & Easy Way to End the Summer!

  25. Charlotte Zweigoron

    These are just as cute as can be!!  Lucky, lucky kids…  even if it does mark the end of summer vacation!

  26. Anita A

    What a fun idea!

  27. Jamie Greene

    Really cute!

  28. steph d.

    cute :).  love making little tags.  tfs!

  29. Jingle

    This is all so cute!


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