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Embroidery on Ribbon

Alright, it’s true.  I
only passed Jr. High Home-Ec because they gave enough points for having a good
attitude to make up for my misshapen apron.
I was sew-phobic for years.
(still am!)

About 3 years ago I decided to give it another try… on
paper.  I love the extra texture and
character I had seen sewing add to paper crafting projects in the magazines.
For Christmas, I asked for a sewing machine “for the purpose of sewing on paper
only.” I explained to my husband.  With
cardstock, patterned paper and adhesive in hand, my husband and I went to a
store called SEW SASSY and took a Janome machine for a “test drive.” Right
there in the store, when I experienced what it looked like and how easy it
was…I was HOOKED.  We went home with my
new machine, wrapped it and put it under the tree.

After months of sewing scrapbook pages, mini books and
cards, I realized that maybe, even I could actually sew on FABRIC.  I was a little timid at first, but I actually
went ahead and used my beloved sewing machine to sew FABRIC! It worked!  I didn’t break my machine.  I went to the public library and checked out
every book on machine sewing I could find.
With the library books near-by I created a few simple projects –  a few pillows, some bean bags for the Brownie
Troup, and I even made a blue jean quilt for my son!

Here’s the thing, while looking for books on machine sewing,
I was drawn to all of the books on embroidery and stitching on the same shelf.
Sooooooooo I threw a few on my stack, which led me to attempt embroidery (as if
I need another hobby!!!)  I fell in
love!  I taught myself the stem stitch,
the back and chain stitches, and even the split stitch.  My favorite stitch of all is the French
knot.  It is a little gem of a stitch and
it didn’t take too long to become proficient.
I made French knot flower centers.
French knot borders.  French knot
clusters…What can I say, French knots just make me happy (sigh). Wait!  What if
I combined the happiness of French knots with my love of paper crafting!
A-ha!  We have come back full
circle—sewing on paper!

invite you to pull out that box or bag of embroidery floss…I know you have some
somewhere!  Are you a past cross
stitcher? Maybe you have some left from friendship bracelet making days? (At
summer camp I knew a girl who made a friendship belt! Seriously.) Find that
floss and put it to use with your May Arts ribbon!

ribbon knot 1


ribbon knot 2


Ribbon knot 3


Ribbon knot4

The Olive faux suede leaves ribbon. (XL16) is a beautiful ribbon.I loved it paired w/ the joyous picture of my
son and his tiny plant.  To the center of
each leaf I stitched a French knot. This ribbon can add whimsy to any nature Layout.


ribbon knot 8

The Amazingly fun Parrot Green/Raspberry Sheer/Print
(wired) ribbon (355) with bright yellow French knots in the center of the
design created a fun embellishment that tied the colors of my photo and papers


Ribbon knot 9


The Royal Blue floss I used matched the color of the
stitches in the Parrot Green/Royal Stitched/Grosgrain ribbon.I liked the ribbon paired with the bright,
fun-orange /yellow grosgrain/ horizontal lines ribbon (333).

Click here for details on this week’s scrapbooking contest!

Blog posted by:  By Leah Farrar-White


* SUBLIME STITCHING has a step-by-step instruction for FOOL


*(Supplies: SPROUT-Papers by Bazzill, October Afternoon,
Jilly Bean Soup. Alphabet Cloud nine. Colored pencil.   MISS MAKEUP-papers by Bazzill, Basic Grey,
Sassafras Lass, embellilshments Sassafras Lass, Kaiser.  Alphabets Jenni Bowlin, American Craft, black
Pen.  PARTY!-Paper: Prima and Scenic
Route, Alphabet Basic Grey.)

  1. julie ketchun

    you’ve inspired me! I haven’t pulled out my scrapbooking stuff in a long time but I am going to this afternoon!

  2. Kimberly Madrid

    Oh, my gosh! I love your little French knots. I need to remember how to do those. And “Sprout” is just too wonderful — the simplicity of the journaling and design perfectly compliments that beautiful photo of D.

  3. Julie Creek

    This is a GREAT blog post. You could even use the templates from Bazzill Basics paper that are designed for stitching, and use them on the wider ribbons that May Art makes…then you could stitch the patterns or words into the ribbons. EVEN BETTER tell the folks at May Arts…make a ribbon like 1.5″ wide or 2″ and laser cut the wholes INTO the ribbon…then all the person designing has to do is choose their color of stitch and stitch away. While we’re on the subject…we REALLLLYYYYYYY need someone to make some NEW sports ribbon. How about some 1/2″ white grossgrain with rubby words in black that say “soccer, volleyball, etc”. Each spool should be one sport…don’t put multiple sports on the same ribbon. Then we need some “disney” type ribbons…black with red and yellow designs on them. Creative Imaginations made this stuff a few years ago and we sold TONS of it. The discontinued it. Keep up the good work!

  4. Jill

    Beautiful! What gorgeous ribbons you have to work with! I especially love the invitation. It’s a great way to use little scraps of pretty ribbon. Great job!

  5. Alecia Castro

    So very cool Leah, you rock my friend!!

  6. Jennifer Camplin

    That is awesome idea could do that on ribbons than other ways.

    Happy ribbon!


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