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Embossing on Velvet

I love velvet! There’s something special about the rich texture and color that just makes me happy.

Years ago, I belonged to a craft group where we learned to emboss velvet using an iron and foam stamps. I wondered if that technique would work with our gorgeous May Arts Velvet ribbon as well, so I did a little experimenting.

I tried using rubber stamps first without much success. The impressions weren’t deep enough to penetrate the backing on the ribbon. I didn’t even attempt acrylic stamps as I knew they would most likely melt under the heat of the iron.

Next, I pulled out my old foam stamps to see they could penetrate the ribbon backing and here’s the gorgeous result.

Embossing on Velvet

Want to try it yourself? It’s as easy as this.  Assemble your supplies:

  • May Arts Velvet Ribbon – I used the 1 ½ inch width
  • Foam Stamps with large designs (too many small details don’t work well)
  • Iron
  • Pressing cloth
  • Spray bottle filled with water

Place the stamp design side up on the ironing board. Place the velvet ribbon velvet side down on top of the stamp. Spritz with water until thoroughly dampened.

 Embossing on Velvet

Set the iron for rayon. On my iron, this is in between 5-6. Hold the iron on the stamp for 20—25 seconds without moving the iron. If you move the iron, you may cause the ribbon to shift.

Embossing on Velvet  

Remove the iron and voila…

 Embossing on Velvet

Now use your pretty custom made ribbons on your handmade cards or simple elegant one of a kind gift wrap.

 Embossing on Velvet

Thanks for joining us on the May Arts Ribbon Blog! We’d love you see your May Arts embossed velvet ribbon!

 By Charlene Driggs



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  1. Melin

    WOW! This is a great idea! I will have to pull out some of those old foam stamps and give them a try! Very clever!

  2. TracyM #6773

    WOW – what a GORGEOUS technique!!!
    THANK YOU for sharing this with us Charlene,
    can’t wait to try it too!!!

  3. Liz O.

    Love this!!! thank you for sharing!
    have a wonderful day!

  4. Lucy E.

    This is so pretty! I’d love to try this, but I don’t own any foam stamps. I’ll have to watch for some on sale 🙂

  5. Martie Rollin

    I remember when embossing velvet first came out…such a dramatic look! So happy to see that this technique is coming back. Love this ribbon on a card!

  6. Jean Bullock

    What a cool idea.

  7. Laura Strack

    Amazing and gorgeous! I love velvet ribbon!!!

  8. Melinda Wilson

    Wow! Beautiful ribbon and I love the designs . . . now I have to dig out those foam stamps!!

  9. jen

    So pretty!

  10. Nikki C

    This is just fantastic love the effect

  11. Courtney Lee

    Totally gorgeous Charlene!!!!

  12. Christina

    WOW, what a cool technique!

  13. erin

    wow, love this!

  14. Heather Thompson

    cool idea!

  15. Melanie Joyce

    Wow this is gorgeous, I’ll definitely be giving it a try! Fabulous idea x

  16. Valerie Gee

    Oh my gosh this is totally amazing! And to think I was just about to throw out all my old foam stamps because I thought they were useless! I have got to try this…. thanks so much for sharing! XXOO from CO!


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