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Eclectic Bib Necklace

I don't know why, but it seems I like 2 kinds of necklaces: super simple or funky.

Today we go for option number two 😉



Bib necklaces are super popular and I have been wanting to try and make one for awhile now.  It really only took about an hour and was very rewarding!  And did I mention easy?


You will need:

  • felt
  • doily
  • buttons
  • tulle
  • fabric flowers
  • eyelets
  • necklace chain
  • hot glue gun


The first thing I did was start of making one of these ever popular rolled flowers out of RG76 ribbon. Place a little glue on the felt circle and begin to roll and secure with more glue until it is the size you want.



Finished it off by adding a button to the center



The next flower was made using by taking one of these metal pieces you find in the jewelry section of your craft store and adding some glue to secure your RG10 ribbon. The trick here is to make a loop, or petal if you will, bring it back to the center, add more glue and repeat until you have the number of “petals” you want. It is always good to go with an odd number so here I have 5. It may seem a bit wonky, but go with it..remember..we are making an “eclectic” style necklace!



I added an old orange metal button I had been holding onto to the center, with a bit of tulle underneath



I already had this chain by Making Memories, but wanted to add some of the beautiful  velvet/crocheted style ribbon 372-1-06 to it somehow. So I removed a few of the links and added a ribbon section by folding it in half, slipping it through a link and sewing the one end together.



For the “bib” part of the necklace I used felt. (Any color will work as you are going to be covering it up anyway.) I happened to use a green color and knew I didn't want it to show so I sewed on an doily found cheap at at thrift store. Just fold in half and sew it on.



Here's what it looks like on the back, just as a reference



I determined where I wanted to place the eyelets and used my Crop-A-Dile to secure them to the felt



And now, the fun part—decorating!! I played around with the placement of my items a bit before I determined where I wanted everything to go. In addition to the ribbon flowers I used canvas flowers, tulle, orange and pink flowers from Making Memories, a vintage earring with the back cut off, old buttons and this cool vintage gold thing..not quite sure what it is…it looks like celluloid, but I have held onto it for awhile because I liked it.



I think the colors will work well for anytime of the year, particularly Spring and Fall. Not all my crafty ideas turn out as great in real life as they do in my head, but I think this turned out even better. To me it looks just like something I would see in Anthropologie, but WAY less expensive and completely unique! I wore it the very next day 🙂



I hope you have enjoyed today's tutorial! Please ask any questions in the comment section. If you are anything like me, you probably have some of the makings of your own eclectic accessory stashed in your craft room 😉 Bust them out and make your own fashion statement! And send us a link if you do!

Have a wonderful day!


Blog Post By: Lexi Bridges

  1. Tammy s.

    I am really loving those types of necklaces…Yours is just beautiful. Thanks for the crafty hints as to making one.

  2. jen shears

    LOVE all the great detail!! So fun & trendy!!! Fab tutorial too! 😀

  3. Shelly

    Beautiful Necklace. I am so inpsired to make my own, just in time for spring.

  4. Dana Tatar

    Gorgeous! Thanks for breaking everything down Lexi! I’d love to have a piece like this.

  5. ellen s

    oh that is funky! i love how you created the bib part, too.

  6. sue w.

    what a terrific necklace! like all the different ribbon flowers.
    stamping sue

  7. Charlene

    So unique and very creative, Lexi! Love the ribbon flowers!

  8. JoAnn K Delery

    love your necklace. i hope to try it someday. after i finish all my other favorite projects. actually, i might jump this one ahead by a couple dozen as i’m feelin’ the need for something new to wear with this eclectic necklace!! thank you very much!

  9. Latrice Murphy

    Lexi this is beautiful! I’m gushing over the vintage feel of it. Great job on this and I think I may need one! 😉

  10. Dawnll

    This is totally amazing! Love It!

  11. Jen Clark

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!! Totally gorgeous!!

  12. Kimberly Jones

    Very chic! This is a great tutorial!

  13. Elaine

    WOW!!!! THIS is the kind of project that I’ve been wanting to do! Thanks so much for the great step by step directions! I know what I’ll be working on tonight and over the weekend…lots of cute projects like THIS ONE! 🙂 yay!!!!

  14. Janet Zeppa

    What a gorgeous creation!

  15. say - Kesha Tickets

    Pretty impressive. I like the way how you make the bag and the necklace. Are those recycled materials that you used? Hope you can do more.

  16. Ronda A.

    Ohhhh…very cool! I love the vintage feel. At first I was wondering what the heck you were doing with the handle but I see now its a suitcase…LOL!! With a nice vintage handle you could turn that into a super purse too 🙂

  17. Pam Loris

    How very clever! Love all the gorgeous ribbon flowers!!

  18. Peggy Lee

    FABULOUS!!!! this is so beautiful!!! great job and thank you for sharing today with this tutorial!!! Love May Arts…


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