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Easy Pleated Burlap

While admiring all the nature inspired scrapbooking goodies companies are coming out with, I fell in love with the whole burlap craze.  Of course no one does burlap like May Arts does so I got to thinking of different ways to incorporate burlap ribbon onto my projects.  Here is one really easy way to add even more texture and dimension to your projects.  Pleated burlap.

Easy Pleated Burlap

All you would need for this project is a sewing machine and awesome May Arts burlap ribbon.  You could use the natural or faux version of the burlap in any size.

The first step is pleating your ribbon.  These burlap ribbons come wired so this step is easy.

Easy Pleated Burlap

Next run a straight stitch down the middle of your ribbon using a sewing machine.  This step is to secure the pleats.

Easy Pleated Burlap

Your ribbon is now ready to be added to a project.

Easy Pleated Burlap

Or for a shabbier look simply cut the wire off of the sides.  Add double sided tape to the back of the ribbon right where you snipped off the wire.  This would be to control the fray.

Easy Pleated Burlap

Here’s how I used these pleated ribbons on two cards.  One features the regular and the other is frayed.

Easy Pleated Burlap

Easy Pleated Burlap


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May Arts Faux Burlap Ribbon

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  1. Angel Chambers

    This is so cool! Thank you thank you thank you for showing me this easy way to pleat burlap ribbon!

  2. Angel Chambers

    This is so cool! Thank you thank you thank you for showing me this easy way to okeat burlap ribbon!

  3. by belle

    I better get some of that burlap ribbon!!!  Great idea cutting off the wire!

  4. Virginia Fynes

    looks great. I love how easy wired ribbon is to work with!

  5. Court's Crafts

    I love pleating! Cute tutorial!

  6. veronica johnson

    very sweet cards, Im partial to the frayed look myself

  7. Sue D

    Great effect!

  8. Cher K.

    Beautiful card, I love the burlap!


  9. Andrea Amu

    Looks awesome!  I'm in love with the burlap ribbon!
    The frayed look is really neat on your card 🙂


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