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Easy to Make Ruffled Ribbon Rose

Hi, Rhea here sharing another flower.  This one is easy to do and one of my favorites.  You can use two different colors of ribbon or two of the same color ribbon.  Depending on the ribbon the flower could look a little different. 

Easy to Make Ruffled Ribbon Rose 

Here I used the Sheer Nylon Edge in white and Sheer Satin Band in cream.

 Easy to Make Ruffled Ribbon Rose

Here I used  1 ½ in Sheer Stitched Edge Ribbon in white and Sheer Satin Middle Stitch ribbon in violet.

Either way this ruffled rose is easy to do and very pretty.

how to make a ruffled ribbon rose

 By Rhea Weigand


Partners In Craft Supplies Used:


Miscellaneous Supplies Needed

  • Heat Gun
  • Needle and Thread


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  1. Virginia Fynes

    Great tutorial!

  2. Denise Shepherd

    I love the ribbon roses they are fabulous x

  3. Judy B

    Lovely flowers Rhea. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Lucy E.

    These are so pretty! I’ve never used 2 colors to make ribbon flowers-it looks awesome!

  5. SuZeQ

    Well golly … what’s not to love here? I think I’ll have to give this a go again but this time using two colors. Yes, I will. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. TracyM #6773

    BOTH flowers are GORGEOUS!!!

    THANK YOU for sharing these beauties, especially the 2nd one, it reminds me of the rose called Double Delight 🙂

  7. germaine

    they are beautiful, it reminded me I have some really nice gold ribbon that would make gorgeous flowers!!!


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