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Easy Holiday Gift Tags

With the holidays coming up, I love to stock up on wrapping supplies and gift tags. To make these easy tags, I paired May Arts ribbon and DCWV paper.  Once you get started making, you won’t stop… the tag ideas are endless!




May Arts Ribbon
– 1 yd – 1/4" white satin center band (337-14-09)
– 1 yd – 3/16" green grosgrain/stripes (RG46)
                  *this will be enough for approx. 9 tags

DCWV Christmas Combo Mat Stack
– blue snow art square page
– coordinating page for back of card

• Ruler

• Xacto blade

• Tacky glue

• Hole punch

• Scissors




Step 1 –Trim out individual art squares from blue snow paper. I used the squares with scarves and the background ribbon images.

Step 2 –Using your backing paper, trim out duplicate sized squares. Also trim out quarter sized circles to use as the tag hangers. Set aside.

Step 3 –With your xacto blade, slice slits into the paper following existing artwork wherever you want your ribbon to enter and exit the paper. For the scarf artwork, put a slit on the left hand of the scarf and another over the knot portion.

Step 4 –Slide your ribbon through the slits. For the scarf artwork, tie your ribbon into a knot over the artwork knot. Then place small drops of glue onto the ends of the scarf artwork and press your ribbon into place.

Step 5 –When inserting ribbon into slits, be sure to leave slack and not pull tight. The 3d quality is what makes the tags special.

Step 6 –Glue your small circles half on and half off the top of your tag. Next, glue the background piece directly to the back of your artwork piece. This will secure ribbon in place and allow you to write a message to your recipient.

Step 7 –Punch a hole into the visible half moon hanger and secure to gift with extra ribbon.


Download the pdf to this tutorial Here!

Blog post by: Tiffin Mills

  1. bonnie zeman

    thanks for sharing this i have paperlike this and didn’t know what to do with it ribbons look so nice when used on this

  2. Ruth G

    Very fast, easy and super cute! Great idea!!!!!

  3. Kristie Maynard

    So quick and simple and just adorable!

  4. Melinda Wilson

    Thanks for this great idea!

  5. Amanda Coleman

    I love the ribbon accent on the little hat. What fun tags!

  6. Christine Dring

    Very cute idea! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Charlene


  8. Sue McRae

    The use of ribbons makes the packaging extra special.

  9. Jingle

    Very cute!


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