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Easter {Treats} Weekend Giveaway – Winner!

One of my favorite parts of Easter as a child was, of course, the much anticipated Easter Basket.  Now that I am the mama, it is still my favorite part!  Picking out the perfect treats for my little dude is such fun!  He is a purist in his tastes – milk choocolate.  No frills or extras please!!  Me?  I’m a Reese’s gal.  We do, though, agree on the jelly beans!  Yum!!!  🙂  

What are your favorite Easter treats?  Post your comments here and enter to win:

DCWV’s Blue Fabric Paper!  (This stuff is fab…if you haven’t tried it yet ;-))

And the ribbon to go with it:


2 Spool of May Arts Ribbon – Your Choice!


For an extra chance to win, head on over to the May Arts Facebook Page and comment there too.  You know we always love to hear from you over there!  🙂

I will post a winner right here on Monday April 9th.

Good luck and Happy Easter y’all!



-The Ribbon Lady



We have a winner!  Congratulations to:

I love Cadbury mini eggs and black jelly beans.  I too love finding the perfect treats for my children who are now 25 and 27.  I still have their original Easter baskets and fill them year after year.  Have a Happy Easter!

Carol, email me at [email protected] with your shipping address to claim your prize!

**All winners have 2 weeks to claim their prize**

  1. Jean Marmo

    LOVE white chocolate!! Always get a white chocolate bunny!

  2. Jen Cuthbertson

    Cadbury mini eggs and yes, I actually like Peeps!!  🙂  Happy Easter!

  3. Kara Craig

    My favorite treat this year was being baptized last night at Easter Vigil.  I'm 30 years old, so is my husband of 2 weeks and we both chose to become Catholic. He was already baptized, but we both had to be confirmed and take first Communion.  To say it was an awesome experience is a bit of an understatement!

  4. Grá

    Has to be Lindt Chocolate Bunnies for me 🙂

  5. April

    My favorite Easter candy is anything dark chocolate. We fight over dark chocolate at our house. All of us love it!

  6. Carol

    I love Cadbury mini eggs and black jelly beans.  I too love finding the perfect treats for my children who are now 25 and 27.  I still have their original Easter baskets and fill them year after year.  Have a Happy Easter!

  7. Jenny Jean aka Wifey Cookie

    Milk chocolate eggs! 🙂 Happy Easter!

  8. Linda Ressetar

    As a child , I loved getting choc marshmello eggs and putting them in the freezer. They are so good with that extra little crunch !!  Thanks for the opportunity to win awesome blog candy !

  9. Lynda

    I've never heard of fabric paper before, but would be thrilled to try it if I win it!

  10. Colleen O

    Reece's Peanut Butter eggs!!!

  11. Grammycher

    Happy Easter to all……my fav sweet treat is the little eggies…chocolate inside with that little crunchy coating outside……and to win this very sweet crafty treat would be the best!!!!! thanks for the chance…..

  12. Darlene Gabriel

    My favourite treats are the Laura Secord yolk filled chocolate eggs. Mordens' solid chocolate bunnies and Smarties eggs. These are all things that this chocoholic didn't get to enjoy this year because of being on a weight loss program, but will again next year:)  The real treat of Easter though is the death and resurrection of Jesus my Lord and Saviour – that I get to enjoy always and forever – no matter if I'm on a weight loss program or not.

  13. *Queen* Britt

    I actually love hard boiled eggs.  I know that sounds SO weird, but I can actually taste one right now.  The creamy inside, the salt and the cool, firm egg white…I'm completely strange. lol
    This might also have to do with the fact that I'm diabetic and allergic to chocolate.

  14. Doris

    Definitely the Easter Peeps, even though you can find them pretty much year round now.

  15. Goat Girl

    My favorite Easter treat are chocolate eggs!

  16. sandeeNC

    My newest Easter fav are the Peep S'mores, they are awesome, but I still need a hollow milk chocolate bunny to make easter complete for me! happy Easter to May Arts!

  17. Carolyn Robbins

    My favorite Easter treat is the Easter Egg Bubblegum. 

  18. Rebecca Ednie

    I love anything PB! And Jelly Belly beans. 

  19. Pendra

    I am with your son… I am a milk chocolate addict!  But I'm not opposed to the malted milk balls, or peanut butter cups, or anything with milk chocolate on it or in it!!!  Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful chocolate colored papers!  Fingers crossed!!
    Happy Easter & Crafty Hugs,

  20. Melinda Wilson

    I love the mini cadbury eggs!

  21. Linda Grady

    Happy Easter weekend to all!!  My new favorite is Dove Peanut Butter Chocolates and also like jelly beans. 
    OMGosh – I love this blue/brown set of papers; just gorgeous.  Hope it'll be available to buy soon.

  22. tricia

    Cadbury Mini Eggs are my favorite!

  23. Susan Jensen

    Any peanut butter candy, jelly beans, and my pretty Deco. Egg.

  24. Sue D

    Favorite Easter treat is jelly beans.

  25. jennifer hineline

    My favorite easter candy is peeps I love them

  26. Karen McAlpine

    Love Cadbury caremal eggs!  My new favorites are Cake Pops!  They are really fun to make too.  

  27. sharon gullikson

    See's chocolate eggs are my favorite. Actually, See's has my favorite chocolates all the way around…..

  28. Natasha G.P.

    I'd have to say that mine is deviled eggs. Not the usual treat, but I love them.

  29. B. Poteraj

    Reese's egg. YUM

  30. Barbara Moore

    My favorite candy is Cadbury Creme Eggs.

  31. Theresa Fredrickson

    As a kid, any kind of candy would do, but as an adult, my favorite treat is the devilled eggs we make every year with the easter eggs.

  32. Monika/buzsy

    Yum! My favorites are Cudbury cream filled eggs, Jelly Beans, and Peeps! But anything sweet and chocolaty works for me… milk or white… Have a Blessed Easter May Arts!

  33. SuZeQ

    Anything that is chocolate covered works for me.  Oh, and those malted milk eggs ….. yummmmy

  34. Melissa T

    My favorite Easter Treat is really the old fashioned jelly beans, not the new ones with all their fancy fruit flavors. The old, regular ones take me back to my childhood dream to have a jar of these on my desk at all times when I grew up because I saw it in a magazine as a child. 

  35. Carol Ann

    Peeps – those yummy marshmellow peeps in a bunch of colors.  Love them when they dry out and the marshmellow is tough.  Crazy??  And the cocoanut chocolate jelly bean nests – aww so good.  

  36. Barb King

    I love those peep, especially when they have been left out of the package for a few days, and are chewy on the outside.  My mother in law loves them, too, so we always give each other a pack.  They have to be yellow, though, no purple peeps for me!

  37. Cheryl Hutcherson

    I'm with you on the Reese's!  Peanut butter and chocolate are the perfect combination!  Love this giveaway!  Thanks for the chance to win!

  38. Barbara Johnson

    Oooooh!!! I love that fabric paper with ribbon to match!! Awesom endless possibilities!!!

  39. AngieB

    OOOHhhhh Gorgeous Paper!  My favorite Easter treat is Cadbury Milk Chocolate with creamy white and yellow center fillings…mmmmmmm but now that I am older I need the small ones!!!  Too much sugar in the large ones!!!!

  40. Sharon Roselli

    My favorite thing about Easter was always the egg hunt. depending on the color egg you found determind what value it was. pink was a nickel, orange was a dime, blue a quarter and whoever found green a whole dollar! there was only 1 green. that way no one had candy on thier clothes for church. grass sometimes but not sticky. I miss those times, my children are teens. My favorite candy jelly beans!

  41. Trish Reddick

    I love the beautiful Robin Eggs. I love their beautifully colored look, and how they crunch and then melt in your mouth. Happy Easter!

  42. Lucy

    My favorite treat is the chocolate covered marshmellow eggs!

  43. Carol Douglass

    I know this is hard to believe, but I love soft, fresh black jelly beans.

  44. alice hancock

    The white chocolate bunny!

  45. Tina Michael-Dahlmann

    Malted milk eggs, popcorn flavored jelly bellys and black jelly beans.  Happy Easter!
    [email protected]

  46. Meme

    My favorite is the malted milk eggs. LOVE them! Yummy!

  47. Hilary Frye

    My fave is the giant chocolate bunny.  (I always bite the ears off first.)  Have a great Easter celebration!

  48. rush

    pure milk chocolate eggs for me, too.

  49. C arol B

    My favorite treat is a chocolate bunny!
    Carol B

  50. Patricia Crowley

    I love Peeps at Easter time!

  51. Kelly Massman

    chocolate easter bunnies for mE!

  52. Sue McRae

    I love the Lindt gold bunny and the Cadbury Mini Eggs, yummy!

  53. Bethany Becker

    I love chicks and rabbits and reeses pb eggs.  I can't wait to make Easter baskets for my own kids!

  54. LynnR

    OH, I love the malted robbin eggs, Reeces's Peanut Butter eggs and Jelly Belly jelly beans!  And the peanut butter eggs are great when then are cold!  Yumm!

  55. Ronda A.

    PEEPS are the best…but they must be a little stale or crunchewy!

  56. Kristie Maynard

    My Mom makes the most amazing chocolate fudge Easter eggs with chocolate pudding and I don't even know what else and that would be my favorite, but if we are talking bought treats, then it would have to be Cadbury Mini Eggs, for sure!
    Thanks for the chance at this wonderful give away.

  57. luanne

    for me is anything! as long as they are chocolate

  58. Creative Mine by Maria G

    We love attending mass and then heading out to brunch!
    My favorite easter treats is the brunch with the whole family…just the gathering alone is wonderful.  As a child I loved the basket but my boys are not so crazy about the basket these days…unless it has video games geeez

  59. Katherine L

    My mom always gave us Easter baskets too.  We always got some little gift and candy.  I too, do it for my daughter and my husband,  I love Reece's eggs.  They are always fresh and the best!  Happy Easter!

  60. Cyndi Pink

    My favorite has always been the Cadbury egg.  I've been trying to be good this year, but after reading everyone's posts, I may have to create my own Easter basket of yummies.

  61. Michelle Weddle

    I'm with your little dude…chocolate – plain and simple.  Milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate it doesn't matter.

  62. Sar Tann

    I love Reese's and Jelly belly sours and citrus flavored jelly beans. Just waiting for that bunny to come. YUMMM 😀

  63. Anita Y.

    I absolutely love Reese peanut butter eggs! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  64. Ruth G

    I love Robin Eggs!  There's something about having a colorful coating that makes the malted milk on the inside yummier!

  65. Lyn Gill

    Love me some chocolate Easter Bunny!  Lyn

  66. Sandra

    Cadbury's Cream Eggs – no contest!

  67. Marcia Dehn-Nix

    I LOVE M&Ms in all those Easter colors, and Reeses Eggs. I won't touch those Peeps though. It's got to be chocolate for me.

  68. Ashley N Newell

    I love Starburst Jelly Beans

  69. jeanette munson

    I love Easter:) GOD is good!! thanks for a chance to win this paper!

  70. Gwen Windham

    I LOVE Easter— just love the pretty pastel colors– bunnies, chicks, flowers, eggs… 🙂  LOVE seeing the excitement on the kid's faces when they check their baskets to see what the Easter Bunny has brought them, and then watch them huting the eggs! 
    My favorite Easter candy is defintley the Malted Milk Robin's Eggs– SO delicious!  I always look forward to getting some every year! 🙂

  71. Jacki

    YUM! Carmel filled chocolate eggs!! 
    Have a Blessed Easter!!

  72. Indy

    Thanks for the chance!

  73. Teresa Godines #6857

    I love Chocolate peanut butter eggs…  Thanks for the chance..
    Happy Easter everyone.

  74. Christine Dring

    Hands down, my favoite is the Reese's peanut butter eggs! I've already gone through 2 bags! LOL! (and I don't have kids!!!)

  75. Lynda Marquez

    Mmmmm, I love the Reese's peanut butter eggs!

  76. Denise Bryant

    Happy Easter to all!
    My favorite is See's candy Easter eggs, the big ones with the filling! I love the dark chocolate Chocolate Butter or Bordeaux! Yum!

  77. Karen L K

    Ok the chocolate egg picture reminded me that I love those.

  78. Amanda Coleman

    Cadbury Creme eggs are my all time fave!  Have a great weekend!

  79. Amy Jones

    My favorite Easter candy is Reese's Peanut butter eggs.  Thanks for a chance to win some great stuff.  Happy Easter.

  80. Jeyatha

    The girly girly way, I love anything which has chocolate on it.. Happy easter to everyone at May Arts.. you guys rock..

  81. Lisa S

    I love the peeps…but they have to be roasted so the outside gets a thin crust and the inside is all melty…yummy! I'd love to make a scrapbook page of my kids doing this with some of that gorgeous paper.

  82. LinhC

    Reese's peanut butter eggs.

  83. Marlene Aulenbacher

    Ohhh, my favorite Easter treat are PEEPS! I can't get enough of them :). My sister and I have started making our own Easter eggs since mom passed away in 08; the last 2 years we've made peanut butter, maple walnut, cherry almond and cocnut. It's a great tradition and I get to spend some girl time with my best friend.

  84. Laura Cox

    Ok….yummy little jelly beans called Tiny Jelly Bird Eggs by Brachs….and reese's eggs are a really close second!  Thanks for the chance to win…I have never seen this fabric paper before!!! 

  85. Ann Merkins

    My favorite easter treat is the malted milk robin eggs, especially the mini ones! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  86. Lisa Peeples

    My favorite are mini cadbury eggs.  I also love marshmallow eggs that come in the egg cartons.

  87. Miriam Prantner

    Jelly beans, hands down.  The good thing is you can get them all year, but at Easter there are SOOOOO many choices and great flavors.  I consider myself quite the connoisseur of jelly beans and my current favorite are the sweet tart ones.  Have a great one!

  88. Chris R

    I love Cadbury Eggs and anything with caramel. : )  Thanks for giving us a chance at such a sweet prize. 

  89. Linda Harris

    I hoard the Sweettart jelly beans ,, I hit all the stores to stock up on them at clearance time. Them and the egg crate marshmallow eggs!!! Thanks for the chance I have not seen this at stores near me and would love it,

  90. Ruby

    My favorite was always the little yellow marshmallow Peeps…still love the to this day! Oh, and any of the jelly beans…lol!

  91. Krista

    I love anything with peanut butter and chocolate. Hiding eggs for the kids is so fun, but this year they want to hide some for Mommy and Daddy, too!

  92. Cait

    I love black jelly beans, and since a lot of people don't, I made out like a bandit when I was a kid…LOL
    Those are beautiful papers…I love the blue and brown.

  93. Barb Housner

    I really like the sour patch jelly beans – except for the green ones – I give those away – one daughter loves Brach marshmallow bunnies and the other Reese's peanut butter eggs – so even though they are in their thirties they always get them – the peanut butter eggs had to be mailed to Alaska this year.
    Barb Housner

  94. Kelly Sas

    That is an easy one – I LOVE the Robin Eggs, malted balls covered in chocolate and candy. My mouth gets all colored in blues and whites!

  95. KellyG

    I love candy but I guess my favorite Easter candy is jelly beans!!  I cannot wait for Sunday!!!  Happy Easter!

  96. francine vorbeck

    My favorite would be the new peeps they came out with Chocolate Mousse!!!

  97. Kathy Hering

    My favorite is the Reese Peanut butter eggs, hmmmmm.
    Happy Easter!!!

  98. Cathy B. of IL

    My all-time favorite is the Hershey kisses and eggs….basically anything that is chocolate…and eatting the ears off the hollow bunny!  🙂

  99. Christine J

    I love watching the kids hunt for eggs and baskets. My personal favorite treat is black jelly beans. I just need one or two and I'm good. Sooo yummy!

  100. Nikki Forrester

    My favorite treat is Cadbury mini eggs!!! 

  101. Karen Bahit

    My favorite treat on Easter is being able to go to church and rejoice in the Lord, for what he gave.  Also, the wonderful foods that are served!!
    Blessing on this Easter Holiday.
    Karen Bahit


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