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Easter Ribbon Contest Winner

Everyone’s comments & photos this week were really fantastic!  Thank you all for your entries. 

This week’s winner is Patricia Hoffman:

“U use ribbon on absolutely everything at Easter. I use it on my cards, to decorate already made baskets and baskets that I make myself. I use it to decorate little boxes that I hide chocolate eggs inside. I buy wide ribbon in spring colors and tie a big bow on the back of our dining room chairs for Easter Brunch. I always make an Easter Wreath for the front door and use Easter Colored Ribbons on that, I have some branches that I painted white and put in a mason jar on the kitchen table, and I decorate them with small Easter Colored Bows and hanging Painted Easter Eggs. I will buy a couple of bunches of Daffodils for the house and tie Ribbons around the vases. I love decorating with Ribbon for Easter, it is so easy and yet adds such a bright colorful touch to the house. I don’t like to use one color of Ribbon for tying around vases, I will usually use at least 2 or 3 with a white for the base color. I love the Sheer Ribbons for this. My DH thinks that I am nuts, but my Grandchildren just love my house at holiday times.
-Trish in Wisconsin”

Congratulations, Patricia!  We loved all your ideas!  Please forward your ribbon selection & shipping information to [email protected]


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