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Easter Bunny Eggs

Easter Bunny Eggs

I’m always looking for ways to repurpose and reuse holiday decorations. I pulled out some of the plastic eggs leftover from last year’s hunt and gave it some personality by transforming it into a simple Easter Bunny! I love that May Arts Ribbon has such a variety of ribbons and trims that made this task so simple and cute.

 Easter Bunny Eggs

The process went surprisingly fast, and only a few supplies were needed. In no time, you can have a whole litter of bunnies ready to be filled with favorite treats. I used the pre-cut air holes on the top of the egg as a guide as to where to place the ears. I made them a bit larger with an awl and made a few loops around my fingers with May Arts 1 mm Waxed Cord in White (451-01). I treaded the loops through the plastic egg and repeated the process for the other ear.

Easter Bunny Eggs

The waxed cord is stiff, yet flexible, so I was able to pinch the top of the ears to form a bit of a point and needed no glue to keep the ears stranding straight up.

 Easter Bunny Eggs

The cute bunny tail could not have been easier to create! I simply cut around an inch or so of May Arts 3/8” Wired Pom Pom Trim in White (PM01), bunched it up into a tight circle and adhered it onto the back, lower portion of the plastic egg with an adhesive dot. I also created a little grass egg stand for the bunny to sit using a three inch length of beautiful May Arts 7/8” Ruched Ruffle/Satin Edge Trim in Dark Olive (441-78-16) turned into a circle and secured with a staple.

 Easter Bunny Eggs

What a cute little decoration the bunny egg turned out to be by using only a few simple supplies and May Arts Ribbon.

 By Karen Baker



Other Supplies Used:

  • Xyron Adhesive Dots
    Plastic Easter Egg
  • Awl


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