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DT Submission – Karen Baker

Karen Baker of The Bald Dragonfly

Elegance is in Order

Sometimes I feel like being fancy.  Sometime I feel like setting out the china. Sometimes I feel like serving a many course meal.  Often times though, I have limited funds to do so.  Most of the time, I resort to being crafty and order up some Elegance.  Here's a short tutorial I put together on creating your own napkin rings using May Arts Ribbon and just a few other supplies.


Click Here for the Tutorial!

  1. colleen

    Very nice-Tutorial is great! Well done!!

  2. Natalie E

    What a brilliant idea! And so beautiful! Well done Karen 🙂

  3. JJ

    The tutorial and the project are fantastic!

  4. Meghan

    Im not fancy at all so I love the button one!

  5. Julie E

    What elegance! I always look forward to seeing Karen’s latest creation. She is always using ribbon in new and innovative ways!!!

  6. Robyn P

    Love this idea and tutorial. Be great to see Karen’s uncluttered style as part of the design team

  7. Leeanne

    These are fabulous, the bling, and buttons….just fabulous. Great job on the tutorial Karen!!

  8. Carol B

    So elegant!

    Carol B

  9. Heather I.

    What an absolutely beautiful, elegant, and fun design!!!! Karen Baker is one majorly talented crafty lady!!!! Seriously… there is no limit to your creativity Karen, I’m constantly blown away! Great tutorial – and amazing finished products!!! Thanks, May Arts, for bringing us talented ladies like Karen to show us great techniques with your fabulous ribbon!!!!

  10. Monika/buzsy

    These are just the cutest! Love the pretty ribbons you used Karen. :o)

  11. kryssi

    This is absolutely beautiful and such a simple but useful design! Go Karen go!

  12. Tammy Huettl

    Very classy!! I love it!! Very beautiful work. Great tutorial!!! Great job Karen!

  13. Jennifer McDonald

    LOVE IT!!! The photos were great and well put.. I think I could easily follow them step by step and make my own! Thanks Karen! 🙂

  14. Kathy Skerven

    Great tutorial and I love the finished product. These napkin rings make great use of May Arts product.

  15. Alice W.

    fabulous tutorial by Karen! love these elegant and fun napkin rings she came up with! thanks for the inspiration, Karen! you ROCK, girl!

  16. yyam

    This is just so elegant! !! Karen Baker will be such a great asset to your team!

  17. Michelle

    Awesome project!!!
    Love the napkin rings, so creative:-)

  18. Dana

    This is fabulous! Really is elegant! Gorgeous! And the tutorial is terrific… Thanks so much, Karen!

  19. jen shears

    What a VERSATILE idea!!! these are so fun, and a very clear tutorial! great job, Karen!!!

  20. Jen F.

    Absolutely gorgeous! I love it, and great tutorial.

  21. Jen W.

    Love how this project can be adapted to suit so many styles – fancy dinner party, fun picnic or anything in between!

  22. ~amy~

    Such creative use of ribbon…gorgeous work!

  23. Trinh

    These are gorgeous, Karen! Thanks so much for the great tutorial!

  24. Erin

    These are fantastic- so easy to personalize, and can be made for any season using the right ribbon and buttons! What a neat idea!

  25. Michelle Mathey - POMI

    What a great idea – thanks for the tutorial!!

  26. lynn

    love this–such a great idea, karen!! thanks so much for the tutorial:)

  27. Lynn

    Oh…love this tutorial…fabulous job Karen and what a great idea! Thank you for always trying new techniques and encouraging us to make the most of our supplies!

  28. Christina MacLaren

    This is so wonderfully creative! Love the idea!

  29. Lindsay Amrhein

    Love this! So elegant and so nicely done!

  30. Valerie M

    I love how versatile these could be – thanks so much for sharing, Karen. Super tutorial!!

  31. Kristie Maynard

    Great idea, looks quick and easy. Very nice indeed.

  32. Chari

    Beautiful! I just love Karen’s style. She would be a great addition to any DT. This is a great project!

  33. Virginia L.

    Karen is going to be a GREAT asset to May Arts Ribbons DT team! She is amazing in all kinds of designs and style!! This tutorial rocks!!

  34. Toni

    Great idea, you are so creative!!

  35. Tammy

    very pretty and seem pretty easy, thats what I like!

  36. Kelly

    easy to follow tutorial. love that she showed an elegant and everyday style. These would be cute at CHRISTMAS or even Valentine’s with little red and white cutesy towels as gifts! Great job,Karen!

  37. Sharli

    Your napkin rings are fabulous – like all of your work! I am always inspired by what you design. I hope to grow up someday to be a real artist, like you!

  38. erin t

    It’s so amazing what a little bit of creative ideas, fabulous ribbon and glue can create, wow, way to make an amazing project Karen.

  39. Mrs. Thiem

    This is fabulous!!!

  40. Jan Hennings

    elegant is this!

  41. Leah

    Love the buttons and bling!

  42. Dawn Burnworth

    Wow what a great way to dress up a table for that special occasion.. Your work is fabulous.

  43. Larissa Heskett

    What a cute idea!! You could do so much with these!! =) I like it when you can make something and your able to use them over and over again for several different things!! I’d Love to work with you!! THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS DAY!! =)


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