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DT Submission – Ellen Sosnoski

Ellen Sosnoski of A Little Bit of This

Altered Wine Bottle & Gift Tag

Today's video by Ellen Sosnoski demonstrates how to dress up a wine bottle for that perfect gift. All you need is some burlap from the craft store, or in this case Ellen got hers from her local garden center, and your choice of ribbon. Since we are using burlap, this May Arts burlap string is the perfect fit. And as you will see from the video, it comes wired, too!   The little card is an accordion card that is perfect for any gift. And because you are tying it with some burlap string, it flattens so you can mail it, too.  Don't be afraid to think of burlap string just as you would any other traditional ribbon. It is perfect for gifts, cards or any project.



  1. Dorothy Casas

    Great project. I didn’t know there was wired burlap. I’ll have to try it!

  2. Sheri Twing

    Love this project!!! Awesome job on the tutorial Ellen!

  3. Linda Beeson

    Love the project! The purple is the BEST!!!

  4. dena

    It looks awesome. Really dresses up a wine bottle for a gift.

  5. rebecca keppel

    How gorgeous! The burlap around the wine bottle looks so rustic and cool and the burlap flower is brilliant! Love the card strung and attached with the clothespin too!! LOOOOVE this!

  6. Joce;yn

    LOVEEEEEEEEEE this…..burlap is my favorite and the flower is sooooooooooooo cute!!!

    Thanks for sharing!!!!

  7. Larissa Heskett

    Such a cute idea!! I LOVE burlap and I agree the wired burlap that MAY ARTS has is just AWESOME!!! =) THANKS for the cute tutorial, it was almost like a spa craft day with the beautiful nature life you had going in the back round!! Maybe that will be the next big thing!! =) HAHAHA!!
    I’d Love to work with you.
    Have a FABULOUS DAY!!

  8. MargieH

    Great idea to dress up the wine bottle! Wired burlap – OMGosh, how cool is that! Love the textured rich project. GREAT job, Ellen!!!

  9. Monika/buzsy

    Love the rustic feel of the wrap. What a great idea and it looks great! :o)

  10. Melinda Wilson

    Wow! This is a great way to wrap up a gift!

  11. Kelly Sas

    Nice project for the right person.

  12. debbie Standard

    Awesome project Ellen!

  13. ava g

    i vote is with you ellen, perfect!!

  14. Andrea Amu

    Yippeee, Ellen!
    It’s awesome, girl! 😉

  15. Kristi Michelle

    Ellen totally rocks. I LOVE the burlap, it has that sweet French country look- what a beautiful idea!

  16. amber johnson

    my FAVE so far! Love this idea. Very practical …will def use it.

  17. Heide D

    Such a clever idea! Love the use of he burlap and the burlap string! Wonderful gift.

  18. Peggy Cain

    love this idea. I have that purple ribbon and now have another great idea to use it for. thanks great job Good Luck!!!

  19. Mary Better

    I really like this. What a great idea for hostess gifts!

  20. Sherry C

    Great tutorial! Love the wired burlap!

  21. ellen s

    OMW!!! YEAH! I am so excited. Thanks so much May Arts :):):)

  22. barbara

    This is so great. Totally something that I would love to make. And I love the idea of burlap string!

  23. Lisa Watson

    What an adorable project!!! Good Luck!

  24. lynn r

    Love that! What a great way to personalize a bottle of wine! Great idea!

  25. Jan Hennings

    Love this and it the wine bottle looks so good all dressed up in burlap 🙂


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