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DT Submission – Dawn Burnworth

Dawn Burnworth of My Stamping Thyme


Rolled Ribbon Flower

Good morning May Arts fans.  Dawn Burnworth here with another video tutorial.  Today I wanted to show you a short video on how to create a rolled flower with May Arts Ribbon.  I chose a beach theme for my projects.  First up is the beach bag.  I got this bag for just a few dollars.  What a great gift it would make this summer.  Next up is a straw hat that I bought for $8 at a local box store.  I also wanted to create a little book mark for a fun book I found online. I thought it was perfect for a beach theme gift. 



  1. Jean

    What a wonderful tutorial, can’t wait to try it! That hat and bag are great and make me wish I had a beach nearby… 🙂

  2. Benzi

    Dawn, your beach projects are fabulous. The leaf was something for which I had not seen a tutorial. It is just so pretty. Great for giving so much interest to those straw bags and hats.

  3. Beth Greco

    This is fabulous!! I have been wanting to make some of these flowers to decorate a t-shirt. So now I have the knowledge and I’m off to get some ribbon! TFS!

  4. Yola

    Dawn, brilliant tutorial, absolutely loving the flowers you have created, and those ribbons are such gorgeous 2 tone colours. Thanks for sharing your talent

  5. Gail

    This is something I wouldn’t normally choose for myself, but I want it and I don’t live anywhere near a beach. For me the bow on the handle sealed the deal.

  6. Traci Major

    Thesse are the prettiest beachwear accessories and a wonderful tutorial!! Thanks so much, Dawn!

  7. Grace N

    Great job Dawn! Love the beach theme and you can’t go wrong with rolled ribbon roses! So festive and fun! Great tutorial!!!

  8. dena

    These are awesome, makes me want to go to the beach.

  9. Lauren

    Love it! Time for a trip to Wilmington

  10. petra

    wauwwwwww gorgeous project!!!!! feels like summer!!!
    xx petra

  11. Larissa Heskett

    What a FABULOUS tutorial!! =) Your daughter is going to LOVE it all!! =) I liked your leaf technique!! I have made them several different ways, but this is a much eaisier way!! THANKS for sharing and I’d LOVE to work with you!! =)
    Have a FABULOUS DAY!! =)

  12. Cathy Edgar

    Dawn this is gorgeous, love the flowers, you know I do and your summer project is awesome. Great Tut…..

  13. Christine Griffin

    Love, love the wired flowers Dawn made with the May Arts 2″ 2-tone wired ribbons. I can visualize lots of applications for these!

  14. Sharon L-S

    Love the flowers and leaves. Thanks for sharing the how to do.

  15. Jodi Collins

    This is AMAZING! Those flowers are OUT of this world!!

  16. Monika/buzsy

    Gorgeous flowers! Perfect embellishments for the bag and hat. :o)

  17. Vera Yates

    Love your rose tutorial. Simply gorgeous!!

  18. BeckyTE

    What beautiful creations!! A wonderful idea to dress up the had and bag. Love it.

  19. Barb

    Love this set! It is just too cute!!

  20. Pat Frank

    Hi Dawn…dang, girlfriend! I knoew you were talented…but look at you! These ribbon flowers are simply stunning!! I can’t wait to try this out. Great video, hun! You have my vote, babe! Hugs. *p

  21. Alice Lukasik

    I just love your project Dawn. I’d especially love to have that purse – it is absolutely lovely.

  22. Melinda Wilson

    Thanks for this great tutorial! Great use of ribbon for the summer to dress up my wardrobe!

  23. Cheryl Scrivens aka CherylQuilts

    Dawn, this is a fabulous tutorial, and I LOVE these beautiful flowers! May Arts has the very best ribbons, and what great ideas…just love the hat and bag set! Wow, I’m inspired!

  24. Robin Kirkpatrick

    This is such a great ensemble, Dawn! Perfect for a day at the beach! LOVE your flowers and the leaves are so clever. Great job on the tutorial!

  25. Heide D

    I just love how this turned out! The flowers are so very elegant and you made it looks so easy to make this fantastic project.
    Are you selling any of these sets?
    Love them!

  26. Katarina Menzies

    Beautiful ensemble, I love the roses.

  27. Dina K

    Gorgeous projects as usual, Dawn! Thanks for the tutorial on the ribbon roses.

  28. Glenda

    I just love your flowers…makes me want to try this technique…Just lovely!

  29. Kelly Sas

    Dawn you do a great tutorial. Your ribbon flowers are wonderful and work with so many different options. Thank you, thank you thank you!!!

  30. Lynne Phelps

    LOVE the way you have turned inexpensive straw items into designer boutique gifts! And I’m a “show me” person, so I appreciate the video, now I can dress up some straw items myself. The ribbon you chose is FABULOUS!

  31. Linda

    Great Tutorial Dawn… love the ribbon flowers and the bookmark… love it all… Always love your creations!!!

  32. Connie Jo

    love those flowers and leaves. they are awesome. your work is always perfection. tfs.

  33. sherri Dean

    This is a beautiful bag & hat set! Absolutely gorgeous!

  34. Amanda R

    So elegant! Your choice of ribbons make these some of the most beautiful ribbon roses I have ever seen!

  35. Emily Keaton

    This project is just awesome!! I love how you dressed up these straw accessories with that amazing May Arts ribbon. Thanks for the great tutorial!!

  36. Karen Goulet

    Your ribbon flowers are very beautiful Dawn and your tutorial was well made. Thanks!

  37. Lorraine

    Those roses look fabulous on both the hat and bag. Great tutorial.

  38. Nadine Chapman

    Wonderful… Just love this idea. Can be creatively used on numerous projects, decorative wise or wearable… from children to adult. Will use some how for our Mother’s Day Celebration next year! Thank you for your creativity.

  39. Linda C

    What a wonderful way to dress up beach wear! Thanks for the tutorial Dawn.

  40. Stacy Morgan

    Dawn this is beautiful. Very creative flowers!

  41. Shannon White

    Oh my Gosh! Miss Dawn these are Fabulous! And what a Fantastic Tutorial too! Thanks so much! 😎

  42. Dawnll

    Dawn these are wonderful! So fresh and adorable for a gift
    blessings to you, Dawn ll

  43. Susan (rainy)

    Oh my goodness! These ribbon flowers and leaves are beautiful!!

  44. Carla Suto

    Fantastic projects, Dawn! What a wonderful beach ensemble! Great job on the ribbon flowers! The tutorial was so easy to follow maybe even I can do it!

  45. Broni

    Wow, this is really awesome, Dawn! I need a set just like this!!

  46. Chris

    These are fabulous Dawn, I adore the rolled ribbon roses and how you used them on the beach set, a really great tutorial! 😀

  47. jill

    I appreciate a tutorial on these ribbon flowers: they are showing up on high-end t-shirts from J. Crew, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, etc… and now we can buy plain t-shirts and add our own roses. Thanks!

  48. Gloria M

    Love this what a set you made. Gloria M

  49. Lynette

    Dawn, your flowers are gorgeous and your tutorial is awesome! Totally fabulous!

  50. Marisa

    Fabulous purse and hat combo!! Love it!

  51. Cassie

    Oh Dawn! How awesome! Great tutorial and amazing project 😀

  52. Kim

    The hat and beach bag are sooo nice, love those flowers!

  53. Doreen

    Happy Summer! I love the beachy hat and bag ensemble (ensemble is one of my favorite words). Very sweet!

  54. Amy Sheffer

    What a beautiful beach bag and hat, Dawn! Amazing ribbon flowers!!

  55. Annette G

    Terrific tutorial Dawn. Such fabulous projects

  56. Sabrina Jackson

    Oh my word, Dawn, this is AMAZING!!! Girl, I love that fun hat, beach tote and bookmark. This is such an awesome gift set!!! Hugs, Sabrina

  57. Jessica L

    Very smart look. The ribbon flowers can be used in so many different ways. A great way to adorn without being too much.

  58. Darlene Pavlick

    These ribbon flowers are AWESOME!! What a FABULOUS way to use these wonderful May Arts ribbons! I love both projects and can’t tell you how much I appreciate the tutorial! Guess what I’ll be doing this afternoon! LOL! Thanks and Good Luck!

  59. Tanya P

    Oh my goodness, how cute! Love those flowers and what a fantastic way to use them!

  60. Lisa Henke

    oh, my goodness!!!!! Dawn!!! this is beyond beautiful and so creative! looooove it.

  61. Christine Dol

    This is a fantastic tutorial Dawn. You work such magic with that ribbon. Unbelievable bag and book mark. You always do such beautiful projects. You totally inspire me girl!

  62. Peggy Cain

    Love the use of ribbon on the hat especially. I’m a hat girl! great job Good Luck!

  63. Tina Hale

    This is absolutely amazing! IThe whole ensemble is gorgeous, love those ribbon flowers!

  64. Mary Better

    Love the rolled flowers. Has given me some ideas on how to use them. Thanks for the push to get me thinking.

  65. Jan Hennings

    cute projects and I love the hat!


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