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DT Submission – Andrea Miller

Andrea Miller of Andrea's Bow Cottage

Ribbon Roses

Hi everyone!  I don't know about you, but from the time I was little I've loved to experiment with hair-dos.  Now I find myself experimenting with ribbon and the many different things you can do or make with it.  Twist it, curl it, braid it, paint it, and so much more.  I've always wanted to learn or figure out how to make roses with ribbon and I've done just that.  I've seen many ways and have thought to myself there has to be an easier way.  So, you're in for a treat!  Here is my version of how to make a ribbon rose and a project to give you some inspiration in making and using your own ribbon roses.


Click Here for the Tutorial!

  1. jen shears

    those flowers are so pretty! great tutorial!

  2. Angela Frazer

    Awesome, I’ve gotta try to make these.

  3. Summer

    That’s beautiful!

  4. Becca

    Wow, it’s beautiful!

  5. Ami Wilcox

    Ribbon roses are not easy. You are very talented. the roses are perfectly beautiful.

  6. sue w.

    What beautiful ribbon roses!
    stamping sue

  7. Larissa Heskett

    What a cute wreath!! LOVE the colors that you used!! THANKS for the tutorial!! Have a FABULOUS DAY!! =)

  8. Trinh

    What an amazing project – absolutely gorgeous!

  9. jengd

    Those roses are beautiful! So realistic!

  10. Tarina

    Wow, very creative. These roses are amazing! I love it 🙂

  11. Anna

    Hard to describe this lovely wreath. It’s beautiful – I would say elegant. Love it!

  12. Latrice Murphy

    This wreath is awesome! I love the roses so much. Great job.

  13. Carol B

    What a beautiful wreath! Thanks for sharing.

    Carol B

  14. Jillinda

    These roses are amazing! What a gorgeous wreath.

  15. erin

    These are truly amazing!

  16. Jan Hennings

    Gorgeous roses!


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