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DT Finals Week GiveAway – Winner!


Welcome to DT Finals Week! 

All week long, we are going to be posting a new group of DT finalists for you to review.  Of course, we want your opinion!    But first let me show you this very special prize:


Yes, that is the ENTIRE 332 series!  Imagine the possibilities!


So, what do you have to do to win?  Comment of course! 

We want to know who your favorite finalists are!  So, keep coming back every day this week for a new set of finalists.   Review each tutorial & video, then post your comments!

And, yes, your vote really does count!

I will post 2 winners on Monday June 6th!

For an additional chance to win, post a comment on our Facebook Page too!


Good Luck to all!


We have a winner!  Congratulations to:


109. Kelly Jo June 4, 2011 @ 3:21 PM

"I just love Jenifer's Kindle cover. And the tutorial on her blog was so easy to follow. Good Luck, Jenifer!!!"


Kelly Jo, email us at [email protected] with your shipping address to claim your prize.

  1. Jordan

    i have a kindle and have been thinking about how to protect it and Jenifers Kindle bag is perfect I love it and the tutorial was fantastic.
    Thanks May Arts

  2. Lynn

    Awesome to have a chance for a great giveaway…Hard to pick a favorite…I do like Tiffin Mills Owl using leaves for wings..very creative and I like Jinky Kanzashi, such elegant ribbon flowers.

  3. Catherine Lippert

    Love this giveaway!

  4. Diana Caho

    What an awesome giveaway. I voted for Tiffin Mills, love the owl.

  5. Rayette

    Wow so many awesome projects but my vote has to go to Jennifer for her Kindle cover!!! Her use of ribbon for the belts is amazing as well.

  6. lora

    my vote goes to Jenifer Cowles well done

  7. Kelly Sas

    I LOVE, love Jenifer Cowles Kindle bag and also her belts! I definitely am going to make one – with some MA ribbon I have – for my Kindle. I am hoping to make some belts too, but with a different buckle I bought. Jenifer is so creative and does great tutorials!

  8. TracyM #6773

    My vote goes to Jenifer Cowles and her fabulous Kindle Cover 🙂

  9. Kelly Jo

    I just love Jenifer’s Kindle cover. And the tutorial on her blog was so easy to follow. Good Luck, Jenifer!!!

  10. Rebecca Ednie

    This time around, I like Candy and Jenifer C.

  11. olivia

    My vote is for Jenifer Cowles. I have seen this Kindle bag and it is beautifully done, she goes all out in everything she does and this is no exception. Good luck picking a new team.

  12. Cara

    wonderful projects all around, great work by everyone, my vote is going to have to be for Jenifers Kindle bag. It is so cute and well done. Best of luck to everyone.

  13. Lynn B.

    I haven’t seen them all but I really like the technique Jinky used on her project. The flowers are gorgeous.

  14. Lynda

    My vote goes to Jenifer Cowles and her Kindle bag. It is just darling and original, she would be a huge asset to your team.

  15. DeniseB

    On today’s posts I have to choose Tiffin’s owl tote. Very clever to use the leaves as the wings! Adds a great bit of dimension!

  16. JILL

    my vote is for Jenifer Cowles, I love the kindle case and look forward to more and more projects from her in the future

  17. lois

    Im going to have to vote for Jenifer Cowles kindle case, it is just so sweet and the tutorial was easy to follow. I might have to make these for Christmas presents.

  18. Jayme

    my vote is for Jenifer Cowles and her kindle bag. it is so cute and could be adapted for any age.

  19. {vicki}


    Today Tiffin’s tote is my fave!

  20. pam

    my vote is for Jenifer Cowles, How clever is that Kindle case, and you can make it out of scraps. I bet she could sell tons of them.

  21. DMontgomery

    I absolutely love Jenifer Cowles Kindle case, The possibilities for these is just endless, especially with all the wonderful ribbons that May Arts has. Definate vote for Jenifer and she would be a wonderful addition to you team.

  22. Jennifer Evans

    Jenifer Cowles project is just amazing! Handmade bags are hot right now and she make the perfect one for any age!

  23. Gina Torres

    What a great giveaway!
    My vote goes to Jenifer! Love the Kindle cover and the belts!

  24. Roxy Furlong

    Pretty colors and I love this ribbon!

  25. Amy k.

    I love the kidal cover by jennifer… and I love her belts what an amazing and cleaver way to make something so fashionable! It is a good way to use ribbon that I had not thought of before… terrific! I can’t wait to see what she makes next!

  26. Shannon White

    Jenifer’s project is simply amazing. I love the ribbon btw!

  27. Sandy W

    I love all the projects I saw, but two stand out for me and that is Jennifer Cowles and Jan Holland. I love Jennifers belts and agree that I would not stop at making just one. Her Kindle Case is cute too. I love Jan’s flowers and can think of so many ways to use this idea. Both have good tutorials and both created projects that give me “ribbon” ideas that are fast and fun!

  28. Jen Clark

    Oh gosh – today is just as hard! I love Candy, Michelle and Jan’s projects!! They are all so beautiful!!

  29. Beth W

    I’m voting for Jennifer Cowles’ Kindle bag-I could adapt that idea for so many things.

  30. Karen aka Soccerboyzmom

    I think my favorite is from Jan Holland Hennings. I love this idea.

  31. Vicky #7622

    Wow! absolutely love Jenifer Cowles’ Kindle cover design! Cute use of Ribbon and a project that I could and would make 🙂 I vote for Jenifer!

  32. Viji#5858

    I like Jennifers project! My votebis for her!

  33. DeniseB

    Vera’s ribbon fish gets my vote for June 2nd’s postings!

  34. Michelle Salazar

    Loving your ribbon and loving Jennifer’s projects!

  35. LauraC

    100% of my vote goes to Jenifer Cowles. The Kindle Case is so super cute, creative and practical!!!! Jen is consistantly creative & full of clever ideas!

  36. Karen aka blingy

    My pick is Candace Rosenburg

  37. sandyh50

    I vote for the Kindle case, Jenifer Cowles

  38. Madison

    I absolutely love the Kindle Case what a clever project. I vote for Jenifer Cowles

  39. LorraineN

    Beautiful creations! I love Michelle’s gift bags! The ribbons really dress up a plain gift bag and look so lush!

  40. Deanna Collins

    I love the baby gifts. Have twin grandsons arriving at any time and always looking for ideas. Thanks for a chance to win. I love the Maya ribbons.

  41. {vicki}

    Vera’s fishy made a splash with me!

  42. Sharon L-S

    Peggy’s video was awesome. 7 techniques and they were ones I can do. Very enthusiastic. Can’t wait to try them this weekend. Now I need to buy some of the Maya Ribbons. Thanks for the neat giveaway.

  43. f lynn rush

    i vote for Kimberly Jones. who wouldn’t want to receive a little gift collection of may arts ribbon and other little goodies in an attractive package!

  44. Carol

    Everyone has fabulous talent! I vote for Andrea Miller and Kimberly Jones. Beautiful talent!

  45. Lisa Gatz

    I vote for Latrice’s tutorial.

  46. Mrs. Thiem

    What a great giveaway… hard to pick my favorite, but I think I’d vote for Jen’s project, endless ways you could run with that idea.

  47. outside inn

    I think Jen’s project is great.

  48. Kristin K Tierney

    Oh hands down Larissa! What a talent and great ideas she has. She’ll be a great addition to your DT. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  49. Bobbie Smith

    My vote is for Peggy. She always has great ideas that she does on her videos.
    Fun to watch!

  50. Denise Nelson

    I like Lattice Murphys what a fun giveaway!

  51. Michelle Mathey - POMI

    My favorites are Kim Jones and
    Jen Shears!!

  52. Jen Clark

    Oh my goodness…SO hard to choose, but so far, Kimberly, Dawn and Larissa are my favorites!! Everyone is doing fabulous projects though!

  53. Rebecca Ednie

    Charlene Driggs and Andrea Murphy had the best projects, hands down.

  54. Susan

    It’s a tough decision as they are all so very talented – I love the baby hat but I have to vote for Ellen Sosnoski and the wine bottle wrap – We’re always bringing wine to BBQs, dinners, etc. and I always struggle with how to wrap it artfully….Now I know!! Thanks for the great idea

  55. Christine Uporsky

    My vote is for Larissa 😉
    What a great giveaway!!!
    Everyone did a get job!!

  56. Jill

    LOVE Dawn’s rolled flowers! Absolutely gorgeous!

  57. NicoleT

    I love the beautiful simplicity of Britta’s cards!

  58. Catherine Lippert

    I vote for Kimberly! Your ribbons are gorgeous! Love them all!

  59. DeniseB

    Today’s fave is Dawn’s rolled flowers…. gorgeous!

  60. Siobhan aka Kiwivandal

    I vote Samantha! LOVE her cute littel flower Tee! and PS I love this ribbon set, good luck to me!

  61. Katie K.

    So hard to choose! But my favorite was Britta’s elegant card tutorial (especially since I didn’t get to comment on her earlier ribbon flower tutorial, which was great). I could see myself making any of those beautiful cards and I thought the video was well done.

  62. Doreen

    I vote for Dawn’s ribbon rolled flower-embellished sunhat and totebag ensemble. Very springy, and can double for summertime also.

  63. Elaine

    Have Peggy do the video tutorials! Her presentation video was upbeat, perfectly paced, and she had a great rhythm to keep the viewer engaged and clear instructions on top of all that!

  64. Jessica L

    Dawn’s flowers are simple, classic, and versatile. My vote is for her.

  65. Stacey

    Andrea’s roses are just fabulous!!! What a great opportunity! Good luck ladies!

  66. Sandra Gazeley

    My vote goes to Dawn Burnworth for the beautiful & easy to make rolled ribbon flowers. These will be wonderful to customize an otherwise plain, eco-friendly shopping bag or basket, not only for me, but also as gifts for friends in their favorite colors!

  67. Elaine Tse

    I am inspired by Britta’s use of lace. Elegant simplicity.

  68. Emily Smith

    For all of these posts combined, I vote Larrissa Heskett and Britta S.

  69. Janet Wysong

    My pick for today is Dawn Burnworth for her ribbon rolled flowers. I have always wondered jut how that is done!

  70. Citlali Creativo

    I like quite a few of them but the black and cream kit, I just love it!

  71. mina

    Latrice Murphy

  72. B. Poteraj

    I really like the photo book by Larissa.

  73. Sharon Gullikson

    Larissa Heskett’s little album is really cute, so I pick hers.

  74. Natasha G.P.

    Larissa’s is my pick for this round.

  75. Anna Todd

    My vote is for Latrice Murphy. I like her style! Thank you fro the giveaway 🙂

  76. Elizabeth

    I absolutely LOVE crafting for baby.
    I own a “bowtique” which all your wonderful ribbon would help 😉 and I LOVE making bows! 🙂 thats why its my favorite!

  77. Ann V

    All the projects were GORGEOUS, but I loved Larissa Heskett’s books. Thanks for the giveaway!

  78. Christine

    Such gorgeous ribbons. If I really had to choose one, I would say my pick is Larissa. I love the variety of her projects.

  79. Darlene Pavlick

    My favorite is Dawn Burnsworth and her homemade ribbon flowers … her tutorial was easy to follow and the end result was awesome! Thanks!

  80. Pam

    Wow who to pick I love Love the camera strap, DDIL just got me one of these and I love it, everyone’s projects are amazing such talent..
    awesome prize…thanks May Arts & DT

  81. Patti Lane

    My pick is Larissa! Love all her projects.

  82. {vicki}

    My pick for 6-1 is
    I’m a sucker for anything for a boy—love the brag book

    also really like Peggy’s 7 ribbon techniques!

  83. Katherine

    It is difficult to pick just one but since I scrap and sew I still have to go with Latrice–hers would be the video I found most useful

  84. Karen aka Soccerboyzmom

    Jen Shears gets my vote

    Fabulous give away — totally love the ribbon. It is really dreamy.

  85. {vicki}

    today it’s gonna be Doris Driver—
    I’m a sucker for red, white and blue

  86. terriavidreader

    Thanks for the chance. I can’t pick one, love those who are willing to share their ideas.

  87. SuZeQ

    No doubt in my mind. My favorite is Kimberly Jones – she sure can rock some ribbon!

  88. ellen s

    May arts is always SO generous!!!!

  89. Debora Westbury

    I think Lindsey’s is the best…not something someone is repeating…

  90. Lucy

    I’m voting for Kimberly! It was a hard decision though. Awesome giveaway 🙂

  91. Holly

    I most liked Latrice Murphy’s video. What a great giveaway!

  92. erin

    Oh I didn’t see the second page of entries when I posted before… can I have more then one vote? Ms. Jen!!!!!

  93. Wendy Orme

    I like Kimberly’s cream & black kit the best.

  94. Kristie Maynard

    Now that I have checked them all out, I have to say, there are some really wonderful ideas and tutorials here. But my favorite, by far was the one that Latrice did. For a couple reasons. First of all I am a very visual learner and I love a video and can follow it much easier than a written one, but I do realize that not everyone can do a video. (me included) Although she didn’t show any specific projects with the gathered or pleated ribbon, she did give some ideas for how to use it, and my mind is whirring with ideas.

  95. Kristie Maynard

    Fabulous give away. This ribbon looks just lovely! Thanks for the chance to win, now off to view all the videos.

  96. ava g

    Andrea’s roses are beautiful great job

  97. Melanie Brown

    Those roses are amazing!! What a great giveaway!

  98. Jennifer

    Kimberly Jones has my vote! As soon as I saw her project and the colors, I was hooked! So vintage!

  99. DeniseB

    I like Kimberly’s black and cream kit. Hard to pick a favorite though… everybody had great ideas!

  100. sue w.

    Yes, the possibilities! imagine the ribbon paper I could make!
    stamping sue

  101. Marla H.

    I would LOVE to win some ribbon and I love Latrice Murphys project!!!

  102. Natasha G.P.

    I wish that someone would make these for me—I would love them (Charlene Diggs is my choice).

  103. Sharon Gullikson

    My favorite is the baby boy gift set. I love practical gifts, and these are so cute.

  104. B. Poteraj

    Charlene Driggs’ baby gifts are my favorite!

  105. jean marmo

    Such gorgeous projects but I vote for Latrice.

  106. ivy

    awesome giveaway!!

    latrice is my pick!

  107. Carol B

    Awesome prize give away.

    Carol B

  108. Kelly massman

    There is a lot of talent there! I’m glad I don’t have to choose “for reals”, but I have to say that Andrea Miller’s work was outstanding!! And, I don’t Know any of the designers-so I am no biased at all! 🙂 Thanks for a chance to win, too!

  109. Cardcrazed (Karen G)

    For today, I’d like to vote for Latrice Murphy.

  110. Lindy

    Oh my, I love Andrea’s roses!!!!!

  111. Adrienne z

    I’m liking Doris Driver!

  112. Adrienne z

    loving all – Latrice Murphy is awesome!

  113. Renee J.

    For today, I would like to vote for Latrice Murrphy. She is a talented designer. Thank you for the chance to win these goodies, too!

  114. erin

    I like Andrea’s roses.

  115. Abbey

    I vote for Latrice Murphy, but have loved all the projects.

  116. Jan Hennings

    Gee…it’s so hard to pick just one favorite…But, if I must, it’s Kimberly’s artful kit and card!
    All the gals have beautiful dt projects!

  117. Vera W. Yates

    Wow, this is such an awesome giveaway. From today’s post I voted for Latrice Murphy. Thanks. 🙂


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