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DT Challenge – Finalists Week GiveAway – Winner!


Well we couldn't have Finalists Week without a GiveAway, right?   Of course not! 


First up, the prize:


That's not all!  We also have another prize up for grabs:


A beautiful assortment Spring Flowers!


What do you have to do to win?  Comment of course! 

We want to know who your your favorite finalists are!  So, keep coming back every day this week for a new set of finalists.   Review each tutorial & video, then post your comments! 

And, yes, your vote really does count!

I will post 2 winners on Tuesday, April 19th!

For an additional chance to win, post a comment on our Facebook Page too!


Good luck & enjoy Finalists Week!


The winner for the first prize pack of 4 spools is:

59. Elizabeth P  April 12, 2011 @ 12:04 PM

"There are so many beautiful pieces of art I can't choose ! Love them all, and would love the ribbon and flowers because I'm doing some really girly altered items !"


The winner of the second prize of pink flowers is:

19. Annie Lou Ricci April 17, 2011 @ 10:21 AM

"Absolutely Wonderful ….."


Ladies, congratulations to you both!  Email us at [email protected] with your shipping address to claim your prize.

  1. Nancy Peterson

    Those are some of my most favorite colors of ribbons! So beautiful. Love them.

  2. Sharon Gullikson

    Maybe Rhonda’s???

  3. Kelly Sas

    Brita’s Ribbon Flowers 5 ways and Jenifers Door Wreath are my 2 favorites. Both did great tutorials on their projects!

  4. Donna Woods

    All of them are wonderful but I really love Jenifers. It is so unique. Donna Fiskateer 6036

  5. Sarah Ackerman

    Such talent everyone has. Jenifer’s wreath is amazing! Wish I knew how to sew!

  6. Kathleen Ford

    I have to say that Mandie Wade of Mandie’s Scrappin’ has some really pretty layouts!

  7. Nichole Bruno

    I am in love with the two toned grossgrain ribbon that frays when cut…Larissa did an excellent flower tutrial I am really wanting to try now…I am new to the site, but wow, these ribbons are beautiful! hard to pick just one!

  8. Nichole Bruno

    Just posted my favorite ribbon on facebook too=) TFS!

  9. Nichole Bruno

    I vote for Larissa…I love her flower tutorials and now I must have the two tone grossgrain ribbon. I never saw anything like that, I love the flower she made with it and the white fray is just awesome! Love that stuff!

  10. Kelly Jo

    I just love Jenifer Cowles Spring wreath. =)

  11. Sue in CT

    I would like to vote for Jenifer Cowles. Her project is totally beautiful. I wouldn’t even know where to start to do something like that.

  12. Lori Brown

    Always love Mandie’s projects – would love to see her on the DT. And those ribbons are gorgeous!

  13. Freda

    Pick Mandie! Love her stuff, and she’s a friend of mine so I’m a little biased! 😉

  14. Kristy Smith

    Hi there! Britta’s ribbon flowers were my favorite! =D

  15. Andrea Good

    Vera Yates gets my vote!! She is so talented and creativre! Go Vera!!!

  16. Annie Lou Ricci

    Jennifer Cowles wallhanging is wonderful ….

  17. Betsy Burnett

    All of the finalists were fantastic! (You should pick them all) Mandie’s layouts were adorable and I loved the handkerchief wall hanging by Jennifer,

  18. Jennifer Evans

    Jenifer Cowles blew me away with her projects! Awesome use of ribbon and great new ideas to use with it!

  19. Elizabeth

    Jennifer Cowles handkerchief wall hanging is my favorite!

  20. Monique

    Love all these ribbons!!
    My fav finalist is Ellen. Love how she created the cover of her mini album. Just gorgeous!!

  21. bindi

    I just Lurve Jinkys’ frame flowers, perfect for Mothers’ Day. Fantastic work from all the ladies, but this one is my fave xxxxx

  22. TracyM #6773

    So many beautiful projects!!!

    My favourite is Jenifer’s wreath 🙂

  23. Lesa #5200 Livingston

    Jenifer Cowles wreath is my favorite! Reminds me of my mother’s hankies, so feminine and pretty. It’s versatile, too, though. Think how cute it would be in a little boy’s room in a sailing/nautical theme or for a teen girls room with groovy, day glo colors and a peace sign sewn in the middle. WTG, Jenifer!

  24. Tona

    Jenifer’s door hanging is so creative.

  25. Debby

    Jenifer Cowles is my fav. Awesome wreath.

  26. Beth W

    I’m voting for Jennifer’s wreath-beautiful and ingenious!Really creative out of the box thinking.

  27. Becca

    I think all the projects are fun! My fav is Jenifer Cowles’ original wreath!

  28. Patty B

    I love Jennifer’s wreath…what a creative way to use ribbon!

  29. Vicky

    1st, I love your ribbons….all of your ribbons 🙂

    2nd, I love Jennifer Cowles’ Spring Door Wreath, what a very beautiful and clever design!

  30. Madison

    I love Jenifers Door wreath, She went all out and the details are wonderfully executed. I cant wait to see what she makes next.

  31. Melinda Wilson

    Wow! Wonderful projects by all of the finalist this week! My favorite is Ronda Archangelo, of ‘Musings from the Button Box’ for her A Faery Cake Recipe Tutorial: These could be used for table centerpieces at all types of parties. Great idea!

  32. cindy whiddon

    These are all gorgeous ribbons and roses. Wish you would sell on line. I love them all.

  33. Amy Kinney

    I love the ribbon wreath, you have made a point of useing many of the Ribbons and fabrics offered… It would make a wonderfull wall hanging…

  34. luz lacerna

    count me in, i’m voting for jinky’s craft.

  35. Dorota

    I like JINKY’S Frame Flowers

  36. nova lu

    I love Jinky’s spring flower especially the 3D effect!

  37. Aubree

    I just love ellen’s book cover !!

  38. Michelle H.

    I love Ellens album cover!!
    It is something different and unique!!
    Very pretty!

  39. jc.chris

    I forgot to mention. My vote is for Ellen!!

  40. jc.chris

    Love Ellen’s work! Awesome pleating on the cover!!

  41. Sarah

    I love Jess’ banner! Definitely my favorite finalist!

  42. Karen K

    Ok I am playing catch up here since I had to work some long days lately. For Thursday 4/14 I like Larissa’s projects. The flowers are very nice and she was very creative on the canvas scene she made. She did a good job on her video presentation also.

  43. Karen K

    For Wednesday 4/13 I like Julie’s birdhouse, it is very cute and clever. I also have to say a couple words for Vera for her cards. I love that she cuts the ribbon apart to create different looks and I especially like her Christmas tree made from the leaf ribbon.

  44. Karen K

    For Tuesday 4/12 I like the corset lamp. Not necessarily my style but I think it is the most creative project done on Tuesday.

  45. Colleen

    Love Ellen’s book cover, I’m another vote for her! Love the ribbon!

  46. Renee Lamb

    I vote for Ellen! I love how she weaved the ribbon. So soft and elegant looking! Great job on the video!!

  47. Jolene Johnston

    I vote for Ellen! All the projects have been awesome. Thanks for the inspiration!

  48. Audrey Pettit

    I absolutely adore Ellen’s mini book cover!!

  49. Kristi Michelle

    LOVE Ellen’s album cover!

  50. Barbara

    “I vote for Ellen’s mimi album cover. Great idea and good job on the video.” I really like the May Arts ribbons.”

  51. Julie Tucker-Wolek

    Wowwwww!! Just gorgeous!! I {heart} Ellen's work! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  52. Sue D

    Great giveaway–I will be commenting.

  53. betsy sammarco

    everything’s been so great so far! i want to hold off on my vote ’cause more are coming, right?

    i really like the variety of styles!

  54. Lisa Watson

    Such wonderful projects!!! I vote for Ellen’s mini book cover.

  55. georgey

    my vote is for ellen…super cute idea!!!! can’t wait to give it a shot!

  56. amber

    absolutely gorgeous and creative!! i love ellen’s idea and i am going to use it on the mini graduation album i am making!!!! you got my vote girl!

  57. Connie Mercer

    Much luck to all~ my vote is for ellen’s mini ribbon book cover~awesome work!!!!

  58. Sherry Coogan

    I love Ellen’s album cover, I think I’d like to give it a try! 🙂

  59. MargieH

    FABULOUS ribbon but that is what May Arts is all about – love it!

    My favorite is Ellen S’ project. Not only the color screams spring but the texture is wonderful! Great job, Ellen!!

  60. kate blue

    great selections, but I’ll have to say my favorite was Ellen S.—love the pastel colors & the texture of the ribbons and love how she matched the ribbon to the butterfly’s cardstock. Cool project that I could make and use.

  61. Andrea Amu

    I love Ellen’s mini album cover!!

  62. Heather Lough

    Gorgeous ribbons for the giveaway. I love Ellen’s woven book cover project.

  63. Eniko

    I’m a fan of Jan Holland’s…love her innovative corset. So I cast my vote in her direction. LOVE the give-a-way this week!!! Would love to get my hands on that beautiful ribbon!

  64. rebecca keppel

    Ellen’s project is GORGEOUS!!! My vote is for Ellen 🙂

  65. Nathalie

    Another vote for Ellen S.! Love her mini album cover! It’s so creative!

  66. lynn r

    I’d like to cast my vote for Ellen! I love that woven ribbon cover! Very unique!

  67. staceymichu

    I love them all! But Ellen’s stands out to me…I love the texture her album cover has!

  68. Deanna M

    I LOVE Ellen’s book cover! what a fabulous and unique way to cover a book! so pretty too!

  69. barbara heinly

    I just love Ellen’s video on the mini album cover! I can see using this technique for so many things and all different kinds of ribbon.

  70. Christine Gant

    What beautiful ribbon! This is my first visit to May Arts, and I’m in absolute awe at the selection! My mind is spinning with ideas on ways to use your ribbons to turn ordinary items (from crafts to clothing) into EXTRAORDINARY works of art! I WILL be back!

    I really like Jinky’s project, though it’s a tough decision!

  71. DJ

    From what I have seen so far this week, Jinkys basket of color is by far my favorite!! Her flowers are so pretty and colorful!! Wonderfu job Jinky!!.
    Love everones entry, but this is my fav so far.
    donna Przy….

  72. DJ

    Have not checked out the finalists yet, but just wanted to say this is awesome for you to do!!!
    I am sure whom ever wins to be on your DT, they will be very worthy!!
    Off to check out the videos so far!!

    Good luck to all.

    Donna Przy…… (DJ)

  73. Ann Cacho Cariaga

    I like Jinky’s Spring Flowers. Really nice! So artistic!

  74. Irene

    Jinky’s is the best !!!

  75. Linda Weber

    I am absolutely in love with Jinky Kowalski’s creations! I really really adore flowers of any type and when she added a bit of aida cloth, it blew me away! Of course I love May Arts ribbons all to pieces and would love to get my hands on some as a gift!

  76. Cheryl Arnold

    Wow oh wow…these are absolutely gorgeous and I want them! Lots of things you would be able to do with them. Thanks for all the ideas…you guys are great!

  77. Frances R

    Rhonda’s fairy cake is adorable!! Love the tutorial too! hugs, Frances

  78. Naomi A. - Colorado

    Love these…I can’t wait! Love the ribbon flower tutorials…Also love Jan Holland!

  79. Chardee

    I loved Karen Baker’s flowers. It’s so nice to see something other than a rose (although the roses made by other finalists were absolutely beautiful!). I love to use flowers on scrapbook pages and altered projects and the Chrysanthemums would work perfectly.

  80. Eniko

    What a great give-a-way! I’ve been itching to get my hands on those May Arts spring flower ribbons! I have a soft spot on my heart for Jan Holland…I find her work so creative! I’ve enjoyed seeing all the finalists’ work!

  81. tam

    Wow! such talent! I love the fairy cake! Always excited about your ribbon, thanks!

  82. Cheri'e L. Keckhut

    I just love alot of items that Jinky does – she keeps me impressed

  83. Elizabeth P

    There are so many beautiful pieces of art I can’t choose ! Love them all, and would love the ribbon and flowers because I’m doing some really girly altered items !

  84. {vicki}

    Jinky’s is my favorite

  85. nancy darnell

    I love jinky kowalski’s bouquet sampler. Beautifully done & so creative!

  86. Karen aka Soccerboyzmom

    What yummy ribbon and wonderful to get a chance to win it. I can see me using that on some of the spring projects I have.

  87. Mary

    What glorious ribbon!Thanks for all the fun.

  88. Denise Johnson

    Love all the beautiful Ribbons, so many crafts you can do. Thanks for all the ideas.

  89. Kelly massman

    I think Jinky’s ribbon basket shows off the ribbons the best! They are all fun and unique though!! Thanks!

  90. Donna

    Jinky’s framed ribbon spring flower gets my vote as well 🙂 I plan on making one of these
    projects for an easter present!

  91. Chiara

    I love Jinky’s framed flower pot! It’s so beautiful! Thanks for a chance to win!

  92. Lynn Smith

    I love the Framed ribbon spring flowers

  93. Carla Prediger Träsel

    I loved the projects but my favorite work is Jinky’s Framed Ribbon Spring Flower. I hope she will win!

  94. Carla Prediger Träsel

    The projects are grat but my favorite project is Jinky’s Framed Ribbon Spring Flower!

  95. Lucy

    They are all such great projects. I have to go with Ronda’s cake. WOW

  96. marcelle

    The ribbons, well they are the best, Rhonda’s cake really is wonderful. I am amazed at the creativity so far from the ladies, wow!

  97. Sandy O

    Jinky’s is totally awsome! What a creative and beautiful use of ribbon.

  98. Mary Anne K.

    Of all the blogs that I surf during a week, I am so not sure of how I have never been here. This is now at the top of my list of favorites! Love the inspriation from the DT Call! Love Peggy’s fry box. I can see filling this with so many goodies!

  99. Dawna Morrell

    I vote for Peggy Cain…love her videos, as it is always so much easier to see how to do a project step by step when you are watching someone do it. Love the prize package too…those are gorgeous ribbons! Thank you!

  100. Catherine Lippert

    Love the giveaways! I’d be thrilled to win!

  101. judi

    I love the ribbon work by jinkscraft, very pretty

  102. Larissa Heskett

    I like Rhonda’s fairy cake project!! I also liked Jinky’s all they are all so different!! =)
    THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS DAY!! =)

  103. Lisa monter

    I like Jinky’s frame flowers

  104. LorraineN

    Ooh, I love Ronda’s fairy cake! So beautiful, creative and unique!

  105. Christine W

    I love Rhonda’s fairy cake

  106. jan m

    Ronda’s fairy cake was very clever!! The use of the vine ribbon!

  107. Debbie Painter

    They are all amazing!! I love Ronda’s, she did an awesome job!! The ribbons & flowers are just beautiful!!
    [email protected]

  108. Deebi27

    Jinky’s Framed Ribbon Spring Flower rocks it out!

  109. Shartl

    Wow, I am loving all the finalist projects but Rhonda’s really stood out for me! Artistic and unique!

  110. Ybeth

    Fabulous Jinky’s arts.!!! LOVE it.

  111. connie melancon

    I like Jinky’s Framed ribbon spring flower!

  112. Joy Hager

    What a lovely prize package!! Each project is awesome so hard to pick just one….I am going with Rhonda’s fairy cake.

  113. Babe O'Mara

    Rhonda’s cake is absolutely adorable.

  114. Denise Bryant

    I will vote for Jinky’s project! I love the flowers and clever basket.

  115. Tona

    Love this flower ribbon.
    The finalists are doing such beautiful projects.

  116. Cathy Wiltse


  117. Lovella

    Jinky’s framed ribbon Spring flowers, are fabulous! I love it! Keep it up!

  118. Karen K

    That group of ribbons is very nice. So far I like Rhonda’s fairy cake which is so darn creative and cute.

  119. Pam

    I love jinky’s basket of flowers! It’s gorgeous!

  120. Pam

    Love these ribbons. Can’t wait to see all of the projects!

  121. Isbel Ahmad

    The fairy cake of Ronda is adorable!!!!! Great Tutorial!!!!

  122. Kirsten casey

    I love ronda’s fairy cake. It’s just gorgeous and i love the flowers. I’m gonna give this a try when I get time

  123. Kristie Maynard

    Can’t wait to see what all the finalists have to offer. Thanks!!!

  124. Mandie W

    I love Peggy’s adorable fry boxes!

  125. Janet Zeppa

    These ribbons ans flowers are spectacular!

  126. Janet Sisk

    My favorite is Jinky’s ribbon flower basket! AMAZING! Thanks for the chance to win these AWESOME ribbons and flowers, too. 😀

  127. Natasha G.P.

    Jinky’s project is really nice. She gets my vote

  128. Sharon Gullikson

    Rhonda’s cake is adorable

  129. B. Poteraj

    Rhonda’s is really cute….

  130. Naomi A. of Colorado

    These are fabulous….I am so loving flowers and ribbon right now!

  131. Jackie

    I love Jinky Kowalski’s Framed Ribbon Spring Flowers, it is simply stunning! Those ribbon flowers are so beautiful.

  132. Stacy H-W

    I totally vote for Jinky and her ribbon basket. It is totally gorgeous!! Stacy H-W

  133. Denise Coulter

    I am absolutely loving Jinky’s flowers! I can’t wait to see how to make them!

  134. Stacey

    I really ♥ Jinky’s project! All the different colors are beautiful!

  135. Susan Z

    I love Ronda Archangelo Fairy Cake!!

  136. Paula

    Rhonda’s design is my favorite! very cute

  137. Paula

    I love your ribbons! I have some of the green leaf & LOVE it, use it all the time

  138. MARIA


  139. lynda

    Awesome seeing all the great ideas…love Jinky’s project so very much…so colorful and creative!!!

  140. Annette A.

    Cool, looking forward to what the week will bring.

  141. sue w.

    What great ribbons up for grabs. those rose ribbons would be fun to create with.
    stamping sue


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