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DT Challenge Finalist – Tiffin Mills

Embroidered Ribbon Tutorial

Congratulations to Tiffin Mills of Linwood Avenue for her Embroidered Ribbon Tutorial:




  • 12" embroidery hoop
  • spray glue
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • needle and thread
  • misc. decorative buttons
  • glue gun
  • embroidery floss – pink, white, brown
  • 16" sq. background fabric – lightweight canvas is suggested
  • May Arts Ribbon*
  • (A) – 16" dk. green webbed weave (WQ16)
  • (B) – 16" lt. green webbed weave (WQ66)
  • (C) – 12" satin cutouts, cream (EX09)
  • (D) – 24" grosgrain, 1.5-inch wide (BK46)
  • (E) – 1 faux suede green leaf (XL16)




Step 1 – take the 2 – (A) & (B) strips of webbed weave & cut curves randomly on top and bottom so there are no more straight edges to the pieces.

Step 2 – starting 1" from bottom of background fabric, spray glue the strips from step one on top of one another to form the "grass" visual on the piece.

Step 3 – secure fabric in hoop making sure the grass is at the bottom of hoop.

Step 4 – using the template, cut out 9 small petals from (D). stack petals on top of one another. locate black dot on template, with your threaded needle, come up through the bottom petal all the way through the top petal. fan out petals into a circular flower shape and bring needle and thread back down through petals to secure positioning. please note the grosgrain will fray. if you do not like this look, you can use fray check on all edges.

Step 5 – using the template, cut out 5 large petals and repeat step 4.

Step 6 – place small petals on top of large petals, then place onto hoop fabric. secure flower to the fabric with a decorative button by stitching through all layers.

Step 7 – use the brown floss and stitch the "stem" with a running stitch by going in and out of the fabric in a straight line. next, position the suede petal (E) & stitch into place with brown floss.

Step 8 – cut individual cream flowers (C) and using pink floss, secure randomly with button centers onto canvas hoop.

Step 9 – with white floss, add little flowers by stitching over and through the loops in the grass.

Step 10 – when finished, trim leftover fabric close to the wooden hoop. secure this in place by finishing with hot glue around the back rim.



Like this tutorial? Tiffin also included this handy pdf to download!  Thanks, Tiffin!

  1. Andrea

    This is darling!

  2. Janet Zeppa

    What a great project!

  3. Jennifer H.

    Soft, summery, and very pretty!

  4. Kelly massman

    You are definitely on trend. Embroidery hoop art is all the range right now! Love it!

  5. Joy Hager

    Oh so pretty!

  6. Jingle

    Very pretty!

  7. Jan Hennings

    Very pretty!


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