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DT Challenge Finalist – Julie Kelley

Spring Flowers Birdhouse

Congratulations to finalist Julie Kelley of The Year of Blessings for her Spring Flowers Birdhouse tutorial:


Create this Spring Flowers Birdhouse using just 2 pieces of patterned paper and your favorite May Arts ribbons!



  • 1 decorative wooden birdhouse (I spray painted it white)
  • May Arts Ribbon
  • Creative Memories patterned paper and paper flower
  • 4 small green buttons
  • Quick dry liquid glue
  • Circle punch
  • Decorative edge punch



I took an unfinished wooden birdhouse, and simply used spray paint to paint it white. Birdhouses are available very inexpensively at most craft stores, and come in many different styles and sizes.



Once the birdhouse was dry, I got to work making some ribbon “flowers.”  I cut the Elastic Plaid/Ruffle ribbon into 3.5” pieces, added a line of quick drying liquid glue along the bottom and then carefully rolled the ribbon into a rosette shape.



Next, cut a 5” piece of the Organic Cotton/Stripe ribbon in half, giving you 2 pieces with one green stripe each.  Fold each piece into a leaf shape and glue. You’ll need 4 of these leaf sets.



Trim 8 pieces of 1.5×8” patterned paper (or however many you need for the shape of your birdhouse roof) and apply a decorative edge. Attach to the roof of the birdhouse using your favorite adhesive.



Trim green Sheer Looped Trim to fit along the 4 corners of the birdhouse, and apply with quick drying wet glue. I also traced the triangle on the front and back of the birdhouse, and added patterned paper there.



Apply the purple Elastic/Plaid Ruffle ribbon along the entire roof edge. Feed the yellow Elastic/Plaid Ruffle ribbon through the slots under the “windows” and adhere on the inside of the birdhouse.

Add the rosettes and leaves to the posts of the birdhouse and enjoy a touch of spring, no matter what the weather outside is doing!



Here’s a close-up view of the posts with the rosettes and leaves.


  1. Ryan Ann

    adorable!!! 🙂

  2. Andrea

    Darling!! Beautiful color selection.

  3. Joy Hager

    Very pretty!

  4. Janet Zeppa

    Very adorable!

  5. Kelly massman

    Very cute! And, this is a complex project! I’d have to vote for her today!

  6. DJ

    This birdfeeder is so cute!! a shame it can’t be put outside!! The birds would love it!!!

  7. Pam Loris

    I love this!! So pretty with the ruffled trim, and fresh colors! Well done!!

  8. Naomi A. - Colorado

    Very cute….

  9. Jingle

    This is so cute! I love it! Congratulations!

  10. Charlene

    Love your use of that fabulous gingham ribbon. Perfect spring colors.

  11. Margaret

    I think this bird house is adorable! I enjoyed your project.


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