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DT Challenge Finalist – Jinky Kowalski


Congratulations to finalist Jinky Kowalski of Jinky's Crafts for her FRAMED RIBBON  SPRING FLOWER tutorial:



Finally, my project entry for the MayArts challenge is done~! I am so happy with the final outcome of this project. I am proud to present to you my Framed Ribbon Spring Flowers! Don't you just love how bright and beautiful everything looks in Springtime? I LOVE it! 

 Ribbon manipulation is new to me, but it is a new passion I have developed over the past few weeks. I love how paper and fabric complement each other. 



All ribbons used on this Challenge project were compliments of MayArts. This is my entry for their DT Call Craft Challenge, which had a theme requirement of Spring Flowers. I used the Flat Rose and Spider Web techniques for my roses. I just learned how to do these while working on this project. I will be providing you with a tutorial soon so please check back.

May Arts Ribbon Used :

  • Yellow Rose: HA27


For those of you who know me, you probably know by now that I love 3D projects.  That is why I tried to make this in 3D. I cut some butterflies to adorn my Spring Flowers and weaved a basket which I intentionally raised to have that 3D effect.  I leave the top of the basket open so you can add some batting to poof it up or some moss (Sorry,  I don't have any handy). 



This project makes a great home decor this Spring season or a great gift for Mother's Day.  That's why I included a Happy Mother's Day sentiment cut out on the frame. 

This project is very easy. If I can do it being a newbie on ribbon folding, I bet you can to. C'mon give it a try~!

  1. Katrina

    Definitely one of the best projects I have seen!!!!! Congrats!!!!

  2. Natalie Elphinstone

    oooh, this project looks amazing!

  3. DJ

    Jinky, very pretty basket of flowers!! You did a wonderful job on your Ribbon Roses, they are so pretty and colorful!! Love the framed finished product, very springy and mood lifting!!
    Donna Przy…..

  4. angeli

    Wow those are soooo beautiful, how i wish to learn how to make it and can’t wait to hang it on my wall..great job jinky..

  5. SuZeQ

    My vote goes to Ronda!

  6. Jingle

    Those flowers look amazing! Congratulations!

  7. Carla Prediger Träsel

    Your work is amazing! I hope you will win. Good luck!

  8. Carla Prediger Träsel

    Fantastic work, Jinky! Congrats on being a finalist. Well deserved!

  9. Anna Müller

    This is just so beautiful. I am so envious
    of your amazing work.

  10. Nancy Peterson

    Can’t wait to see how to make those roses….they are fantastic. Love them~

  11. Cynthia B.

    Beautiful beautiful! Not only the flowers, but also the basket. Wonderful project!

  12. Charlene

    Congratulations, Jinky!! Beautifully crafted!!

    Love the woven basket!

  13. Joy Hager

    So pretty!

  14. Ann Kranitz

    Wowzers!!! JINKY!!! This is totally amazing. Stunning just stunning!!!

  15. Kelly massman

    These flowers are gorgeous!!!!! Congrats!

  16. Pam

    This is so gorgeous! I love it & want to try one. Fantastic!

  17. Kristie Maynard

    Congrats on being a finalist. This project is just beautiful. Great techniques, colors etc.

  18. Janet Zeppa

    Simply stunning!

  19. ellen s

    oh gosh is that gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Naomi A. of Colorado

    so cute and adorable!

  21. Janet Sisk

    Wait a second – I have to go grab a drool rag! 😀 This ribbon flower basket is FABULOUS!

  22. Stacy H-W

    Gorgeous!! You are such a wonderful artist!

  23. Denise Coulter

    Wow, this is GORGEOUS!!! Love the ribbon flowers! Can’t wait for the tutorial.

  24. Pam Loris

    You did an amazing job! Love the ribbon basket, and all the beautiful ribbon flowers!

  25. Annette A.

    wow this is amazing. I love all the ribbon. It looks hard but you say it is easy. This is a great project. Thanks for sharing

  26. lynda

    WTG Jinky…amazing project!!!!


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