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DT Challenge Finalist – Jess Mutty

Spring Banner

Congratulations to Jess Mutty of The Examined Life for her Spring Banner tutorial:


Spring!  If there is one thing that heralds the beginning of Spring it is all the color popping up everywhere!  The grays of Winter sure make me ready to add some bright Spring décor around my house and this sweet Spring banner does just that.



You’ll need:

  • canvas or paper for creating the triangles
  • 2 yards of 5/8” yellow twill ribbon (FN27)
  • 2 yards of pink burlap trim (QW17)
  • dimensional alpha stickers to spell the word “spring”
  • coordinating paper/cardstock
  • six buttons



I made my triangles out of inexpensive canvas.  The long sides are 7” and the short sides are 5”. I simply traced the six triangles onto two layers of canvas, like so:



You can use a disappearing ink marker (found in fabric stores) or just use a light pen and note that the markings may show on the back.

I used two layers to add more weight to the triangles but you can use a single layer and leave raw edges if you prefer! 

To sew the double layers it is easiest to sew directly on the trace lines and cut the triangles AFTER sewing.  No pinning needed!



Next, use a strong liquid glue to adhere the pink burlap trim on the two long sides of each triangle.



To attach the triangles to the yellow twill ribbon:

  • find the center of the yellow ribbon
  • pin the corner of one triangle about an inch to the right of center and another triangle about an inch to the left of center
  • continue pinning the remain triangles on each side, evenly, leaving a couple inches between each triangle
  • sew a single straight stitch down the center of the yellow ribbon, catching the triangles as you go

The triangles should now be attached and hanging evenly.

Cut 15” pieces of the crocheted trim and tie bows between each triangle:



The paper “spring” embellishments can be cut or arranged in any way that you like.  I created mine by using an electronic cutter to make the background brackets.  Use a circle punch or trace and cut circles to add the alpha stickers to.  Glue each letter tag to the triangles.



Now, the fun ribbon flowers!

Punch or cut six circles from scrap cardstock and cover each with adhesive.  A dry tape runner works best here… otherwise with a wet adhesive you’ll be holding the flower for a while before it dries!



You’ll also want to run some adhesive down one side of the back of your pleated ribbon for extra hold.



Then carefully start winding the ribbon to the very edge of the circle.  You will need to wiggle and play with the pleats to get them in the right place. 



Don’t worry about it looking “perfect”… it will all come out in the end! The edges will have a tendency to curl upwards and this adds dimension.  Keep winding inwards like so:



Wind and stick the ribbon until you get to the center.  For me it was about three layers of ruffle.  When you get to the end snip the ribbon and glue it to the center of the flower.  Add a small button to cover the middle.



Do this five more times until you have two magenta, two light pink, and two cream flowers.  Add them to the triangle points and your Spring banner is ready to hang up and add some cheer!


Thanks for joining me today to make this Spring banner!  I hope it brings you as much sunshine as it has brought me.  You can create other versions of this by switching the colors and the ribbons to fit different themes.  Have one for every season! And of course you can get all these gorgeous ribbons and trims from May Arts!


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  1. Larissa Heskett

    I love all of the photos and the idea!! What a cute banner!! THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS WEEKEND!! =)

  2. Andrea

    This looks great. I love the colors that you chose and how the trimmed ribbons accent and add to your sring letters. You did a great job at making the focal point your spring letters.

  3. Darlene Whalley

    Beautiful banner, I love it! Great instructions. I think I will even attempt to make it! thanks!!

  4. Meredith Szwed

    This is fantastic!! Your directions are so clear and helpful even the most inexperienced of beginners (e.g. me!) can make a beautiful banner! Thanks!

  5. Gine

    Awesome tutorial, !!!!

  6. Charlene

    Fun idea!

  7. Sandy L

    Beautiful! LOVE the flowers.

  8. barbara heinly

    love how you used the trim along each of the banner edges!

  9. christopher roy

    really creative piece Jessica , you got me thinking of creating a menu for the spring party!

  10. kathy

    GORGEOUS!!! Absolutely love it!

  11. Mandi

    This is so gorgeous! But then, everything Jess makes is gorgeous!!!

  12. Joy Hager

    Love the flowers!

  13. Kelly massman

    I love the pennants…

  14. Janet Zeppa

    Very pretty banner!

  15. samantha Sibbet

    This is really fabulous!


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