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DT Challenge Finalist – Jennifer Ingle

Garden Goddess Doll

Congratulations to Jennifer Ingle of Just Jingle for her Garden Goddess Doll tutorial:



Jingle, here!  I am so excited to be sharing a super fun tutorial with you today.  I have created a Garden Goddess doll draped in beautiful May Arts ribbon!  She is here to celebrate spring and offer her protective hand over the petals that surround her. 



To create your doll you will need the following:

  • A piece of scrap wood (I used an old railing cut down to 9 inches)
  • Foil
  • Lag Bolt
  • Creative Paper Clay
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Crackle Medium
  • Clear Coat (gloss)
  • Super Strong Tape Adhesive
  • Black Beads



To begin drill a hole in the end of your piece of wood and insert lag bolt.  (If you devise a different armature form, that is fine, this is just what I used for this particular doll.  Be creative and feel free to use what you have on hand!)  Cover the top of the bolt with a ball of foil to form the structure for the head.



Cover the foil with paper clay and sculpt the head around it adding the petals and the neck as you go. 



Creatively sculpt the facial features using water to keep your clay wet and easy to move while you work.  Push the beads into place for the eyes.



Cover the entire head with a base color and then cover with crackle glaze.  Allow to dry completely.  Add your skin tone and any colors you would like to show the crackly over the crackle glaze.  Allow to dry.  Add additional painted details, distressing where desired by wiping paint gently with a soft cloth.  This is your chance to show yourself in your piece, so take her face wherever you wish to go!  Have fun with it!  Apply the clear coat.  Allow to dry completely before moving forward.



Now we will begin to dress her with fabulous ribbon!  Using a very strong tape adhesive create the base of her gown by wrapping the black ribbon around her entire base.



Cut several lengths of the black and the grey ribbon.  Fold these over to create ‘loops’ and attach one at a time, alternating colors.  You will do this in tiers about halfway up the doll.



Once you have reached the desired height for the ‘skirt’ portion of her gown use the strong tape to adhere the sheer rosette ribbon around her waste.  Add the red pleated ribbon above and below to give it a finished look.



Attach gold leaves to the torso on the front and back to create the top of the gown.  Cut two lengths of two leaves each for the arms and attach to the sides.



Add any finishing touches, such as gems or charms for jewelry and stand back to admire your beautiful doll!!! 



I hope you take the challenge to create a doll on your own and I’d love to see it so feel free to stop by my blog, Just Jingle to show me what you have created!!!  Have a fabulously creative day!


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  1. LollyChops

    She is totally amazing!!!! I think this is my favorite one so far!

  2. Charlene

    Really different…and unique. Love the colors!

  3. ellen s

    OH totally cool and unique!

  4. Dana Tatar

    Wow! Totally fabulous! I just love everything about this. WTG Jennifer!

  5. Joy Hager

    Very fun!

  6. Larissa Heskett

    What an unusual project!! I have never seen anything like this and I LOVE IT!! =)
    I loved your tutorial photos and the bright colors that you used for the dress!! THANKS for sharing!!
    Have a FABULOUS WEKEND!! =)

  7. Jan Hennings

    Your Garden Goddess Doll is AWESOME!!!! Congrats on being a finalist 🙂

  8. {vicki}

    I LOVE THIS!!!!


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