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DT Challenge Finalist – Dawn Burnworth

Welcome to Day 2 of our 'Spring Flowers' DT Challenge – Finalists Week!

Video – Ribbon Rose

Congratulations to Dawn Burnworth of My Stamping Thyme for her Ribbon Rose Video:



Hello everyone… Dawn here for May Arts Ribbon.. Today I am going to be showing you a beautiful group of wedding projects that you can create with May Arts Ribbon.  For my projects today I am going to be showing you how to create a Wired Ribbon Rose using May Arts Wired Ribbon JC01 in white and JC17 in pink.  It is very easy.  I used my roses on a bridal journal, flip flops, ring bearer pillow and a wristlet purse.

Here is a picture of my completed projects.. I am also going to show you a short video tutorial to help you get started. 



Before we move on to the video tutorial I wanted to give you a supply list:

  • May Arts Wired Ribbon JC01 White (one yard for each flower)
  • May Arts Wired Ribbon JC17 Pink (one yard for each flower)
  • May Arts  2 inch Sheer Ribbon C17 Pink (for notebook and pillow) 2 yards
  • May Arts  1.5 inch Crocheted Ribbon NP01 (for notebook  and pillow) 2 yards
  • Old pair of scissors to cut the wired ribbon.


Okay let's get started:       



You can use these roses for so many different projects.  May Arts Ribbon is a dream to work with and you have one stop shopping for all your ribbon needs.  Check out their entire store at

Thanks for creating with me today.


  1. Beth Greco

    Great tutorial Dawn! I can’t wait to give that a try. I’ve been creating different ribbon flowers lately and here’s another option I want to try. Thanks!

  2. kathy F

    Absolutely Beautiful! So easy to follow your video too! Thanks for sahring

  3. Leslie Miller

    Fabulous, awesome tutorial, Dawn! Gorgeous rose, and you make it look so easy!

  4. Cassie L

    Very beautiful, Dawn! Your tutorial makes it easy even for somebody like me. Thank you!

  5. celia magro

    Beautiful rose; helpful video.

  6. Crystal B

    Exquisite ! Love the elegance of these beautiful roses . You are gifted !

  7. Lynette

    Wow, Dawn – your rose is amazing! Love it, and all of your projects. She is one lucky bride:) Good luck to you. You would be a fabulous asset to ANY design team!

  8. sue morris

    How wonderful dawn and so beautiful!! I’ll have to try this some time!

  9. Alaine

    These are very beautiful! Love the tutorial.

  10. Lisa Kind

    These are fabulous flowers and what a great tutorial! You know how much of a fan I am of your work, and May Arts would be so fortunate to have you on their design team! Good luck and I’ll have my fingers crossed!

  11. liz

    Your roses are beautiful i cant believe you made these out of ribbon Awesome job

  12. Julie

    Dawn’s tutorial is wonderful! I love the roses!!

  13. Jordan

    I love these roses – so pretty! I want those flip flops!

  14. The Buckle Man

    Dawn, Very nice!
    I believe I’ll have to try this soon!

  15. Dotty A

    Thanks for the tutorial,,,! Love your roses and your project is so Cute!!

  16. Glenda

    These are gorgeous. I’m so giving these a try!

  17. Lesley at Grenouille Greetings

    Wow Dawn! Beautiful rose and so very versatile! Fabulous tutorial too! Hugs, Lesley

  18. Dina K

    Gorgeous roses, beautiful applications, and well-done tutorial, Dawn!

  19. Carolina Buchting

    Wonderful tutorial and such beautiful projects – love the versatility you shared with us. Thanks for sharing your talent with all of us Dawn!!!

  20. Meagan

    I can’t believe anyone can create something so beautiful out of ribbon! You are a true artist! Gorgeous!

  21. Angela

    Wow! Love your tutorial! Gorgeous creations!!!

  22. Cindy Haffner

    FABULOUS Dawn AWESOME job!!!

  23. Jean

    The tutorial is fantastic Dawn and those projects are sure to be a huge hit at the wedding!

  24. Emily Keaton

    Dawn, what an amazing tutorial!! Those pretty pink ribbon roses are just spectacular. I love the idea of using them to decorate flip flops!!

  25. Kay

    Great tutorial – definitely going to try making your beautiful roses. Thanks for sharing your great ideas

  26. sherri Dean

    Wonderful tutorial, Dawn! You are not only a great artist, but a fantastic teacher as well! i’m so glad you can share your talents with all of us. Your roses are just awesome!

  27. Lorraine

    Dawn, your tutorial is great. These projects are so special. What a wonderful gift.

  28. Amanda R

    Love the video and the roses are gorgeous! I can definitely find a lot of uses for them!

  29. Annette G

    Terrific tutorial Dawn and so loving the roses made with that great ribbon. Loving all the other makes you showed as well, that is one lucky bride. Annette x

  30. Sue Titolo

    Great job Dawn on your Tuitorial, love the roses. I will have to give it a try when I get a spare moment…LOL~

  31. Denise Marzec

    Awesome tutorial and absolutely GORGEOUS ribbon roses, Dawn!

  32. Cathy/Mutnik

    Dawn, your ribbon roses are fabulous! You made this look so easy, that I just may have to try one! …sometime. I love all the items you made to go along. WOW job! TFS :0)

  33. Heather Jensen

    What a beautiful project. I love the idea of a matching Bridal set. So very pretty. Any bride would be lucky to have such handmade goodness. 🙂

  34. Pat

    Dawn~ your first tutorial? Long time coming- your work is incredible and your tutorial makes it look easy! Gawgus my friend! lymi

  35. Traci Major

    What gorgeous projects for a wedding!! Wonderful tutorial; loved seeing all the projects made of ribbon!

  36. Connie Jo

    oh my goodness!! the flower is gorgeous. great job, Dawn.

  37. lynn

    great wedding projects–everything is darling!

  38. Cammie

    These roses are gorgeous! Thanks for the excellent tutorial.

  39. Peggy McCurry

    Beautiful roses Dawn and your tutorial is awesome! I will definitely be making some of these!

  40. Heide D

    What a beautiful rose. That ribbon looks like a dream to work with. Thanks for the tutorial.

  41. Tamara McLester

    Love Your ideas Dawn….Beautiful!

  42. Lisa Lara

    Oh Dawn this is amazing. I love this idea. So beautiful. Your flip flops are adorable…what a great idea. Awesome as always gf.

  43. Anita Hovey

    OH MY! Those are fabulous…just like all your projects Dawn!

  44. Dianne Pratt

    Great tutorial Dawn!! Everything you do is always first class!!

  45. Kris Chirhart

    SOOOO GOREGOUS, DAWN!!!!! Oh, I just loooooove those flip flops so much!!! Congrats, and Good Luck!!!

  46. Denise @ Paper Gems

    GREAT! Can’t wait to try making these myself! 🙂

  47. Sabrina Jackson

    Oh my goodness, Dawn, this is over the TOP!!! What a fabulous idea and all of those ways you can use this awesome rose…WOW any bride would be thrilled to receive each and every one of them!! Now off to watch that video!! Hugs, Sabrina

  48. Amanda H

    I loved this tutorial, Dawn!! 🙂 I vote for Dawn’s, I really liked her ideas 🙂

  49. Danni

    This is such a great tutorial! What gorgeous roses!

  50. Christine Dol

    These are gorgeous, romantic, soft, elegant….and just plain awesome Dawn! Thank-you so much for sharing your tutorial with us all!

  51. Paola Levi

    These roses are stunning, i love the filmy soft look of them and sure one could use them for everything! Stunning tutorial, TFS

  52. Dena

    Looks like fun, You make it look so easy.

  53. Mary

    What beautiful roses! If I remember correctly, I used to watch my mom do these with ribbon for our Easter dresses.

  54. Yola

    Beautiful roses, they look amazing

  55. Vickie Z

    Gorgeous flowers!! All of your projects are saa-weeet!!

  56. Carla Suto

    Gorgeous ribbon roses, Dawn! They turned out beautifully! Thanks for the great tutorial – I’m definitely going to make some of these!

  57. Lauren

    Beautiful! Love this technique for wedding gifts, and I can see where it can be applied to other occasions as well!

  58. Joey

    These roses are Stunning, thanks for the tutorial :O) xx

  59. Marisa

    Fabulous tutorial, Dawn! Your roses are gorgeous!

  60. Rachel

    very pretty! what a wonderful idea!

  61. Ann Marie

    This is so beautiful. Thank you for the video I cant wait to make this!!

  62. Gabriela

    I’m so glad the link to this May Arts ribbon tutorial finally worked for me. Dawn’s tutorial is well worth watching (and memorizing). May Arts ribbon is the finest! Fabulous tutorial!

  63. Lisa Henke

    this is soooo cool! love this flower and Dawn’s tutorial was great, showing how easy it is to create. Great Wedding gift idea…..I would have loved a pair of those flipflops when I got married.

  64. Michelle

    Great job Dawn, your roses are always terrific! Thanks for sharing the tutorial!

  65. Renkata

    wow just wow.
    Amazing ribbon and what a great idea Dawn.
    Love it.

  66. Wanda Cullen

    Dawn, your project pieces are GORGEOUS! I am anxious to try making these roses…thanks for a wonderful tutorial! Ready-made primas can become quite pricey, so making them yourself sounds like a winning solution!

  67. *Vicki*

    WOW!! What a beautiful ribbon bow! What a fabulous tutorial!! I love this!! TFS!! Smiles, Vicki

  68. Mariska

    Dawn, you are one of my favourite paper crafters. You are not only making the most wonderful creations your teaching skills are great as well ;-). This tutorial is awesome!!!!
    Good Luck!
    x Mariska

  69. Kim Hahn

    Once again your hands have created something beautiful!! I love the roses Dawn!! :>)

  70. Cheryl Scrivens aka CherylQuilts

    Dawn, is one of my absolute favorite stampers, and I love her blog! This is a fabulous tutorial, Dawn, and I now want to pull out some of my May Arts wired ribbon and try one of these…you did a fabulous job…very clear! Always love your work!! Hugs!

  71. Janet "Momapoo"

    Dawn…there are so pretty. You know I love making embellishments, like yo yos, etc…These will be a most welcome addition to my creative ideas tool-chest! 🙂

  72. Peggy Marsh

    Wow, Dawn.. you are awesome and continue to amaze me with all of your creativity. Fantastic projects!

  73. Michelle

    Oh Dawn! These are so gorgeous!!!! I can’t wait to try this. I have so many beautiful ribbons and now I know something special to do with them! Thanks = great tutorial!

  74. Alexis

    Love, love, love the roses. So soft and pretty. Thanks for sharing! Dawn – you’re the best!

  75. Tammy E.

    Wow, this is such a cool tutorial. Beautiful roses!

  76. Holly Young

    Beautiful roses and such lovely projects you made with them Dawn. I think your instructions were great! You always put such thought into your work.

  77. Lillian

    Just fabulous! Great video!

  78. Barbara Anders

    **GASP** Oh. My. Word. Dawn, these roses are incredible!!! And what a gorgeous project you have here! just amazing!

  79. Cassie

    Awesome tutorial! What a great grouping of projects for a wedding 😀

  80. Tanya P

    This looks like something that I can do! These are gorgeous, great video. Thanks so much.

  81. Heather

    Beautiful Roses!! Thanks for the tutorial..

  82. Janet Zeppa

    Very pretty roses!

  83. Eniko

    This is brilliant! I’m so making these!

  84. Charlene


  85. Pam

    Very pretty!

  86. Jennifer H.

    Love these! The pink is just so soft looking.Thanks for the tutorial!

  87. Dawn Burnworth

    Thank you so much.. I can’t tell you how much this means to me… I squealed when I saw my name. I love May Arts Ribbon…

  88. Kristie Maynard

    Great job!

  89. Kelly massman

    Love the beautiful flowers!

  90. Dawnll

    Dawn- all of your projects are just adorable as can be- I know your friend will be proud to have and save these items.
    Thanks for sharing

  91. Joy Hager

    So pretty!

  92. Jingle

    Very pretty roses!

  93. Jan Hennings

    These roses are beautiful!


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