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Dress Up that Favorite Toy

Sometimes those beloved toys just need a little sprucing up to give them new life!

 Dress Up that Favorite Toy

Meet Amy the monkey, she was made by a young woman of the same name as a fundraiser for a humanitarian trip that she is taking part in next year. I love monkeys, but thought that maybe Amy deserved a bit of a makeover.

 Dress Up that Favorite Toy

I chose the beautiful 1.25″ silk ribbon in White and Rose. I cut 2 long pieces, one of each color. This became the ribbon around her neck tied in a very pretty bow.

 Dress Up that Favorite Toy

I then created a sweet and simple knotted ribbon flower using the same ribbon. By tying knots every couple of inches and with the help of a glue gun this flower was created. I added the large white button in the middle for the finishing touch.

Dress Up that Favorite Toy 

Thank you so much for stopping by to check out this sweet toy makeover.

By Tracy McLennon


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  1. Sharon Gullikson

    I have done this, too! I even entered it in one of your challenges. I made a sock monkey for my son, and then dressed her up with your ribbons. I made a dress, and even put a bow on her tail. She never did like to run around naked, so she’s much happier now 🙂

    1. The Ribbon Lady

      I remember your sock monkey! It had the cutest ruffled ribbon skirt. 🙂


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