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DIY Halloween Boo Banner

Are you ready for Halloween?  Did you remember to hang up your Boo Banner?  Haven't made one yet?  Perfect.  This simple and elegant banner can be made quickly and in a couple of hours it is ready for hanging up across your favorite door.

Here's what you will need:

  • Smooch Spritz in orange
  •  Craft Glue
  • Glitter glue
  • Tattered Angels Frames and Alphas
  • Martha Stewart Doily tags, glitter, embossing board



1. Measure and trim 3 black rectangles  3" x 3.5".

2.  Trim 3 purple strips of paper 1" x 12".

3. Use the embossing board to accordion fold the 3 long paper strips.  Bring the opposite ends together and using craft glue, adhere your medallion to the center of a doily tag.  Repeat for remainder 2 strips.

4. Spray each frame with orange spritz.  Set aside to dry.  Apply glitter glue to alphas, apply glitter and set aside to dry.

5. Hole Punch 2 holes at the top of each black rectangle and thread your May Arts white Linen 368-15-01 ribbon through the holes of all 3 rectangles.  Tie 4 inches of ribbon between each rectangle.

6. On each rectangle adhere an orange frame.  Next apply the doily and medallion and last add on a glittered letter.

7. At the bottom of each rectangle add a length of orange ric rac AR 38 and with your Glue Arts Glue runner adhere white jumbo ric rac 330-01 along the bottom on the back.

That's it!  Just like that you have a fun little banner to cheer up your crafty nest!


Blog Posted By: Samantha Sibbet

  1. jen shears

    This is GREAT! glitter letters always make me happy- and I love the MS doilies under the medallions!! 🙂 The ric rac is icing on the cake!!!

  2. Charlene

    Spooky the sparkle!

  3. Shelly

    Love this project–simple and sophisticated. Great job.

  4. Lexi

    love the ric rac hanging from the bottom and the bling letters–perfect craft for this week!

  5. Andrea

    This turned out darling Samantha. What did you hang it with?


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