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DIY Hair Bow Holder

DIY Hair Bow Holder

Hello fellow ribbon lovers! Emily here to share a fun tutorial on how to create a hair bow holder.

DIY Hair Bow Holder

I came up with this idea simply because my daughter’s bow collection was starting to get out of hand. I like to have a display that I can look at every morning and say “Ok, that’s the perfect bow for this outfit” without having to dig through a basket. Plus, this bow holder is super cute!

You will need a piece of mdf or plyboard (you can buy these in large sheets and have them cut down into smaller sizes at your local hardware store.) You will also need fabric, batting, and ribbon.

DIY Hair Bow Holder

Start by gluing the batting to your piece of plyboard. This gives a nice little cushion.

DIY Hair Bow Holder

Wrap fabric around the front and glue to the back. I used a hot glue gun.

DIY Hair Bow Holder

Add your ribbon you will glue only on the back. Make sure to also add a handle to hang.  I used the 5/8″ grosgrain polka dot ribbon

DIY Hair Bow Holder

The larger the board you have, the more strings of ribbon you can add. I kept mine small, which was probably a mistake since I have more bows than board space!

DIY Hair Bow Holder

Add another piece of fabric to the back to hide the ribbon and excess fabric.

DIY Hair Bow Holder

Tie a couple of cute little bows and add to the front. These aren’t necessary but they are so cute!

DIY Hair Bow Holder

Ta-da! Now you have an inexpensive holder for hair bows.

DIY Hair Bow Holder

You can make them in any color you like to match your decor. These are quick and easy to create so having a couple handy isn’t a bad idea. They also make great gifts!

By Emily Lanham


Other Supplies Used:

  • Fabric
  • Plyboard/MDF
  • Hot Glue
  • Batting


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  1. TracyM #6773

    What a lovely project Emily!!!
    My nieces wear lots of ribbons and bows in their hair, so I’m sure my SIL will be very interested in making one!!!


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