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DIY Address Book

I’ve noticed that I can never seem to keep track of my Addresses and Phone Numbers, despite the new technology. I’ve always preferred to have an address book, but I’ve noticed the lack of variety they sell. What better way to store my phone numbers, but to make my own? Here will be short tutorial on how you can create your own Address Book.


Book Covers

I made the book covers out of extra cardboard, which I cut to be slightly bigger than my index cards.  I Modge Podged and wrapped it in patterned paper. I used different patterns for the cover and the inside lining. I hole punched my covers, then Modge Podged until I got my desired look.


Book Pages

Take the labels and write the alphabet on each label corner. Since my address book is smaller, I decided to go with two letters per label. Cut the labels in half and adhere the Alphabet label on an index card. Flip the card over and place the blank half of the label behind the Alphabet label to cover up the adhesive part. Repeat with each label on a new index card, making sure the new label positioned below the previous label.

Fill in your desired amount of pages in between each letter. Hole punch the index cards, making sure the holes match up to the holes on the covers.


Putting the Book Together

I took 2 pieces of 6 inch ribbon and used it tie the book together. I then took 3 different ribbons, about 4 inches each, and tied them all together with my original ribbon. Finally, I embellished!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! You can use this book for many other things such as recipes, notes, or whatever needs a little organization!

Blog post by: Marie Otake



  1. Nadia

    Thank you SO much for posting this!  Doing this for a starter address book for a friend who's getting married to have for their first Christmas card list, etc. SO cute!!!

  2. Christina

    Great idea!  I love the fun and bright color you used.

  3. Sue D

    Very fun and colorful address book!

  4. Charlene


  5. Dorina D

    great idea and great tutorial

  6. Virginia Fynes


  7. Kristie Maynard

    Very cute project.  Thanks for the little tutorital too.

  8. Nicole Martel

    What a cute book! Love the colors 🙂


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