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Dinosaur Themed Baby Shower Centerpiece

Dinosaur Themed Baby Shower Centerpiece

It is so much fun to celebrate the arrival of a new baby! With a dinosaur theme in place and the tablecloth already picked out, I created a matching centerpiece for the baby shower that features sock flowers and a handmade palm tree! Of course, I used May Arts Ribbon to help make the centerpiece come to life.

Dinosaur Themed Baby Shower Centerpiece

I combined and followed a couple of tutorials on how to create flowers out of baby socks that I found online. After making the faux flowers, I secured them to a wooden skewer that I previously wrapped with May Arts ½” Solid Crinkle Ribbon in bright Parrot Green.

Dinosaur Themed Baby Shower Centerpiece

I hid the juncture of “flower” and the “stem” with a bow made from the same wrinkle ribbon. Each flower used about 1 yard of ribbon. I also made a slim cone from cardstock in which I wrapped Gold 1.25” Silk Ribbon around to form the trunk of a palm tree. This I topped with die cut paper palm fronds.

Dinosaur Themed Baby Shower Centerpiece

I secured the palm tree and six sock ribbon flowers into a washed out tin can filled with flower foam. I topped the base with paper filler and wrapped the can with a luscious Navy Blue Silk Ribbon bow.

Dinosaur Themed Baby Shower Centerpiece

I’m pleased with the way the centerpiece turned out! The new mom can disassemble the “flowers” and has three pairs of socks for her baby boy. I love the bright colors and never have a difficult time matching May Arts Ribbon to an existing product.

By Karen Baker


May Arts Supplies:


Other Supplies Used:

  • Baby Socks
  • Wooden Skewers
  • White and Green Cardstock
  • Tin Can
  • Paper Filler
  • Flower Foam
  • Scissors
  • Glue Dots

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  1. Michele (by belle)

    Great idea for party decor!! Possibilities are spinning around in my head!

    1. Karen B.

      Super easy to create Michele! Good luck and I am sure your project will be so much fun!


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