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Decorating The Fourth Of July Contest Winner

We had
several fantastic entries on the contest this week.  Everyone at May Arts had a lot of fun reading
them all.  We hope it helped all of you find
new & creative ways to use your ribbon! 
Of course, it was difficult to choose just one winner!  But, as always, it must be done!

This week’s
winner is Daiva: 

“I tie ribbon
around wine glasses rather than use charms. It’s easy to change around and can
be easily tailored to fit the occasion. You can even put ribbon around other
glasses and make it stick with glue dots. That way, everyone can find their

Daiva, we thought this was a great twist on a traditional
idea!  Congratulations!  We always love to see pictures, so please
feel free to send us some photos at [email protected]
We will gladly post them for everyone to see!  Please forward your shipping
information & your ribbon selections to the email address above!

If you didn’t win this week, be sure to keep coming back for
more chances to win free ribbon!  There’s
always a new contest running on the May Arts Blog!

Click here for this week’s “Crafting With Ribbon” contest!

  1. Leah

    Daiva, what a fabulous idea!!! completely creative and fun. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!


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