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Upcycled Wall Decor

Making a shabby chic home can be hard and expensive, but with a little upcycling and May Arts Ribbon it can be easily done on the cheap.  Today I’m sharing a simple and inexpensive shabby chic wall display.

Up-cycled Wall Decor

The only thing you’ll need for this project is May Arts wired string and an abandon bicycle rim.  This rim came from my husband’s stash and not useable on a bike because it’s bent.  But you can find these on the side of the road anywhere.  All you have to do is string the ribbon through the spoke holes on the rim. 

Up-cycled Wall Decor

I chose a uniform pattern in my stringing with the lines going straight across.  It would also look cool in a more randomly strung pattern.  Just make sure that the string is taut.

Up-cycled Wall Decor

All that is left is to hang it up and add your goodies.

By Lalo IK


Other Supplies Used:

  • Bicycle rim
  • Spray paint


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  1. Roni Victoriano

    This is awesome—I love your blog and daily e-mails.. Thank you for your hard work.. God Bless.

  2. Julie Tucker-Wolek

    Wowwwwwwwwwwwww! This is amazing!! Totally pinning this!!!!!!


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