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“A house is made of walls and beams; a home is built with love and dreams.”

Creating a custom framed, meaningful and easy piece of artwork is a breeze with beautiful May Arts Ribbon and fabulous stamps from Hero Arts, who have teamed up for a week of creativity and fun. This little house stamp set is a great starting off point for gifts to give for a marriage or a new home.

You can create your own version with just a few supplies and a few easy steps.

I used:

  • ~5 yards May Arts 1.25” Silk Ribbon in White (SK01)
  • ~1 foot May Arts Trimming Loops in White (HX09)
  • Hero Arts Newspaper House Rubber Cling Stamp
  • Distress, Alcohol or Pigment Ink Pads
  • Stickers
  • Cardstock
  • Frame
  • Mod Podge
  • Newspaper
  • 1 small black brad


First, I dyed the silk ribbon with a mixture of ink and water and set them aside to dry. I then started to cover the backboard of a frame from the local dollar store (the mirror had cracked and I was left with only the backboard.) I tore up some newspaper in random sizes and adhered them with Mod Podge to the backboard. The frame itself I recovered with a coat of black spray paint and had also set that aside to dry. The newspaper background adds texture, interest and also correlates nicely with the stamp.

Using a large paintbrush and strips of the dyed ribbon, I layered the newspaper covered backboard with the ribbon and ModPodge, starting at the top and working my way down. Allow this to dry thoroughly.

A horizon line for the house to rest upon was created when the blue ribbon (sky) met the green ribbon (grass).

Stamp the house onto cardstock, ink the edges and apply to the backboard with more Mod Podge. I also added a length of dyed trimming loops for grass at this point too, to give the piece some texture and a bit of whimsy.

I finished the piece by adding a few more details like stamping the door of the house onto another piece of cardstock inked the edges in a contrasting color, adding a brad for the doorknob and finally, the stickers.

I think this would also be cute to use the house numbers of your address in place of the year of marriage! Or, if you are thinking ahead for gift giving, save a newspaper from the date of marriage and use that for your background~making your gift extra special!

Blog post by: Karen Baker

Be sure to hop on over to Hero Arts for more inspiration!


  1. jen shears

    wow-wow-WOW!!! This may be my all time fave from you! Amazing!!

  2. SherylH

    What a great idea!

  3. Vera W. Yates

    Wow, Karen! This is an AWESOME project!  Very creative! I love it.

  4. LinhC

    Awesome home decor piece!

  5. Angie Hall

    I like the sheer ribbon over your background. The newsprint as the background added alot to the design. Thanks

  6. Janet L.

    What a great project and gift for newlyweds or someone who just bought his/her first house!

  7. Cynthia B.

    This technique has wonderful vintage-looking results!

  8. Monika/buzsy

    What a neat background. Love the pretty colors. :o)

  9. Laura Cox

    Ok, you ALMOST have me wanting to try mod podge!!!….lol!!  This is absolutely beautiful!

  10. Denise Poshard

    What an absolutely cute gift idea!

  11. sharon gullikson

    What a cute picture. I could make one that looks like my house.

  12. Pai

    what an amazingly fun idea!

  13. Sue D

    Fabulous–love the newsprint/ribbon background you created.

  14. Charlene

    Cute project, Karen!

  15. sue wisniewski

    great idea to use ribbon over image for sky and grass.  thanks so much for sharing.
    stamping sue

  16. Shawn Wenrich

    What an awesome piece of home decor and a true keepsake!

  17. Kris in Alaska

    Such a fun and unique gift idea!

  18. Judy

    Wonderful and creative project!!

  19. Tammy V

    Cute idea! My mind is thinking about all the projects I could do with my neice like this too 🙂

  20. Cathy M.

    The framed house is so fun! 

  21. Bethany Becker

    Amazing.  I love it!  Great job. 

  22. Ruth G

    This project is just amazing!  I love how you can see through the ribbon and  how well regular newspaper compliments the house stamp!  Thanks so much for sharing!!!!

  23. Chriss Blagrave

    Beautiful art piece to give as a gift!  I love the different coloured/dyed ribbon technique with the newspaper and modgepodge…amazing!

  24. Christine Dring

    Karen, this ROCKS!!!! I'm sooooo loving this!

  25. Linda W.

    What an amazing project!  Just love your scene with ribbon over newspaper – thanks for the inspiration!!

  26. barb murphy

    karen!!! this is genius! what a beautiful project. love love love love love

  27. Memoriesbymanda

    What a fantastic idea – thanks for sharing

  28. debb

    Love this!

  29. teresa

    What  a fantastic handmade decoration.

  30. ellen s

    this is awesome!!!!!!!!!

  31. Donna

    Adorable Piece of Art, such an innovative idea!! Can't go wrong with May arts ribbon and HA stamps, two of my favorites!!
    THanks for sharing

  32. Lin B

    I LOVE the way you added your ribbon to this adorable project!  What a keepsake!

  33. Debbi McKelvy

    love the use of the ribbon for the background in your design.  it's a wonderful gift idea – just as you said!

  34. Agata

    This is absolutely fabulous!!! Love this idea!

  35. Lauralee

    Just stunning! Love the use of the silk ribbon over the newsprint!

  36. Margaret Kaznowska

    Great project. Very creative.

  37. Weenie Thomas

    What a wonderful project with so much details 

  38. Micah Gullikson-Poteraj

    Oh, cute. It would look nice on my wall.

  39. Buffe

    Amazing.  Great results.

  40. Leticia S

    Too cool…I love MAY ARTS ribbons with my favorite stamps…HERO ARTS!!!

  41. Karen

    How clever and creative!  Thanks for the idea of making a background with ribbon and newspaper.

  42. Sharon L-S

    Great idea for a wedding or anniversary gift.  Add paperdoll Mom & Dad with a baby for a birth announcement.  Thanks for sharing a great idea.

  43. isabel

    love the dyed ribbon over the newspaer–a must try idea.

  44. KimMJ

    Abolutley gorgeous!  I love it!  thanx so much for the tutorial as I am loving this technique! 

  45. Amanda Coleman

    I love creating scenes with paper.  This one is delightful!

  46. Mary-Anne V.

    Cute framed art…thanks for sharing.

  47. Stacy Caddy

    This is gorgeous and I love the way you used the ribbon and newpaper….

  48. Sonia W.

    I had never thought of using ribbon for a background like this – such a fun idea!  Thanks for sharing!

  49. conniemelancon

    wow! what a great way to use the ribbon.

  50. Karenajo

    Love your background using the ribbon – totally awesome – thanks for sharing !

  51. marie49

    Nice technique with ribbons and newspaper. This will be great to recycle all the pieces of ribbon. Thank you

  52. Tammy Bachmeier

    What a great idea!   I love the distressed and whimsy look.

  53. Andrea

    Very creative way to use the silk ribbon!!!  Great job!!

  54. Terri (blindstamper)

    What an awesome project and tutorial!  Thank you!

  55. barbara lassiter

    This is just an amazing project. What a clever, beautiful idea!

  56. Nadine Mogg

    How cute is this?  What a great technique that looks like a lot os fun to do!

  57. Michelle H

    That is amazing.  Love the idea!  I am inspired!

  58. DeeDee Catron

    Great job on this! Love it! Thanks so much for fixing the RSS feed, Bethney! 😀

  59. jenifer cowles

    beautiful, I love this.  Great job.

  60. Carmen

    Love your frame, very elaborate and a great gift

  61. Holly Tolman

    This would be such a great gift idea-so crafty too.

  62. DebbieC.

    I really like the ribbon effect over the paper and such a cool idea to paint the ribbon.

  63. Tanya Hulbert

    I love this one!  Thanks Karen!  Very creative and  impressive!

  64. Sue McRae

    Very cool technique with the ribbon and newspaper!

  65. Trudi Wilbur

    Your ribbon mod podge technique is so cool, I'm going to have to try that sometime, I think I need to get my hands on some of that silk ribbon soon!  Very cute framed art <3

  66. Jeyatha

    This is wonderful looking.. great job..

  67. Robin Mayfield

    There are just more and more things that can be done in the world of stamping.  What an amazing project, I would love to have something like that hanging on my wall!!

  68. Jingle

    Karen, seriously?  You are flipping amazing!  And now I am going to play with my silk ribbon tonight!!!  WOW!!!!  So cool!

  69. Miriam prantner

    Wow, what a fabulous project.  This is a wonderful idea and it looks great!

  70. Ryann Salamon

    Holy Moly Karen!  Stuff like this is why you are one of my absolute favorites.  Amazing!!!


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