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Cupcake Topper

When I have friends over to the house, I love going the extra mile to add something special to the evening. We were hosting game night last Friday and celebrating a friend’s birthday at the same time. I decided to make cupcakes for dessert because they are the perfect treat for kids as well as the adults, but I wanted to make them extra special. I looked around my studio and my eyes landed on 2 beautiful may arts ribbons and I knew immediately that I wanted to make some glittery cupcake toppers. These are super easy to make and come together quickly. Plus, this tutorial could easily be adapted to different color schemes with all the color options may arts offers in these specific ribbons.

SUPPLIES – 24 toppers

• 1.5 yards – gold leaves (XL30)*
• 1.5 yards – cream satin flower cutout (EX09)*
• tacky glue
• 24 clothespins
• 24 wooden toothpicks
• 24 random small white buttons
• scissors

        * all ribbon can be purchased from


step 1 – cut ribbon into 48 individual cream flowers and 24 individual gold leaves.

step 2 – begin by putting a drop of glue in the center of a flower. then, press the end of a leaf into glue. add another drop of glue on top of the leaf and press tip of toothpick in place. add one more drop of glue on top of toothpick and finish with a second flower.

step 3 – to secure in place, press layers between a clothespin until dry (roughly one half hour).

step 4 – once dry, remove from clothespin and glue a small white button onto the front of one side of flower. secure between a clothespin overnight to ensure the flower topper is fully dried.

step 5 – repeat steps 2-4, assembly line style, to make 24 toppers. make sure your leaves are all facing the same direction when gluing them to your flower.

step 6 – once dry, remove clothespins and add flower toppers to your frosted cupcakes!

Click Here to download this tutorial!

Blog post by: Tiffin Mills


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  1. jen shears

    these are a very fun idea!!!

  2. Karen K

    Wow that is a very nice decoration for the cupcakes.

  3. Helen LeBrett

    Great idea, and they look great!!

  4. Charlene

    Cute and elegant, Tiffin!

  5. Melinda Wilson

    Super cute idea and love the cupcake!

  6. stamping sue

    Cute toppers and so simple.
    stamping sue

  7. Gloria Westerman

    What a great idea…..and so easy….thank you for sharing….

  8. Aki

    Such a cute cupcake!

  9. Sue McRae

    These are so cute!

  10. Kristie Maynard

    So simple, yet so elegant!

  11. Tini

    OMG… this idea is sooo sweet! Thanks for sharing it!

  12. Karen B.

    This is a cute idea, great execution and so elegant!

  13. Jingle

    These are so pretty! What a great idea!


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