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Cross Stitch Flower

Cross Stitch Flower

Are your gardens bountiful this year? I took a particular interest in gardening this year and was thrilled to receive a jar of homemade Gardener’s Scrub as a gift in early spring. I’ve since used the entire jar so when it was time to make my own, I decided on an extra large batch to make some for friends. Ribbon from May Arts offered the perfect opportunity to dress up the little jars!

Cross Stitch Flower

I decided on a super simple, yet super effective technique. “Cross-stitching” with Silk and Burlap Ribbon!

Cross Stitch Flower

Here’s the few simple steps to make the cross-stitched flower topper for the jar.

1. Thread your choice of silk ribbon in the 1.25” width through a very large and sturdy needle. (My needle was included in a paper piecing kit available to stampers, but I’ve seen them at big box and fabric stores as well).

2. Starting in the center of your burlap piece, (I used natural wired burlap in the 2.5” width. For larger jars, try the 4” width!) thread the silk from the backside to the front to form your first petal.

3. Repeat the steps until you have a unified flower. Always thread back to the center for a cleaner look.

4. Once finished, knot off your ribbon on the back and decorate with a button (I used the 1/8” black silk ribbon to attach the button to the burlap piece.)

Cross Stitch Flower

Trim the burlap to a circular shape and adhere it to the jar’s lid with hot glue. Draw a circle with a permanent marker a little bit wider than the diameter of the lid so that you have some wiggle room when fitting the jar.

Cross Stitch Flower

I attached a little tag to the jar to let the recipient know what they are getting with some of the thin black ribbon and tied it off with a bow for a pretty presentation!

Blog post by: Karen Baker

May Arts Ribbon Used:

May Arts Silk Ribbon

May Arts Burlap Ribbon

May Arts Silk Ribbon

  1. Virginia Fynes

    great use of the burlap ribbon!

  2. Beverly Jordan

    Your slik ribbons are all time favorite! Such quality!! Love this adorable match up with burlap! So perfect for this time of year!

  3. Valerie Gee

    I love this!  I can totally see using this on the front of a card, or a layout, or home decor, or,…. or…. =D  Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Ruth G

    I love this! Such a pretty design perfect with the button in the middle! I love that you used the burlap to do the stitching through! And one of my favorite flowers – a black eyed susan!!!

    Just a thought, I would call this embroidery, since cross-stitch involves stitching an x (or parts of x's) only. Embroidery is a wider term dealing with many different ways of putting threaded needles through material.


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