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Crochet With Your May Arts Ribbon

Ribbon crochet

On a recent trip to Galena, Illinois, I found a jewel of a store called GALENA BEADS.  I asked permission if I could bring in my stash of May Arts ribbon and just play.  I spent 3 hours ooohing, ahhhing, and learning beading basics – while many of the staff spent time ooohing and ahhing over my May Arts ribbons.

One of the owners of the store and Bead Diva, Jan Ketza-Harris, much to my delight decided to sit down and experiment with my ribbons too!  One of Jan’s specialties is wire crochet.  I showed her some of the wire May Arts ribbons—but instead, she gravitated to the bright colors of the twisted burlap!

In about 5 minutes Jan created the coolest beaded crochet piece!  We both started brainstorming all of the things that could be done with it.

  • belt
  • necklace
  • hair tie
  • curtain tie back
  • decorative trim for a pillow
  • sky’s the limit!

Here is step by step how Jan created her beaded crochet with May Arts twisted burlap.

Ribbon crochetribbon crochet

Jan randomly scooped up beads and buttons, then threaded them on the twisted burlap.

ribbon crochetribbon crochet

Next Jan started crocheting a basic chain.

ribbon crochet

ribbon crochet

While crocheting, Jan began pulling up a bead and crocheting it in place.  Within no time at all she gave me her finished piece!

Ribbon crochet

ribbon crochet

Thanks so much to Jan and the Bead Diva’s!

ribbon crochet

Many tutorials and basic crochet instructions can be found online.  One link with nice illustrations can be found at
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