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Covered Composition Notebook and Beaded Pen Tutorial

ribbon notebook & pen

It’s back to school time and before you know it, the holidays will be here. You’ll have gifts to make, parties to plan and places to go for the holidays.  This little notebook and pen set is the perfect way to stay organized and would make a perfect and inexpensive gift for a friend, neighbor, teacher or anyone on your gift list.  Change the ribbons and papers and you’ve got a quick, easy and always welcome gift for any occasion!

Here’s what you’ll need:

notebook & pen set

For the Notebook:

  • May Arts Ribbon – Ivory/Raspberry Floral Embroidery (Q99), String Loop  (DA14)
  • Composition notebook (mine is 4” x 6” They come larger and smaller.)
  • Designer Paper
  • Solid Cardstock (for embellishment)
  • Scor-Tape – 1/8” and 1 ½” widths
  • Mono-Multi glue
  • Brayer
  • Corner rounder (optional)
  • Buttons or other embellishments


  • Cut 4 pieces of Designer Paper 3 ½” x 3” or 2 pieces 3 ½” x 6 “  (We’ll be covering the front and the back.)
  • Apply Mono- Multi to the back of your designer paper and glue to the composition notebook. Use your brayer to make sure the paper is firmly attached to the notebook and there are no bubbles.

pen & notebook set

  • If desired, you can round corners using corner rounder now.

notebook & pen set

  • Apply 1/8” Scor-Tape to the center seams on the notebook.  Peel paper backing and apply String Loop ribbon, snip end.

notebook & pen set

  • Apply 1 ½” Scor- Tape to the binding of the notebook, making sure it overlaps your designer paper.   Leave the backing on and set aside.
  • Cut a piece of the Ivory/Raspberry Embroidery ribbon the length of your notebook. (mine is 6”)
  • To keep the ends from raveling,  I sewed a small zig/zag stitch across the ends.  Snip any loose threads.   Place the ribbon evenly over the tape and press firmly.   Now, run strips of the 1/8” Scor-Tape around all four sides of the Ivory/Raspberry Embroidery ribbon making sure to cover your zig-zag stitches.  Cover with String Loop, pressing firmly.  I love this trim because the ends don’t ravel!
  • Now just embellish as desired and you’ve got a quick and easy little gift!    If you want to step it up a notch, here’s what you’ll need to cover the pen.

notebook & pen set

Beaded Ribbon Pen:

  • Pentel RSVP ballpoint pen
  • May Arts Ribbon –  Ivory/Raspberry Floral Embroidery (Q99) – 3 ¼” x 1 ½”, small scraps of String Loop
  • Redline tape – 3 ¼” x 1 ½”
  • Micro-Beads
  • 1 piece  1 ½” Scor-Tape – 3 ¼” x 1 ½”
  • 1/8” Scor-Tape


  • Remove the pen cap.  Unscrew the top of the pen and remove the ink refill.
  • Pour the Micro- Beads into a container large enough to hold your pen.

notebook & pen set

  • Cover the back of the Ivory/Raspberry Embroidery ribbon with the 1 ½” Scor-Tape.  Cut off the long end of the ribbon that the tape doesn’t cover.   Lay the ribbon tape side up then place your pen at the cut end of the ribbon.  Roll slowly and tightly.  Press to make sure the ends are sealed.

notebook & pen set

  • Cover the ribbon with the Redline tape.  Peel down the tape backing on long side leaving the rest of the tape covered.  Place the pen squarely on the end of the Redline tape.  Beginning rolling slowly, carefully peeling back the tape liner as you go.

notebook & pen setnotebook & pen set

  • Place the pen into the Micro-Beads and roll to cover completely.  Press with your fingers until the pen is completely covered.  Snip any loose ribbon threads.
  • Cover the raw ends of the embroidery ribbon with the 1/8” Scor-Tape.  Peel the backing and cover with the String Loop ribbon.

You’re finished!  Now you have a custom notepad and pen that you’ll be proud to give to anyone on your gift list.  Don’t forget to make one for yourself too!

notebook & pen set

Happy Ribbon Crafting!


Blog Posted By:  Charlene Driggs

  1. Sue from Oregon

    Great project…lovely use of the cool ribbon Charlene!

  2. Pamela spicer

    Wow…I love the mixed mediums! A heavy duty ribbon over the spine makes it durable and touchably delightful. Thanks for re-exciting me about these in time to make a bunch – one for each household of my family before we get together for Thanksgiving!

  3. Michelle

    Beautiful gift set Charlene.
    Great tutorial.
    I will be keeping this in mind for teachers gifts when the time comes.
    Thank you!
    Michelle 🙂

  4. Kimberly Jones

    A very cute project! I love the beaded pen! Great tutorial!

  5. Lorrinda

    Love this Charlene! Great tutorial.
    I’m going to try this, but with an address book because I don’t need to be reminded of all the “things to do” that haven’t been done yet, it stresses me out. hee hee

  6. jen shears

    Fantastic tutorial, Charlene!!! What a wonderful gift this would make!! 🙂


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