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Cotton Vintage Printed Mini Gift Bags

Cotton Vintage Printed Mini Gift Bags  

Do you ever find yourself needing a little bag to hold a small treasure? How about a beautiful package for a small, delicate gift during the holidays or for a special occasion? I’ve got a great solution to show you… one that is so easy to make and requires very few supplies and time. The 2.5” May Arts Cotton Blend/Vintage Print Series Ribbon(468-25 Series) is perfect for these mini bags as the patterns are varied and amazing!

 Cotton Vintage Printed Mini Gift Bags

I started with a 8” length of the cotton ribbon and sewed the short ends under, to create a nice edge. Then, I folded up the bottom edge three inches and sewed up each of the sides to create a bag. As you can see, you don’t have to be an expert sewer to create these bags!

 Cotton Vintage Printed Mini Gift Bags

To secure the bags and for easy access of the contents, I wrapped each with some corresponding ribbons. The above bag is made from the Pink Floral Print (468-25-17) and wrapped with ¼” Silk Ribbon in Moss (SK08) and a bow from Burlap String in Antique Gold (SM32).

 Cotton Vintage Printed Mini Gift Bags

This next bag was made from the new release Garden Print and wrapped with Light Blue Silk (SK34) and Natural Burlap String (SM10).


There are many possibilities for these bags! May Arts offers some Black Script Print Ribbon that can be wrapped with a nice bright, true Red Silk for a classic touch, or a the Brown Type Print is perfect for Halloween when wrapped with Orange Silk, the Holiday Snowflakes Print for great for Christmas, and the new release Nautical Print would be perfect for the guys, when wrapped with thick twine and knotted instead of tied with a bow! Some uses for these mini bags include favors at weddings, creative packaging for small gifts for the holidays, or for use crating your favorite jewelry while traveling! The possibilities are endless!


By Karen Baker


  • Other Supplies Used:
    Sewing Machine
  • Thread


For more inspiration, head on over to our retail blog at The Ribbon Resource.  We are doing some tank top strap repair with ribbon:

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