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Cork Place Card Holders

Hi all! For this post I wanted to show you how to make super easy Christmas table placeholders, using only a few household items you can scrounge up last minute, and of course, some divine May Arts ribbon.

For this Christmas tree placeholder, use a hot glue gun to glue a few corks (you’ll need at least ten for a small tree, but you may want more for a taller tree) into a triangular shape. While the glue is setting, cut a length of satin ribbon that will fit around your cork tree, plus about a quarter inch of overlap. Cut a length of their holly leaf trim the same size, and adhere it to the center of the satin ribbon with a Tombow tape runner. Then wrap your ribbons around the tree and use your tape runner to secure the ends together in an inconspicuous spot. Finally, attach a nametag to a toothpick using some invisible matte tape, and stick your toothpick into the cork. My tip for getting the toothpick through the ribbon is to poke a small hole in the ribbon with a needle first, so your toothpick can just glide right through.

For this candy cane placeholder, I used satin ribbon in a light snowy shade and their candy cane ribbon. Also, to get the perfect shape, I used a small pin to secure the ribbon to the cork right underneath the arch of the candy cane.

Blog post by: Johanna Descoins

May Arts Ribbon Used:

Partners in Craft Supplies:

Other Supplies Used:

  • Corks
  • Hot glue
  • Toothpicks
  • Cardstock

  1. Barb Ghigliotty

    What a unique idea…so pretty! Thanks so much for your inspiration!

  2. Jeanne Kelly

    Very clever!!

  3. Sue D

    Very fun use of corks!


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