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Contest #7: The Many Ways To Use Ribbon

Scrapbooking, gift wrapping, card making, decorating… these
are a few of our favorite things!  There
are so many different ways to use ribbon.  
With a little imagination, ribbon can go a long way.  It can add an elegant, yet affordable, touch
to almost any project you are working on! 
For this week’s contest, we want to know your thoughts!

Ribbon can be useful in a variety of ways.  We have named just a few of them above.  How do you like to use your ribbon?  What are your ribbon ideas & techniques? 

Be sure to post your comment, we just might add some surprise winners again!!!


 Details are listed

  • To enter: Post a comment.
  • Start date: Monday August 10th,
  • Deadline: Sunday August 23 rd,
  • The prize:  6 – three
    yard spools of May Arts Ribbon.  Your choice!
  • We will select one entry.  The
    winner’s name will be posted on Monday August 24th.
  • The winner will have 2 weeks to
    contact us & claim their prize.
  • Domestic & International entries
    are all welcome.
  • Photos are not necessary to enter
    the contest!  But we always welcome them!  Just forward them to [email protected].

Check out this week’s ‘How-To’ Video!


The following pictures were sent in by Carol.   Thank you for sending these in for us to post!

Ribbon - cake




Ribbon - dress


Christmas stocking with ribbon


The picture below was sent in by Tanya B.  Thank you for sharing your work with all of us!

Chenille bows

“I love all of mayarts ribbon but I specifically love the
Chenille for creating unique bows!”

-Tanya B.


  1. KarenB

    I use ribbons on scrapbooking layouts and cards. Something I love to do is to run a gathering stitch up the middle and create soft pleats in strips of ribbon up a bit to add texture and dimension. I also do the same thing with staples for a grungy look. Another thing I love doing is stamping onto plain coloured ribbon such as grosgrain, with swirls or florals to create a unique ribbon that perfectly matches my project.

  2. Kelly Jackson

    I left a comment prior but I don’t see it. So here I am again. I love May Arts ribbon and think your quality is excellent.

    I enjoy making tutu’s and adding ribbon streamers coming down with the tulle. I use ribbon when I sew as well as when I make cards.

    Thanks for the change to win some of my favorite ribbon 🙂
    Kelly Jackson
    [email protected]

  3. Kathy

    For custom napkin ‘rings’, I take whatever width wired ribbon I like, and cut a piece about 5-6″ long. I cut the ends at an angle, (or you can leave it straight across) and fold over just the very edge. Using fabric tac glue, put a teeny amount on the end, and fold over. You can decorate the ends using the fabric glue, adding beaded fringe, tiny silk flowers, buttons, etc, whatever you want to match your table setting. Roll or fold a napkin into a tube shape, and wrap or tie the ribbon onto it.
    I love having different easy to make ‘rings’ for every holiday.

  4. India

    I love to use decorative ribbons on packages for my customers. When I ship their order I wrap the package in decorative tissue wrap and then add a fun flirty ribbon to each package. When my customers get the package – it’s like Christmas!

  5. Candice Dora

    I use ribbon to tie boxes of Candy together. My Dad like’s Mike & Ikes and other boxed candies. Instead of having boxes of candy lying around his office I used cool ribbon and tied the boxes together almost like a gift. He poked a whole on opposite sides and enjoyed… I thought it was pretty cool myself. *smiling*

  6. betsyk

    I ‘ve sewn invisible thread loops onto my dogs’ collars so I can thread a ribbon through them to “dress” the poor humiliated things up. I put the loops in pairs of two, approximately 1″ apart, so I can position the bow between them and have it stay where I want it!

  7. Beth S.

    I’ve found an interesting use for ribbon since I broke my leg and am on crutches. I take about a yard of ribbon and tie the ends together with a regular overhand knot. Then I tie a slip knot in that end of the ribbon. When I’m thirsty and no one is around, I simply slip the neck of a filled water bottle or sports bottle through the slip knot, tighten and away I go on my crutches without spills!

  8. Carol

    May Arts silk ribbon is an integral part of many of my one-of-a-kind cReaTioNs. I often paint or tea stain it to coordinate with colors in my Nit neCK designs, SWEATer cARTigans, sPeCiaL T’s, TreaSure BoXes & for tHe BRide cReaTioNs.
    I create flowers, ruffles & fabric coLLage patches to embellish my cReaTioNs. You will often find pieces knit into my hand knit cReaTioNs.

  9. Michelle A.

    I almost always have to put ribbon on every card I make. I also love to make flowers with ribbon, folding or bunching or ruffling techniques. I also like to incorporate it into layouts.

  10. Eve

    I like to mass produce card sets. So when I sit down to work I usually make 6-8 cards instead of just one. I always need to make sure that I have enough ribbon about 5 yards of whatever color I am working with. This works great for me!

  11. Sara P

    I use ribbons on my cards and scrapbook pages as well as wrapping packages and tying bows in my daughter’s hair.

  12. avina

    I use ribbons for labeling towels and making little loops for hanging for the towels!

  13. Misty

    I use ribbon for so much around my home. I have used it instead of shower curtain hooks, and I have also used it in place of napkin rings so that I can always match my table setting.

  14. Kerry A

    I use ribbon all the time to decorate my cards and for my handmade tags. I like threading thin ribbon through buttons too. One of my favorite projects that I used ribbon on recently was a scrapbook page…I used one of those square scalloped edge cardstocks and punched a small hole in each scallop and then threaded ribbon through the holes. It created a nice ‘frame’ for the page.


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