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Contest #6: Gift Wrapping Ribbon

In this week’s blog post we showed you some creative wrapping
techniques to try with your ribbon! 
Reusable boxes & bows are a time efficient, as well as a beautiful
alternative, when gift wrapping for your next occasion.  For this week’s
contest, we want to hear from you!  

We all know that wrapping the perfect gift can
be a time consuming event, in a world where most of us have very little time to
spare!  What are some quick & easy ways
that you use your ribbon when wrapping a gift? 

are listed below:

  • To enter: Post a comment.
  • Start date: Monday July 27th
    , 2009
  • Deadline: Sunday August 9th,
  • The prize:  6 – three
    yard spools of May Arts Ribbon.  Your choice!
  • We will select one entry.  The
    winner’s name will be posted on Monday August 10th.
  • The winner will have 2 weeks to
    contact us & claim their prize.
  • Domestic & International entries
    are all welcome.
  • Photos are not necessary to enter the contest!  But we always welcome them!  Just forward them to [email protected].

To enter our contest & post your comment, click here.

  1. Lelia Pierce

    I love this ribbon…and those bows are to die for! I see one in my future!!!

  2. takisha davis

    who knew you could do sooooo much with ribbon. I love this ribbon -it is yummilicious!

  3. jeni allen

    i love ribbon! i think that a package with a perfect bow is just the best! i do love brown paper packages tied up with “string!” i also like adding tags with ribbon!:)

  4. Jamie Greene

    I love to use ribbon for a simple knot bow on packages! Thank you for the opportunity to win a great prize!

  5. Kay Sibley

    I have a million gift bags that never get used because I always end up wrapping the gift so that I can tie a big beautiful ribbon bow around it! It makes a present look so much more special and presentable! Thanks!

  6. Giovana

    For small presents I love to use big ribbon around, it makes it pop and look much prettier!! I also love to save Plastic containers, they are very handy and don’t bend, and ribbon attach easily.

    Thanks for the chance to win.
    God bless

  7. Xochitl

    I like to decorate simple glass vases/containers with pretty ribbons/bows they make great flower vases, candy trays and even gift basket! – Xoch

  8. Tamera

    I absolutely adore ribbon! It’s such a versatile medium to use for so many things – tying a simple bow onto a tag, card, or scrapbook page can sometimes add just the right touch, Adding strips of luscious ribbon to a layout or card gives it a luxurious or sometimes whimsical feel. Then, when I need a quick but beautiful gift, what do I reach for first? That’s right, my ribbon! I love to stack up a couple of gift boxes and ties them with yards of ribbon, or wrap something in a plain paper and enfold the gift in a ribbon with a giant bow. Often just tying a piece of gorgeous ribbon at the top of a gift basket wrapped in cello is the perfect choice. I couldn’t do without my ribbon and May Arts – you have some of the BEST!

  9. Nora

    Your ribbon adds a little class to every scrapbook layout or card or gift bag. Please count me in. Thanks!

  10. Jennifer Hansen

    I like to coordinate by using matching ribbons on both my cards and bags to tie them together.

  11. Lynn Mercurio

    Ribbon – it’s my all time FAVORITE thing to adorn any package. I take more time selecting and fine tuning the ribbon on a package more than I do anything else on a gift. Not only do I wrap the gift in ribbon, but use it to tie on a gift tag as well as use some ribbon treatment on the tag itself. Nothing is finer (to me anyway) than lots of gorgeous ribbon on a gift!

  12. quilter422

    I like to wrap my gifts in kraft paper, then add a bright ribbon (or ribbon combo) to wrap it up. every color I’ve tried just pops right off that kraft paper, making the ribbon the star of the show.

  13. Wendy K.

    Wrapping ribbon around a box makes for a nice decorated gift. I’ve also found that for hard to wrap items, find a box that works and cut the top off, cover the outside with wrapping paper, and use as you would a bag with on open top, except it’s solid!

  14. Janice C

    I love to tie several different types and colors of ribbon around a package and just leave the ends to chance. I like to conserve the prettiest ribbons so I don’t usually tie bows as that tends to use more of it.

  15. Kim

    Love to work with ribbon and I adore those bows!

  16. Jodi S

    I love adding ribbon to match my wrapping paper. Sometimes it will just be the “traditional” way by wrapping the ribbon around the box and adding a bow on the top. Other times I will layer ribbons or use scraps to make a ribbon “pom-pom”. If it is a gift bag, it is generally tied shut with ribbon and then of course a tag added with more ribbon.

  17. Jeanie Witmer

    I love the natural look and LOVE the look of Kraft paper. I think any color goes with Kraft so the ribbons are beautiful whether wrapped around or just tied in a bow on top. See thru boxes are my next favorite with shredded paper used inside. The ribbon I choose usually coordinates with the shredding and is wrapped around the box for a really pretty presentation.

  18. Carey E.

    Ribbon glorious ribbon!!! I usually take my time with ribbon because I love it so much. If I’m in a hurry instead of making a complicated bow, I just tie a quick knot and cut pretty dovetail ends.

  19. Holly

    If I’m out shopping and I’m in a rush, I’ll just take my favorite ribbon that I keep in my pocket book to the concierge desk and have them wrap it for me using my ribbon.

  20. Lesley Mark

    I love to buy a plain gift bag, and then decorate it with the same papers I used for the card. I also replace the ribbon handles (which are usually cheap cord) with the same ribbon I used on the card.

  21. Anne P

    Hi – I love the gift wrapped examples you showed us, thank you. I like to make my own boxes for gifts where possible, and I love to use bright, contrasting ribbons. I start of with the widest ribbon and tie it around the box once – so that the ribbon starts at the top, goes down the side, underneat, then up the other side to the top again. I tie a big bow. Then I do the same thing, with the same colour ribbon on the opposite sides. I continue like this on alternate sides, with ever decreasing widths of ribbon – but in brigh, vibrant colours. I would normally use about 3 different colours of ribbon. At the end, I tie some pieces of narrow ribbon very close to the base of the first layers of bow – just so that they peek out underneath the bows. I think my gifts look great, and I love to do them.

  22. Kazan

    I usually put a big fat bow on the card or tag itself and then attach that to the gift with double sided tape. The ribbon & card are the focal feature on the outside of the package, providing small hints of the goodies inside.

  23. kimberlee P

    I’ve never put alot of thought into the ribbon, but I usually include it! I love the touch ribbon gives on a tissue-wrapped gift. It becomes the focal point as long as the tissue is a solid. For other occasions I just do the ole criss cross in the back wrap around to the front bow.

  24. Karen Brierley

    I love wrapping gifts with plain coloured tissue paper, especially when I need to post them off. Then I add a coordinating ribbon to make it look fabulous. I especially love spotted ribbons – perfect for any occasion 🙂

  25. Cindy Gibson

    I love adding ribbon bows to gift bags, cello bags, tie a bundle of handmade cards together with ribbon for a quick gift, for weddings I like to wrap the gift in dish towels and tie it with a pretty bow, baby blakets with ribbon also make great gift wrap for showers moms-to-be love it!

  26. Michelle Birch

    I love using white paper to wrap my boxes and adding pretty or funky ribbons to give it the ‘feel’ I’m trying to achieve, birthday boy, wedding, etc. I also like wrapping in cellophane and adding ribbons! Love all the ideas everyone has! Thanks!

  27. Tanya

    I love to use a solid color wrapping paper with a patterned ribbon tied around the package, crossed over and brought together in a bow (of course.) If I’m giving a gift in a bag (which happens as well) I tie a coordinating ribbon at the top to hold the bag closed and thread through a hand made tag. I always make my tags and cards (and I use the coordinating ribbon as an embellishment on them) to keep the palette the same.

  28. avina

    I wrap my presents with brown paper for an understated, gender neutral look. It’s cheap and easy. Then I make the present special by combining a mixture of ribbons and trims. I tend to put a vertical and horizontal band of ribbon which intersect off centre. For ribbons, I use a mix of textures to make it interesting and luxurious! I either layer them in stack on top of each other or place them to create a weave like pattern. Then I finish off with a bow.

  29. Rebecca Ednie

    I like to make card sets with matching boxes. I love adding ribbon belly bands but I hate the idea that my carefully tied bow would get undone and the receiver couldn’t retie it! So I came up with a way to make the belly band stretchy making it easy to replace! You can see my tutorial here.

    Hope you enjoy it!!

  30. Susan McRae

    I like to wrap a gift with kraft paper that way I can use any ribbon I like and I don’t have to match ribbon to paper!

  31. Jessica Stott

    I’m always crazy busy and seem to run pretty last minute, so instead of wrapping gifts with traditional gift wrap I usually pop them in a fun bag and add a quick bow using several types of coordinating ribbons. My favorite pairings are a wide satin ribbon with a skinny printed, striped or gingham with a solid bag.

  32. cathy tidwell

    I love to use newspaper, brown packaging paper and then use a brightly colored ribbon! For kids packages, (or young at heart!) I love to use the comic pages and then make a big ‘ole bow to top it!

  33. Amanda Winkelman

    I love to keep a container of tons of random pieces of ribbon, and then just pick a bunch out that seem to compliment each other, and have a ribbon/bow heyday on the top of the gift. Kinda eclectic and funky, but super fun.

  34. Michelle A.

    I like to add multiple ribbons together for texture & color! Love a bright bow on top of a perfectly wrapped present!

  35. Lynda aka arlsmom

    I like to mix different widths of ribbon when wrapping special packages. I love the layered look you can achieve. May Arts ribbon is the BEST!!!

  36. Robin Orewiler

    When sending a gift in the mail, I always wrap in tissue paper and then tie a big huge bow around it. I want it to look special when the person opens the package. Thanks for the chance to win.

  37. Jennifer

    I like to mix multiple colors of ribbon together for a bright, festive look. Love May Arts ribbon!

  38. Sara Peatross

    I love using the ribbon to add a pop of color. My favorite combo is to wrap a package in black or white paper and then tie a simple hot pink bow on top.

  39. Susan Conrad

    Sad to say, I am always wrapping things at the last possible moment…I finish my gift bags off with the widest possible ribbon and a big fat bow!

    Thanks for the chance to win the best ribbon out there…

  40. Michelle Woerner

    I coordinate my ribbon choice with my paper. If my paper is solid, I go with a patterned ribbon (love strips and gingham). If my paper is patterned, I use a solid colored ribbon, especially satins!!

  41. Tomi Ann Hill

    I love to use kraft paper and tie pretty ribbon with a big simple bow. Kraft gives everything such a homey feel and goes with just about any kind of ribbon, so I don’t feel like I have to have 15 different rolls of paper on hand. But of course, you can never have too much ribbon!

  42. Piali

    I love recycling pretty boxes and see thru boxes. Best thing is tie a very pretty ribbon with some patterns on it . Ribbons make everything,scrapbook,gifts…….

  43. Carol (ScrapMomOf2)

    I love recycling boxes that have prints or patterns on them. I then just use ribbon to add the decoration, tie a big bow, and then I add a handmade tag. Ribbon adds the perfect touch to a gift!!

  44. Kerry A

    I love recycling plastic berry containers, putting some candy or other little gift in them and then using some thick, pretty ribbon to tie a bow around it for the wrapping. I also often give out sets of cards as gifts and enjoy putting them in a clear plastic box tied with some decorative ribbon. Ribbon always adds such a nice touch to gifts and projects! 🙂

  45. Misty

    I’m a fan of simple bows and try to make gift wrapping kits to have available on short notice! I also love to use my scrapbooking paper to wrap small gifts because they are so unique used that way, and the tons of ribbon that can be found to match makes my heart sing =D

  46. Eve

    I am a fan of making a standard wrap with the ribbon to secure the package or gift. I then like to add more cut loose stands to the top when I tie my knot!

  47. wendi r

    I love layering bows with sereval tones of ribbon to match the box or gift. Also altering the box and then coordination ribbon always puts a smile on the gift receivers face


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