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Contest #4: Decorating The Fourth Of July

This week on our blog, we showed you one way to jazz up the
Fourth of July with ribbon!   But there
is more than one way to make this celebration pop using ribbon.  We want to hear yours!   Post a comment with your ideas & enter
for a chance to win free ribbon.   Feel
free to send in photos to [email protected], we will happily
post them all!  Details are listed below:To enter: Post a comment.

  • Start date:  Monday June 29th,
  • Deadline: Sunday July 12th,
  • The prize:  6 – three yard spools of May Arts
    Ribbon.  Your choice!
  • We will select one entry.  The
    winner’s name will be posted on Monday July 13th.
  • The winner will have 2 weeks to
    contact us & claim their prize.
  • Domestic & International entries
    are all welcome.

To enter our contest & post your comment, click here

  1. Tanya B

    I seal graphics on bottlecaps and attach a jumpring.. Then I thread different color ribbons to use as a necklace.. They are a hit!

  2. Karen T

    I like to attach a thread to 1 side of wired ribbon and pull it through then draw the string to make pretty round discs that I add buttons to the centers for flowers on scrapbooking pages. You don’t need alot of ribbon and they make an inexpensive embellishment.

  3. Jeanette F

    I tie ribbon around one piece of a kraft bag handle to decorate it as a gift wrapping. Using 3 or 4 ribbons makes a great ‘bow’.

  4. Daiva

    I tie ribbon around wine glasses rather than use charms. It’s easy to change around and can be easily tailored to fit the occasion. You can even put ribbon around other glasses and make it stick with glue dots. That way, everyone can find their glass.

  5. Jen D

    I tie ribbon thru the holes in my crocs – looks super cute!

  6. sherri p

    I like to tie colored ribbon on my door knob or cabinet pulls that are the colors of the season to spruce up the place for a holiday feel.

  7. Wendi R

    I love using chunky ribbon to really add some texture to a card or a page. Also love bunching ribbon up and making pleats and then sewing on it to give it more of a homemade feel….

  8. Kimberly Madrid

    I like using ribbon or fringe as a frame around a pic. I also like to scrunch up my ribbon so it looks “wavy”. You can accomplish this either by stitching your ribbon or by applying tacky tape to the back.


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