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Contest #29: Blog Ideas

As some of you may know, our July Challenge is upon us.  For this challenge we will be hosting ‘try outs’ for anyone who is interested in becoming a May Arts Ribbon Blogger.  So in honor of our upcoming challenge, we thought we would turn to all of you for inspiration!   What sort of things would you like to see more of on our blog?  Do you have a favorite craft you would like us to discuss more?  Would you like more detailed tutorials?  Maybe you are a fan of our contests.  Tell us all about it here & enter for a chance to win one full spool of May Arts Ribbon!  

Details are listed below:

  • To enter:  Post a comment.
  • Start date:  Monday June 28th, 2010.
  • Deadline: Sunday July 11th, 2010.  
  • The prize:  1 Full Spool of your favorite May Arts Ribbon!
  • We will select one entry.  The winner’s name will be posted on Monday July 12th, 2010.
  • The winner will have 2 weeks to contact us & claim their prize.
  • Domestic & International entries are all welcome.
  1. BusyBee from Color Divine Gifts

    Hi Susan,

    You are so right. The message board should be for anything under the sun (problems, helpful tips, projects, etc).

  2. Denise Bryant

    I’ll echo the paper arts vote. I love cardmaking, ATC cards, mini books, etc. Ribbons and trims add such a special touch to the projects.

  3. Kimberly Jones

    Challenges! I love having inspiration to create from, and it’s amazing to see how people take the same materials and use them in such different ways. I would love to see video tutorials for projects using your amazing ribbon, and a project gallery for your blog readers.

  4. Susan Ikin

    Love BusyBee’s idea for message board – not just for addressing problems, but notices of links to techniques and ideas. I would like to see more ideas for things to make with ribbon eg flowers, better bows, any home decorating ideas.

  5. BusyBee from Color Divine Gifts

    I would love a combination of things:
    1. Video Tutorials.
    2. Contests using 3-4 specified items, so crafters can really challenge themselves.
    3. A Message board for crafters with different problems they want addressed.

  6. Charlene

    I LOVE May Arts ribbon and would have to ditto the comments regarding cards/papercrafts. I enjoy making 3D items from paper and adding all sorts of ribbon and trim. Your silk ribbon is the best!!

  7. Tracy

    I would love to see an image gallery where people can upload their projects that they have done using May Arts ribbons! Also, I have yet to meet a scrapbooker that doesn’t use ribbon of some sort with their paper crafting projects, so I think showcasing some paper crafts would be a great way to draw more people to the blog and to bring more exposure to the products of May Arts!

  8. Jennie

    More ribbon projects… perhaps on how to make other types of crafts with it. Like flowers and things like that. There are so many possibilities, why limit it to just trim and decoration??? Oh, and bouquets/arrangements with ribbon. Especially for us DIY’ers who enjoy crafts and keeping things cheap! (an oxymoron, since ribbon isn’t the cheapest thing around, lol).

  9. Shelly Dozier-Mckee

    I’d love to see more home decor projects using ribbons–pillows, chair covers, window treatements etc. Ribbons are a great way to personalize your decor and create something wth a hand-made touch in your home.

  10. Rita

    Love all of your projects and wonderful ribbons……..More Paper would be wonderful!!

  11. Roxy FUrlong

    I have to ditto several of the women above, More Paper Please! I am a papercrafter and enjoy card-making, scrapbooking, ATC swapping, and journaling. My May Arts ribbon finds it way onto most of my projects, including a recent Circle Journal I just completed. The variety and styles of your ribbons works well with any “genre” of crafting. Roxy

  12. jen shears

    I love the contests- seeing others take on them is always fun! Fun techniques are also great- suggestions for adhering ribbon to projects, adding ribbon curls to pinwheels, etc! 🙂

  13. Peggy Cain

    I would like to see more video tutorials. I make videos for and and love doing them but I love watching what others do it helps me much more than still pics. I would also like to see more cards and scrapbook pages using ribbon I use tons of your ribbon on my projects. Also a gallery of others creations would be awesome for inspiration.Of course I love a good contest/challenge too.
    I would be happy to do a video for you sometime.

  14. Ronda

    I love any projects mixing paper/cardstock & ribbon…scrapbooking, cardmaking…I’ve been known to decorate wood boxes & gifts with an arrangement of both!

  15. Holly

    I would love to see more cards using your beautiful May Arts ribbons, and it would be fun to see more contests so we can show off our creativity. More papercrafting projects would be a wonderful addition to your blog. I love using your ribbons on most of my cards and other paper crafted projects.

  16. Noor Nahdi

    i learn mostly from video tutorials…
    it would be great if you post them….

  17. Linda McClain

    I’m a huge paper crafter and a ribbon addict which means, I put a lot of ribbon on the cards I make. I love seeing the different techniques people use for tying bows, making beautiful ribbon flowers and finding more creative uses for ribbon on cards. Call be bow-tarded, but I can always use more ideas to make beautiful bows. 🙂

  18. Lisa Somerville

    I’d love to see more techniques for using your wonderful ribbon, more challenges that bloggers can participate in by sharing their artwork, more detailed tutorials. I’d love a chance to blog using your ribbons.

  19. Marie / Legojenta

    I would love to see video tutorials! I love watching video tutorials, I often find them more helpful than tutorials with still pictures only =)

  20. steph

    i heart your ribbons and trims! they just add a lot to a project. i enjoy seeing other’s projects. maybe more papercrafting projects? i used a lot of trims in cards and altered projects. i also would love to try to enter one of your contests one of these days. they sound like a lot of fun! thanks for the chance. have a great week! *hugs* steph 🙂


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