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Contest # 25: ‘Sneak Peek’

With our Summer 2010 Collection coming up, we decided to give you a little sneak peek of our newest ribbon.  Below are photos of 2 upcoming releases.  Tell us what you think!  How would you use them?  Post your comment & enter to win 1 full spool of May Arts Ribbon.

Details are listed below:

  • To enter:  Post a comment.
  • Start date:  Monday, May 3rd, 2010.
  • Deadline: Sunday, May 16th, 2010. 
  • The prize:  1 Full Spool of your favorite May Arts Ribbon!
  • We will select one entry.  The winner’s name will be posted on Monday May 17th, 2010.
  • The winner will have 2 weeks to contact us & claim their prize.
  • Domestic & International entries are all welcome.


Satin pleated ribbon


Velvet crochet ribbon

  1. Lexi

    that crochet/velvet is GORGEOUS! Could definitely see that showing up on my scrapping pages 😉

  2. salla

    love them! The red is perfect for bithday’s and holiday the crochet velvet is ideal for fall projests- my favorite time of the year… keep ’em coming!
    ps it’s still the 17th in Hawaii

  3. Lisa Bruno

    Love the Satin Pleates and the vintage look of the velvet with lace trim. Can’t wait till they are available for us to sell in the store. Many of our customers do paper dolls with our rubber stamps and they would be perfect for them as well as card making.

  4. Carol Burns

    Both new ribbons would look lovely trimming sweaters or jackets to give them a vintage look. They would also make lovely flowers and I can also see them as trim on handmade cards.
    carol b.

  5. Candy Cox Blann

    I would use this ribbon to decorate a sun dress for any girl (large or small)…on the shoulder straps, across the bodice edge, around the waist tied in the back with tails ending in rosettes made of the same ribbon gathered. and perhaps along the bottm edge or peeking from under the hem. Rosettes for the hair and maybe to decorate matching sandals?

  6. Susan Ikin

    I love the red pleated satin ribbon – it tells me that it would be gorgeous in a crazy patch bag with velvets and silks, and as a a knockout rosette feature.

  7. Jennifer H.

    Use the velvet crochet ribbon on a shirt or dress to give it an empire waist. It would add just a little pop of color if the outfit was a solid color. You could even trim out the neckline and sleeves of an old shirt to add just a little oomph to make it look new again. The satin pleated ribbon would look beautiful as a trim on some homemade curtains that you drape along the tops of a canopy bed to give it a more romantic feel. And of course, either would look just gorgeous on cards and scrapbook pages. Thanks for the sneak! 🙂

  8. Allison

    Crochet, crochet, crochet!!! I need MORE!!!! Love them both!

  9. Janice Rosenthal Rock

    These are both beautiful . .. .and my “imaginative wheels are turning” already! Love your stuff!

  10. sherry grove

    they’re both beautiful, but oh that satin pleat!!

  11. Tamara Smith

    I love the red pleated ribbon. Would be a fabulous element for a Christmas bride or for holiday stationery. KUDOS on the new products…can’t wait to see what else is unveiled at the NSS!

  12. Teresa Wright

    I love the pleated satin red ribbon. I would love to use it for my Christmas projects.

  13. BROCHA

    The pleated satin ribbon is just what I need for my bride and groom towel cakes. I hop ei tcomes in white, so that I can use it as a cumerbund for the groom. The crochet on the velvet ribbon is so bridal it would look lovely on the base of the “cake”. Thanks for sharing this new product with us.

  14. Theresa Dixon

    Absolutely love the crochet/velvet. I can just see this on vintage pages and cards. I love to collect ribbon and love to use it on just about everything. I have a scrapbook shop and would love to try some of your ribbon in my creations and see if my customers like it also. thanks for the sneak peak.

  15. ginger

    Love the pleats! I see birthday layouts!

  16. Linda Pendergrass

    We LOVE ribbon in Alaska. These would both be fantastic to add to various projects. Thanks for the “sneak peek”.

  17. Gerrie

    Ohhh, moaning here, I’d luv to get my hands on both of these! The pleats and lace are just “sew” perfect!

  18. Lisa Somerville

    How beautiful! I’ve got just the perfect stamps to used with these wonderful ribbons! The pleated would look wonderful for Christmas, and the crochet has a wonderful old time vintage feel.

  19. BusyBee

    I can see the satin ribbon used as a border around anything, a sign, doorway, poster, pictures, etc. I will also add embellishments to enhance the ribbon.

  20. jo ann

    Kinder and gentler…velvet and satin…just what my creative mind needed. They will look beautiful in the winter snow!

  21. Scrapbook Factory OFallon IL

    Ribbons are a must have item for my store!

  22. Tracy C

    The red is vibrant and gorgeous! And the velvet/crochet looks just perfect for fall! I do a lot of scrapbooking, and those ribbons would add such a rich colorful touch to my layouts! The red satin pleats are just so classic and romantic! I’m glad I haven’t done my Valentine’s Day layouts yet because that ribbon would be just perfect!

  23. Christina

    I love the sneak peak, can’t wait to see more! I know will have to order both the pleated and the crocheted ribbons!

  24. Cynthia Crusan-Noble

    As always your lovely ribbons are the highlight of my scrapbooking. The satin pleats are delicious and the velvet with crocheted edging will make my heirloom pages sing with joy. Can’t wait to try them.

  25. Elaine

    Oooooohhhh!!! They are both very nice! I can’t wait to use them on my next scrapbook projects! I think it’s old fashioned but the crochet and velvet would be so pretty as a choker! 🙂 The red one is screaming party favor embellishment to me! 🙂

  26. Aviva

    I think the red satin pleats is great! So unique, I’d love to make hair bows with it!

  27. En-May

    MORE! I want more May Arts Ribbon!! These new styles are to DIE for. I’m already picturing 1) the red satin pleats in a head band, 2) adorning the sleeves and neckline of a plane shirt, 3) on holiday ornaments and greeting cards. YIKES the ideas are endless =)

  28. Martica Gonzalez

    Loe the cream lace with the brown in the middle. Will order for sure….

  29. Norman Dixon

    Luscious ribbons, both! I can think of tons of things to do with them!

  30. Heather Cutting-Rayl

    Oh! How gorgeous! I make dollhouse size dolls and can see using both of these ribbons making beautiful dresses! The crochet trim looks very delicate which is perfect and the red pleats… I can envision a beautiful multilevel floating skirt! Luscious!

  31. Judy Doyle

    As soon as I saw the red pleated ribbon I thought of making a “flag” pillow – now I need some white pleats!!! The velvet and crochet – of dear…so many ideas come to mind..tags, ornaments, cards, trimming books and journals….I could go on and on!! Absolutely wonderful to create with!

  32. rush

    nice new ribbons! when we think we have seen it all, you come up with a new one! i am thinking that the satin might make a flower for embellishing my art work.

  33. Amy Dunn

    Love the pleats!!!

  34. Chris Leiter

    Love the satin pleat! Hope it comes in turquoise!!!

  35. amy miles

    De*liscious! These two ribbons are gorgeous. The satin pleats speak to me. It’s all in the details, and this ribbon IS the detail. I will use it to make birthday/holiday banners to hang @ the celebration, to finish off the perfectly wrapped present, and even sewn on the sides of a table runner on the gift table. It would look fabulous gathered in a circle as a flower, or it would look great as a lollie put on a stick. A bunch of them (in different colors) would fill a vase for the centerpiece. Of course it works as a baby headband, sewn around a pillow, on the edge of drapes, you name it. How many colors will it come in?

    The lace crochet is lovely. It would look great on scrapbook pages and cards, sewn as a trim on a skirt, or on a nice hand towel in the powder room.

  36. Melyssa

    I love the pleated and croche ribbon! Both ribbons would be PERFECT for vintage style cards and scrapbook pages.

  37. Marilyn

    Being in the flower world, I am drawn to marrying the gorgeous ribbons with gorgeous flowers. The sexy red pleated satin would be so “Hollywood” wrapped around long flower stems, hemmed in by a bracelet of rhinestones. The velvet crochet would look very “princess ” laced up an arm with a single bloom attached. I just need to find the right dress! ***** Marilyn

  38. Therese Diecidue

    Oh My!! My mind has become a Playground!! So many different fun hair goodies can be made with Both!! Too Hard to choose!!! Do I have to pick one?? Uhmmm…. I would go with the Crochet Velvet – as it is so Euro!!! Now how many colors will it come it!! Can’t wait to Shop!!! ~~Therese

  39. Debbie Kravec

    I love your crochet velvet. I would use this for all my card making and altering needs. Especially a lot of my western style frames. Oh my gosh, even if I don’t win this, I will be buying it anyway. It’s gorgeous and the perfect color for all my vintage needs. Certainly a must have and would love to see this one in more colors.

  40. Lynn

    Wouldn’t the pleated satin ribbon be lovely wrapped around a pilar candle. Add some bling and…. The crusthed velvet/crochetI think would lend iitself well to the creation of victorian era jewelry. Beautiful ribbons~

  41. Kristin Tierney

    You have topped yourselves! How could the best get any better? Well, you did it! The pleated satin is fantastic and the velvet, to die for. Great job!

  42. Rochelle Williams

    The satin/pleats ribbon is a wonderful addition to the already fabulous ribbons selection. May Arts has some of the most unique, colorful and fun ribbons! I love playing with all the colors, different textures and size ribbons!! Great job once again!

  43. Charlene

    Oh my, those satin pleats are so elegant and the velvet and crochet..vintage, soft and luscious. Can’t wait!

  44. Svala Helga Eiriksdottir

    Love the satin pleats ribbon. I’ll probably need every color you make!

  45. Theresa May

    As a doll artist, I see great potential for both of these. I would probably prefer more subdued colors in the satin, but the red is gorgeous. Any colors would work in the velvet and crochet. Yummy!

  46. Ming

    Love the satin pleats, but I love all May Arts ribbon. Simply the best!

  47. Fran Allison

    the satin pleat is scrumptious!! It would be really nice as a border accent on a scrapbook page. I can also see it on a pillow.

  48. Lacey Stephens

    I LOVE the satin pleats!! Those are a must-have!! They will make fantastic additions to scrapbooking or cards. Pleats are “in”~~

  49. Glenda F

    Thanks for sharing the SNEEK-PEEK–I love the pleated ribbon, but would also order the crocheted one too……we love your stuff!

  50. Roan Kemper

    I love the satin ribbon. Reminds me of my mom’s clothes from the 30’s. I would love to use some for trim on sweatshirt jackets I make. It would add an added class that isn’t found in today’s clothes. Very sophisticated!

  51. laurie at the Womes's Craft Coop at Rosies Place

    we incorporate beautiful ribbon into our hand made fiber and button pins sold on our web site at Rosi’es Place (rosies , the first shelter for women in the United States. Your new satin pleated ribbon would make a gorgeous rose-our symbol!!!!

  52. Courtney


  53. Holly Springer

    The satin pleats are perfect for a card I’m working on. Pleated paper on cards is hot right now, and I’d love to use a beautiful ribbon instead and be a bit different. I’m sure the other colors are just a beautiful.

  54. Annakatesmom

    I LOVE the satin pleats! It will be great for Christmas projects!

  55. joni Wheeler

    The sating pleats are unctuous and love the retro/modern feel of the velvet crochet.

  56. Eleni

    I would make Hair bows and ribbon flowers. Both would add unique detail to the things I make. I can see my customers using them in many areas, especially the velvet, and the vintage looks that are so in right now. The satin pleats would add great detail for weddings as an accent to the satins that are already used! What other colors will both ribbons be coming in?

  57. doris

    I love the red one! sooo classy and elegant I will use it to embellish pilows or curtains

  58. Teresa VanWOudenberg

    Absolutely IN LOVE with these new ribbons. BEAUTIFUL… what else can I say. Would love these in my collection.

  59. Eleni

    Both would make GREAT hair bows. The velvet would give that perfect vintage look that is so in right now. Also, I would love to make ribbon flowers out of both ribbons, I think the pleats in the satin would add a unique touch, and the crocheted velvet would be beautiful! Can’t wait to see what other colors they come in!

  60. Tiffany

    I LOVE LOVE the satin pleats! And the red is so rich looking! When I first saw I thought “headband” immediately, but reading all the other comments is giving me way more fun ideas! I wonder if I could trim the neckline of a shirt with it…

  61. Katie Renz

    Wow, both ribbons look fabulous. I love the way the crochet is combined with the velvet… best of two worlds.

  62. kathy s

    that pleated red ribbon looks scrumptious- it would be so useful for all my christmas decorations and I could use it for so much more in other colours too and the crotchet and velvet would look so pretty on some little outfits for my grandaughters. would love to win any of your ribbons they all look delish!

  63. Denise Bryant

    The pleated satin is gorgeous! Can’t wait to see what other colors it will be available in. It would be elegant as a trim on a skirt.
    The crochet/velvet ribbon would be a beautiful trim to dress up hand towels for a lovely gift.

  64. Jillayne Wickware

    Oops! Forgot to say how I would use it… I think the pleated satin ribbon would work very well as a detail on an evening bag, especially with a large ribbon flower set on it.

  65. Jillayne Wickware

    The satin pleats ribbon is absolutely beautiful! Wow!!

  66. Sheila F.

    That luscious maraschino pleated satin would be perfect for the mixed media series I’m working on to honor my mother! I also think it would be spectacular as the binding trim on a vintage book.

  67. Kim Wilson

    Love that pleated ribbon! So awesome 🙂

  68. Maryella

    Fabulous new ribbon additions to what we consider the very best ribbons on the market…
    The Pleated Satin will be great for upcoming
    Beyond The Card Event using it on Tiered Tag Tree …Very Vintage and unique way to display holiday photos. The Crochet / Velvet will work beautifully for the Vintage Ornaments we have designed for this same EBTC Event in July.
    Looking forward to the rest of the new Summer Collection.

  69. Tanya

    I love the satin pleats.. That would look adorable as trim around a childrens dress… Also would make a cute addition to bows!

  70. Jenifer

    They are both lovely but I love love love the pleats

  71. jen shears

    love both of these- I can totally imagine them on cards & scrapbook pages! 🙂

  72. jen shears

    these are both GORGEOUS!! I’d love to add them to cards and scrapbook pages! 🙂

  73. Melinda Roddy

    I love the crochet and velvet. It has a very timeless, old world look to it. It is beautiful!

  74. Cheryl Burkart

    love the ribbon selections

  75. Cathleen Torina

    Oooooo! I love the satin pleat, an love the color you are showing!

  76. Joan

    Oh the red satin pleats remind me of Christmas or better yet a prom dress. The crochet velvet, even in the neutral, reminds me of a beach coverup. Either one of these ribbons would be so pretty as a decorative edge to a clear pail full of goodies or the pretty basket that I got my granddaughter filled with school supplies, as she graduates from college to become a first grade teacher.

  77. Kristen

    LOVE the satin pleats!! I would use the ribbon to make a headband (especially since I started trying to make a pleated one the other day) so cute! And the crochet velvet would be a pretty added touch to the bottom of a skirt, etc.


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