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Contest #22: Easter Ribbon

Easter is a holiday filled with all kinds of family fun.  Coloring eggs, decorating baskets and, of course, Easter egg hunts are all staples for this holiday.  Ribbon is always a great, economic accessory for the holidays.  How would you use ribbon when getting ready for Easter?  Do you have a favorite Easter ribbon?  Any colors or fabrics you like working with best?  Post a comment & enter for a chance to win 1 full spool of ribbon!

Details are listed below:

  • To enter:  Post a comment (pictures are always welcome).
  • Start date:  Monday, March 22nd 2010.
  • Deadline: Sunday April 4th, 2010.  
  • The prize:  1 Full Spool of your favorite May Arts Ribbon!
  • We will select one entry.  The winner’s name will be posted on Monday April 5th, 2010.  
  • The winner will have 2 weeks to contact us & claim their prize.
  • Domestic & International entries are all welcome.


These painted eggs were sent to us by Carol of Carol’s Heart Creations

“Spring is not only the perfect time to renew our spirit, but also our homes & Easter provides the opportunity to bring spring indoors as well as adding  a bit of whimsy with bunnies & eggs with pastel ribbons. I hung painted eggs, embellished with one of your beautiful pink two-tone wired ribbons in my kitchen windows”

This card was sent to us by Lisa Itatani of Flat Fish Paper Arts:

These hair bows were sent to us by Jamie Hartis:



  1. Jennifer H.

    This year is a first! I am able to put a ribbon in my 7 year old daughter’s hair. She has never liked ponytails but this year, she is allowing me to put on in her hair. But only if I put some of my pretty purple ribbon around the ponytail. I also use the ribbon to hold up my 2 year old’s capri’s because she is so skinny and the pants are to big for our Easter Egg hunt.

  2. Susan Ikin

    Easter in Australia is autumn, not spring, but it is still lovely weather here, so springtime colours still work. I love the solid stripe ribbons in pink and white and green and white, and also the fresh pinks, greens and lavender in the silk ribbons.This year I love the paper mache eggs covered in sheet music with ribbon and flower accompaniments.

  3. KimberlyM

    I LOVE using ribbons on all my projects — cards, layouts, altered items. And they make a sweet accent on Easter baskets, too.

  4. Jessica

    I love all the new ruffled trims in pastel colors. I can’t wait to use them on my Easter projects.

  5. Anne

    A great easter project I have seen and would like to try are ribbon wreaths, (just wrap the wreath in ribbon) embellishing with chicks or whatever else.
    annemolino at hotmail dot com

  6. Bethney @ May Arts

    If anyone would like a picture posted, just send it in to [email protected]. We will get it up right away!

  7. Henva Bhola

    reposting to include my blog…my comment is up above! 🙂

  8. Henva Bhola

    I love Easter and the warm weather and beautiful pastel EVERYTHING that it brings along with it! Perhaps my favorite thing outside of using ribbon to make cute little bows for my neice’s hair would be to use various ribbons to decorate those “blah” plastic easter eggs that go into the baskets of all the kiddos in my life! Sure they are simply after the sweet suprises inside, but imagine how cute those plain eggs are with the perfect ribbon adhered around them! Too cute…I can attest!

  9. Robin Killen

    Bottomless Buckets hand paints galvanized buckets. We adorn the Easter buckets with grosgrain ribbons. How do you post a picture?

  10. Heather McCallum

    I love the fresh Spring colors that come with Easter. I run a scrapbooking retreat in Ontario Canada and my guests love the fact that I change my dining table each meal. I love to incorporate ribbon into my table decor. For Spring I will use the yellows, lilacs, light greens. I wrap the ribbon around my candle holders and tie in a bow and then I use the ribbon around my centerpieces by twisting and laying on the table. I’ll also tie bows onto my chairs for an added touch.

  11. Patricia Hoffman

    U use ribbon on absolutely everything at Easter. I use it on my cards, to decorate already made baskets and baskets that I make myself. I use it to decorate little boxes that I hide chocolate eggs inside. I buy wide ribbon in spring colors and tie a big bow on the back of our dining room chairs for Easter Brunch. I always make an Easter Wreath for the front door and use Easter Colored Ribbons on that, I have some branches that I painted white and put in a mason jar on the kitchen table, and I decorate them with small Easter Colored Bows and hanging Painted Easter Eggs. I will buy a couple of bunches of Daffodils for the house and tie Ribbons around the vases. I love decorating with Ribbon for Easter, it is so easy and yet adds such a bright colorful touch to the house. I don’t like to use one color of Ribbon for tying around vases, I will usually use at least 2 or 3 with a white for the base color. I love the Sheer Ribbons for this. My DH thinks that I am nuts, but my Grandchildren just love my house at holiday times.

    Trish in Wisconsin

  12. Michelle Ottosen

    Love your product! I can’t manage to get Christmas cards out each year, so I try to make up for it with Valentine’s, Easter and Autumn cards…covered with May Arts ribbon of course!

  13. Jackie

    I use a lot of ribbon on the cards that I make and Easter would be no exception. Pink, yellow, and green ribbons would be perfect for the occasion. May Arts ribbon is absolutely the best.

  14. Denise Bryant

    Pastel ribbons are terrific to cover styrofoam egg shapes for decorations. Use glass-headed pins and sequins to secure strips of ribbon, and add an extra length at the top for hanging the eggs (if desired). I like to hang a few from a white spray-painted eucalyptus branch secured to a base and made to look like an “Easter tree”.

  15. jen shears

    I plan to make a spring/easter banner, so I’ll be using some pretty ribbon for that!!! I love adding ribbon to just about everything! 😉

  16. Melissa Treese

    May Ribbon is the best ribbon company. Whenever I’m looking at any site’s inventory of ribbon and spot something I like, it’s always May Arts.

  17. Kirsten White

    I love to add ribbon to my Easter Eggs! My mom “invented” the plaid dyed Easter Egg when I was little and we still make them today. We’ve started blowing out quail eggs, dyeing them and then adding ribbon to hang them on twig trees. So fun for table centerpieces at the family Easter gathering!!

  18. Christy

    Spring is my favorite time of the year. I love easter all the bunnies, chicks and eggs. Just used 346-01 in a make n take at my retreat center for bunnie tails. TOOOOOOO Cute

  19. Annette Dennis

    I recently refurbished a found cabinet with glass doors to house my supply of May Arts Ribbon. It makes me happy every time I walk by or “shop” from it for a project.

  20. Dorota Rak

    I love Easter and Spring, for me and my family the most important is Easter breakfast, we put a lot of effort to make it special, not only we prepare yummy things to eat but also we decorate our table with flowers etc. I plan to make some table centerpiece with ribbon and some fun napkin rings:)

  21. Marjorie McClintock

    What greater way to match that new Easter
    dress than with colorful ribbons for her hair from May arts. So sweet!

  22. Rhonda Johnston

    I love ribbon and you’ll see it on all my cards. But once I started using May Arts ribbon, my goodness…. what a difference it makes to use high quality, beautiful ribbon. Love my cards even more – thanks so much!!!

  23. Kimi

    Ribbons are a must on cards and gifts – they brighten the gift so much.

  24. veronica johnson

    Ribbon is a staple in my crafting. I love the sheer polka dot ribbons JD46 and JD27 are the best colors for spring and for easter. I love making goody bags with choc. easter eggs in them and tieing them off with the sheer ribbons.

  25. Lisa Itatani

    How do we post a photo in the comment section?
    Love all the ideas on the blogs!


  26. Audrey Markham

    Easter is a nice welcome to spring. I love using lace and ribbons to tie around the baskets to personalize, I use them to tie up treats placed int the basket as well as, my pastel colored eggs finished with a bow is picture perfect. I love using bright spring colors and pastels anything with flowers adds that extra wow factor!

  27. Myko Bocek

    I love using my May Arts silk ribbon on almost ALL of my projects. They are devine and I want/need more!:) I just finished the cutest Bunny I named Bella. You can see her at my etsy shop!

  28. Courtney

    I love just using it with my favorite baskets. Such an easy way to give my home a Spring/Easter theme!

  29. Janet

    Just L O V E D those ribbons for Easter! So like Spring – light and colourful!

  30. rush

    it is wonderful to push spring along with colors. i see so much, and i think everyone is ready for a spring of warmer days and the earth to come back to life.

  31. Kim Wilson

    I love easter colored ribbon, it means spring is here and the start of warm weather! I love to use ribbon in my little ones hairbows for easter pictures, as shoelaces in her tenni’s, and most of all, big amazing bows on her easter basket 🙂 I am obsessed with your twill ribbon, none like it anywhere 🙂

  32. samantha sibbet

    I love to use ribbon on treat bags for the family, it’s a pretty way to tie up a shiny cellophane bag. I also like to us big bold ribbon like the May Arts stripes to add to a pretty spring bouquet whether I am giving it away or keeping it in my kitchen. You will always find ribbon in my girls’ hair these days, goes well the spring dresses! I love the aqua ribbons!

  33. Jennifer

    We have an adopted Grandma. She has no children of her own and we love to make her a part of our family! Every Easter my 4 boys & I make a new basket with goodies in it for her. She loves the detail with all kinds of ribbon, buttons, and other embellishments we have gotten from May We have used pastels, brights, and rainbow colored ribbon & buttons. This year we are using your spring WOVEN ROSETTES and spring SHEER/JUMBO DOT. Thanks for the fun memories!

  34. Holly

    Oh it is always fun to decorate Easter baskets with ribbon. I recently used ribbon to tie a tag onto an Easter basket – so fun! Pastel colored ribbons are a must to go with the Easter baskets and pretty colored eggs. 🙂


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