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Contest # 20: Our Favorite Ribbon Embroidery

Recently, a customer of ours was kind enough to share some photos of her beautiful ribbon embroidery.  Her work is so exquisite we couldn’t wait to share them with all of you!   For this contest we want to know your thoughts.  Do you have a favorite?  Do any of them inspire you to create something special? What ribbon would you use?

Please take the time to review the pictures & post a comment!

Ribbon embroidery





All designs have been created by Mrs. Nirmala Gunawardene, Needle Treasures, Sri-Lanka

My favourite flower
has always been roses & I have captured it’s beauty
in simple stitches & given life to May Arts ribbons to bloom as roses.”


Details are listed below:

  • To enter: Post a comment. 
  • Start date:  Monday, February 15th 2010.
  • Deadline: Sunday March 7th, 2010. 
  • The prize:  1 Full Spool of your favorite May Arts Ribbon!
  • We will select one entry.  The winner’s name will be posted on Monday March 8th, 2010. 
  • The winner will have 2 weeks to contact us & claim their prize.
  • Domestic & International entries are all welcome.

  1. rush

    Summer Day Serenity is my favorite. green and pink are one of my favorite combinations. this also reminds me of the spring that is hopefully around the corner. i would love to persue this kind of art.

  2. Kelly Jackson

    I love Mary Arts Ribbon and I’m not one bit surprised how beautiful these flowers turned out. My favorites are Bouquet of Love and Midnight Rose. I’d love to see them made into pin keeps….oval shape on velvet. I love vinatge looking sewing accessories.
    Kelly Jackson
    [email protected]

  3. Holly

    Oh MY! These flowers are gorgeous!!!!! What a creative way to use all these different colors of ribbon! I love that first one with the pinks and greens – love those tiny little green ribbon leaves! Wow!

  4. Yvette Edey

    Those were the most exquisite ribbon designs I had ever seen. Keep up the excellent work.

  5. Shanthi R.

    Out of an array of luxurious and colorful ribbons, Nirmala had created such everlasting floral expressions for any heart. I simply love all of them. Her creativity and talents are extraordinary.

  6. Emily Smith

    Midnight blue is my favorite. I love the tones of the blue. This gives me a great idea…. I would love to see a tutorial on this. I would use the crochet lace or SOLID OMBRE/PICOT EDGE to make flowers.

  7. Jennifer H.

    *sorry, I forgot to add my name above* Summer Day Serenity is my favorite! I love how she put the open blooms in the middle and then the smaller buds surrounding the center ones. Absolutely stunning and beautiful work! Truly a talented lady!

  8. Anonymous

    Summer Day Serenity is my favorite! I love how she put the open blooms in the middle and then the smaller buds surrounding the center ones. Absolutely stunning and beautiful work! Truly a talented lady!

  9. Bethney @ May Arts

    You are welcome to email us photos of your work @ [email protected]. We will gladly post them for you!

  10. Mirani

    Talent and the appropriate material can do wonders and that is what Mrs. Nirmala Gunawardene has done with her talents and the great selection of May ribbons to create these beautiful selection of bouquets.

    My first selection is Midsummer Roses. Her use of shee/organza and sateen ribbons to bring out the shaded effect in the leaves is wonderful. It has inpired me to try out such a combination in my next project. Also the textured ribbon in Midsummer Day Serenity gives a varied effect to the bouquet. She has showed several ways of using May ribbons and to me a novice in this craft, her creation is very inspirational. Thank yuo for sharing your talents Nirmala.

  11. Nadeeka Ranasinghe

    Wow! Summer day Serenity is the one I choose. Amazing talent!

  12. Maureen Piyatissa

    These roses are so realistic. I must say Summer day Roses if I have to choose one. The pink ribbon produced beautiful roses thanks to Nirmala’s talent. The red ribbon used is also very nice. When you see such amazing works it is very [email protected]

  13. Anonymous

    These roses are so realistic. I must say Summer day Serenity if I have to choose one. The pink ribbon produced beautiful roses thanks to Nirmala’s talent. The red ribbon used is also very nice.When you see such amazing works it is very inspiring!

  14. Jessica Farris

    I love the Wreath of Love. The flowers just make me happy!

  15. Charlene

    Each of Mrs. Gunawardene’s rose creations are breathtakingly lovely. I’m not sure I can pick a favorite. Each one showcases your amazing ribbon beautifully. My favorite ribbon is the wide silk. It’s on my wish list.

  16. Susan Ikin

    Summer Day Serenity is so pretty and fresh, closely followed in beauty by Bouquet of Love. Thanks for sharing your work.

  17. Kimberly Colliss

    Loved the ribbon roses. It brought back a great memory of sitting with my Nanny learning how to make these flowers out of ribbon. It makes me want to make some for a special card or framed scrapbook page with her picture. Thank you.

  18. susan

    These are beautiful. I love roses. i love ribbon and i would love to learn how to do this. Any on line resources on how to do this? Beautiful!

  19. Diane Flack

    I made fabric valentines with ribbon embellishments. I would love to share them. Just let me know and I will email the photos. I love the roses and have taken classes on ribbon flowers. My valentines, however do not employ ribbon flowers but ribbon bows with beaded embellishments. thanks.

  20. Tracy Lee

    She is very talented! I like Midnight Rose the best. It’s simple and elegant, and I really love color purple! Seeing others’ creations always inspire me. Thanks for sharing!

  21. doris

    Wow! stunning pieces of art! I realy like, Summer Day Serenity, I love pastel coloours and wonderful design of them:)

  22. Peggy D.

    These are beautiful elegant designs. My favorite would be Wreath of Joy because it looks just like a hand-painted dish that I own. It belonged to my mother and I treasure it. I also like Midnight Rose because it is a rare color and beautifully presented.

  23. LynnM

    They’re all so beautiful! If I had to pick one, I’d have to choose Midnight Rose, although Summer Day Serenity is close behind, and I love the way she used a striped ribbon for one of the roses in that one.

  24. Kat

    Summer Day Serenity is my favorite – it really is serene, and oh so lovely.

  25. Melyssa

    Oh my these roses are amazing!!

  26. Michele Caron

    Knots of love.

  27. Judy Doyle

    Serenity Day Roses is my favorite….I would love to learn how to do this for a class at our store….I am loving this art !

  28. Laurie Davis

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  29. Angie W

    They are all STUNNING! However, I have to say that “Bouquet of Love” is probably my favorite. Ask me next week, after V-Day!

  30. Gigi Lorenc

    I live each one because they are so unque and special. What a wonderful talent to turn a Ribbon into a beautiful Rose.
    They are truely inspiring to the artist!

  31. Rebecca Ednie

    l like the very first best! I’m a huge fan of soft pink and it exudes softness and elegance!

  32. Denise Bryant

    These are absolutely lovely. My favorite is Summer Day Serenity because I love the soft pink and green together. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  33. Jenifer

    These are gorgeous what a beautiful talent to have:) Summer day is my favorite

  34. Cara

    Gorgeous!! Midnight Roses is my favorite. Well done!!

  35. Carol

    Summer Day Serenity is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  36. Tanya

    They are all so beautiful! I would have to pick Bouquet of Love as my favorite… the cluster of roses is amazing!


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