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Contest # 11: New Ribbon Colors

This week’s contest
comes straight from “Your Contest Idea’s” winner, Kerry A.

We are in
the midst of developing the Spring/Summer 2010 collection of May Arts Ribbon.  We want to hear from you!  What colors would you like to see May Arts
bring in?  Any favorites or hot new
trends you think we should know of?

Details are listed below: 

  • To enter: Post a comment.
  • Start date:  Monday, October 5th, 2009.
  • Deadline: Sunday October 18th, 2009. 
  • The prize:  6 – three yard spools of May
    Arts Ribbon.  Your choice!
  • We will select one entry.  The winner’s name will
    be posted on Monday October 19th.   
  • The winner will have 2 weeks to contact us & claim
    their prize.
  • Domestic & International entries are all welcome.
  1. Denise Bryant

    I’d like to see more white crochet trims and ivory crochet trims, about 1/2 inch wide.
    I also love the combo of black with brights, so I would suggest a black ribbon with a bright color design in it…. like lime green, hot pink, or electric blue, etc.

  2. farida

    i would love to see gold and silver ribbons in luxurious way 🙂
    thx for the chance to win 🙂

  3. Kerry A

    You already have a ton of fabulous colors…though I would love to see more shades of greens and blues. Also what about camoflague ribbon in greens, blues, and browns. I think they would be great for boy or military projects. And this is probably more of a winter idea but I would love to see some felt ric rac. I also think some lace or crocheted trims would be great.

    As for Spring/Summer colors what about a peachy/cantaloupe color or blueberry color.

  4. Alicia

    I would love to see pink, yellow and blue in your collection. Stripes, polka dots and flowers are my favorites!

  5. Alicia

    I would like to see a lot of pinks, yellows and blues in your collection. I am a fan of polka dots, stripes and anything with flowers.

  6. Lynda aka arlsmom

    I would love to see blue and brown combos or pink and brown combos… maybe one side with polkadots and the other one of the solid colors.

  7. kimberlee P

    I hear neons are coming back (EEEEK)! If you do dare to journey into that, maybe alternating colors, each side a different color?
    I know quilt blocks are becoming trendy, could you design ribbon to have quilt patterns on them? Flying geese, fans, stars would make a cool look.

  8. Erin Manning

    I would love to see more textures like suede, leather, crumpled effects, etc. More styles that can enhance projects for/about men. What about a studded ribbon? More scalloped and pinked edges would be great, too. LOVE your stuff!!

  9. Jan

    I have a terrible time trying to find vintage looking lace that is proportion to use on a card…probably 1/2″ but could sometimes be larger. I would love to see some in your line!

  10. Joanne

    I would like to see more “woodsy” or natural ribbons with more texture. I use jute alot and would like to see something more along that line for ribbons and trims. I particularly like your Chenile ribbon too!

  11. Karen

    I’d love to see a wider range of colours in the crocheted lace ribbons – especially some brights such as fuscia, turquoise, lime, orange.

  12. avina

    There are many places to buy ribbons. And with so many dying mediums like glimmer mists, paints and so on, colors are important but not the “cutting edge” of design on my list! So I think unusual textures with unexpected combinations of luxurious fabrics / materials is the way to go. For example, velvet with coarse gurney can potentially have unexpected results!

    To make way for spring and summer – pastels would be lovely but rather predictable! Brights would be definitely interesting and eye catching!

  13. E.Y

    Bright colors and sparkling!
    Your bright colored ribbons (such as turquoise or fuchsia, or parrot green) are good sellers in my store.
    I would love to see more sparkling ribbons using rhinestones or sequins and so on.
    I cannot wait to see your new ribbons.
    Thank you for always supplying high quality ribbons.

  14. Cindy

    Pom Pom ribbon for Spring….robins egg blue with taupe poms or Spring green with black poms. T his is my favorite ribbon and I love to combine it with a diamond pattern or a plaid!


  15. Cindy

    Oh yum, more color combo’s of the Pom Pom Ribbon! It’s such a fun design. IFor Fall, ‘ve been using the orange brown combo with my Brown Satin Diamond…too sweet. So for Spring would be cool to see maybe an robins egg blue, with taupe pom poms, or a spring green combo or even a pink on pink.


  16. Carol Charny

    What a fun contest.! We love ribbon and my store is known for its special wrapping.

    I love the taffeta plaid and check ribbons.
    two tone lavender, pink, green, and also lavender and brown, pink and brown and aqua and brown.

    also I would love to see printed and possibly 3D flowers like Gerbera Daisys in bright colors and maybe regular daisys in white and yellow or black eyed susans possibly. Thank you

  17. Kristen

    Ribbon that looks like you found it at a Paris Flea Market. Vintage embroidery, lace, and crochet. Old looking twill printed with numbers/flowers/letters. Crushed velvets, ruffles, ect…That is what is really hot and will continue to be hot.

  18. Kristen

    I know in the papercrafting world Vintage is it. Vintage embroidery would be great, crushed velvets, printed twill ribbon with numbers or flowers that look old. Vintage looking lace and crochet. Ribbon that looks like it was found in a paris flea market that is what is really hot.

  19. Elaine

    I would love some beautiful rich golden yellows, pale aqua/teal, and a deep, rich graphite gray with a graph pattern on it…or something else very geometric looking.

  20. Jessie Beans

    Another thing I’d love to see are ribbons that coordinate nicely with colors from the fabrics/scrap-booking items seen in the Amy Butler Midwest Modern collections. Her palettes are great for spring and incredibly popular in the world of crafts. With combos like celadon/heather grey, or coral/aqua/brown, or ginko/prink/cream etc. (As seen in this picture; The colors are so wonderful and the line is so popular in quilting, fashion, and scrap-booking – but there are so few trims to coordinate with them! Pink is usually the only thing that goes with that collection. So a line of pretty satins or reversible stitch edge satin, or grosgrain – /etc. in that type of pallet would be AMAZING! Any basic trims for purses, skirts, scrapbooks etc. would be great to coordinate with these items that are already out there and people are buying/have in their stash and need coordinates for! They aren’t available in trims, so it would be great to see that pallet for spring.

  21. Jessie Beans

    I work in a retail craft store with the biggest trim selection in the city we are located. The one thing that customers can never get enough of and is hard to find suppliers for is LACE! Especially stretch lace. Anything we get in sells out immediately (including the one style of lace ribbon currently offered from May Arts that we carry). It is in high demand, and limited supply! Double scalloped stretch lace in black. ivory. white, charcoal, old pink, aqua, coral, old gold, olive, burgundy/red, aubergine etc. – great for clothes or crafts. Or a ruffle lace – anything pre-gathered is a great trim. With my experience I know lace trims are a hot item, and I’d love to see what other things May Arts can do with lace! I’d buy an entire spool of a few colors for just for me that’s for sure!

  22. doris

    Great idea! You have wonderful colors and my first reaction to this contest was “they have all colors” . Now I’m thinking about pastel colours like different shades of fresh green, light purple and lila, but also spring is full of energy so vibrant colors are ok too!

    Greetings from Poland:)

    p.s. I’d love to win:)

  23. CandyCB

    your faux ultra suede leaves in fall colors of burnt orange, golden yellow, dark red or burgundy and similiar gorgeous fall colors, perhaps other leaf shapes such as oak, maple and ginko

  24. Susan

    For spring we are getting requests from our brides for tones in wheat and honey. Also there is a new blue which is very hard to find in ribbon right now. It is a medium marine blue; lighter than royal, darker than light blue, but not turquoise. Also there is a demand for interesting trims in white and ivory for bridal bouquet handles.

  25. Kathy W

    I would love to see tea stained twill in various widths. I also would like more shades of purple/lavendar satin and chenille ricrac. Thanks for the chance to win.

  26. Carol

    “Remember u r constantly in the act of creating yourself. U r in every moment deciding who & what u r. U decide this largerly through the choices u make regarding who & what u feel passionate about.”
    I am extremely passionate about my cReAtiOnS & beautiful ribbon is an important element in many of my cReATioNs. Although I use your silk often & paint & tea-stain it myself, I would be extremely happy if you added a line of dyed silk & satin with a colorwash technique of blended colors, almost like a watercolor.

  27. ~Tonya

    Love all of the choices that you already have…but for the new 2010 line, I think TWILL is going to be trendy. Designs and word-age on them…Dream a little Dream, would be a sweet one.

    Also, ribbon with silver metallic flecks in it, would be neat. All color hues, to also include black. The more muted tones.

    Just a couple of ideas there. Thank you so much for the chance to win. So very generous of you!


  28. Lyla

    I would love to see something totally different…natural looking, jute woven ribbons with light vintagey looking colors…..sagey green, slate blue, slamony pink…etc

  29. Cathrine StClair

    I would love to see some earthy designs with natural looking fibers – but mixed with other materials (natural twill with velvet center). Things that coordinate with kraft paper and natural, earth tone colors.

  30. Heather

    I would love to see some different colored lace to overlay bouquet wraps. I have brides that want their bouquet wrapped in white with an overlay in the color of the wedding so a nice open lace in colors would be great and sophisticated.

  31. Amy

    I would love to see some lace pieces as well as some Unique pieces of trims. For instance I just saw the new Websters Pages trims and they are stunning…looping ribbon called tutu, velvet ribbon with a lace edging, braided trims, ruffled trims…anything unique and out of the ordinary.
    I too like the idea mentioned above about getting a “try-it” pack…maybe a yard of each of your new pieces so that we would be able to see the quality of the product before buying.

  32. Mrs. C

    It would be great if when you introduce new ribbons, you would offer a “try-it” pack. A few yards of a few colors so you could try them out. It would also be great if you offered seasonal “create-it” pack. Many Thanks

  33. katy

    BAKER’S TWINE!!!! but a little thicker than the average baker’s twine often seen! And more colors! Love to see mint green/white, butter yellow/white, charcoal gray/cream, rootbeer/cream.

    I am also a big fan of ticking fabric so I think something along the lines of ticking would be awesome! Both thin and wide and in red/cream too!

  34. Sara Eaton

    I die for your velvet ric-rac…so vintage chic! I got sweet pea & natural and now need all the other shades for my collection.

    Navy is making a big comeback. A lot of my brides are requesting it and I cannot find any beautiful, modern navy ribbon. I know you guys could rock out some rad navy ribbon or trim.

  35. sally lacy

    I would love to see more colors that corresponded with paper color (like Waste Not) so that they could be used for wedding stationery. I would also like to have a wider variety of choices in the Double sided silk.

  36. Dana

    Great colors to follow for trends is Pantone colors, they set the trends. I think brighter colors and pastels for spring/summer. I would LOVE to see Toile ribbon in lots of different variations like the fabric that is out there. In both grosgrain and satin in 5/8″ to 1.5″. Printed ribbon of geometric shapes and flowers… cute printed flowers on satin, and woven/embroidered in many combinations… tone on tone even. I love May Arts ribbon’s but do go elsewhere for “cute” ribbon.

  37. Wendy

    Love ALL your ribbons, love velvet, love satin and am liking striped ribbons more and more…

  38. Michelle Rasmussen

    I would love to see more trims…my favorite trimming that you don’t carry yet is the pom-pom trim in almost any color it is fun and adds a little something extra to everything!

  39. Susie Chapple

    I would love to see more textural ribbons and trims.

  40. Christie Ortman

    I’d love to see some felt. I love the 5/8″ widths that we are seeing more of and I’m loving striped ribbon these days!

  41. Rebecca Ednie

    I’d love to see really soft pastel colours like butter yellow, blush pink, mint and robins egg blue. I’d also love to see ribbon printed with script lettering like we currently see on paper flowers and patterned paper. Printed twill would also be great. How about monochromatic striped ribbon? I love your selection with multicoloured stripes but I’d love to see more with variations of only one colour. I’ve got an ombré ribbon with tiny flowers printed down the middle, that would be a great one to carry. I’ve also seen ribbon loops sewn into shirts or sweaters with the company’s name on it. I’d love to see ribbon with various names in different retro fonts. I’d love ribbon printed with crafty themes like rubber stamps, scissors, knitting needles, thread, sewing machine etc. I’m not sure if you carry it already but maybe 1/16″ ribbon for threading buttons on cards where twine isn’t quite appropriate? Maybe feather boa trim? Or ribbon that says ‘baby’ but in vintage colours so it looks like it has faded over time.

  42. Nora

    Also, some ribbon sort of like “party streamers” or papier mache but “corrugated” for texture that can be gathered to make my own flowers. the thicker the better.
    Thank you.

  43. Nora

    I would like to see more colors of your wide mesh in brighter colors like oranges and greens. it’s really flexible and easy to work with and DOES NOT shred.
    Also, please let me know if it’s possible to order directly from may arts by the yard.
    Thanks so much!

  44. Shirley E Ross

    Spring and Summer allow for all of the colors of the rainbow. It’s a time of new life and growth. I would like to see smaller sizes in the embroidered solid color ribbons. ( 4/8, 5/8, 7/8). You might like to the card done by this lady for Christmas using your velvet ribbon:

    She is one innovative and creative lady!!

  45. Heidi Van Laar

    Aquas, orange and limes and gray for a neutral. I would love to see more colors of ribbon striped lengthwise like your 1.5″ Grosgrain ivory striped too.

  46. Melissa Cash

    I think the vintage look is going to be popular so I would like to see more mid-tone colors Not too light and not too bright. Lacy ribbons and ribbons with lacy edges.

  47. Barb Housner

    I love lace in different colors and twill tape – sometimes ribbon is too dressy but a twill tape is just right – I know you have other colors of twine but no one carries it around me. Sob Sob.

    thanks for all your beautiful ribbons – your booth at CHA was always one of my favorites – thanks for the giveaway. Barb

  48. Gigi Lorenc

    Ribbons can amplify the message of a card. Put an organdie ribbon on a project it looks more feminine, a grosgrain has a strong effect, I would love a ribbon that has a very crepe paper like look without the fragile nature of crepe paper, maybe with a little sparkle. More tiny ribbon with a gathered edge or edges.

  49. Michelle A.

    I would love to see multicolor patterned silk ribbons, antique lacy ribbons, fun plaid prints, rich velvet ribbon, sparkly ribbon, shaped cut out ribbons.

  50. Rowena Barnard aka craftypagan

    Oh my what a fabulous giveaway! I absolutely love ribbon, and yours are so yummy! Would love to win! So glad I found your blog! Hugs, Rowena

  51. Heather Hopkins

    I love the satin cutout ribbons. I’d love to see more shades of green leaves ~ and maybe some brown ~ little woodland creatures like squirrels, owls, little deer. I don’t think we’ve seen enough of those cute animals yet 😉

  52. Bets

    Yea, I certainly think more colors combos would be fantastic!! Have you ever thought about planning around the upcoming seasons color schemes for leading children’s clothers.. like Gymboree, KellysKids, Janie and Jack , Hanna Anderson, Chez Ami…etc?? I mean those of us in the boutique world usually follow these lines really closely…

  53. katherine

    I would love to see turquoise/brown combos, pink/brown combos, pink/green combos, purple/green combos, and purple.

  54. Samantha Sibbet

    There are so many beautiful May Arts ribbons, it is hard to think off something new!! I would love more gingham choices, ginghams in unusual color combos like aqua and red gingham, orange and pink. Ruffled ribbons. Like your silk ribbon with a stich down the middle that ruffles it up. Tea stained thin twill. Thanks for asking!

  55. Lucille

    I would love to see your lovely ribbons in shade variations of pink and brown. Thank you for this chance to win May Arts beautiful ribbons 🙂

  56. Sharon

    I would love a rich chocolate brown and more shades of green in your gorgeous silk ribbons.
    Thanks for the chance to win some of your fab ribbons!

  57. Nathalia

    I would love to see more trim varieties: woven jute braid, tasseled fringe, grosgrain with crochet center, embossed velvet in Earthy colors such as kraft, eggshell, robin’s egg blue and buttercup yellow. And you can never go wrong with white! There are so many ways crafters can dye their own ribbons to coordinate with their projects.


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