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Contest # 10: Your Contest Ideas

We have been
so thrilled with the response from all our readers of the May Arts Blog!  We truly hope that you all walk away each
week a bit of inspiration, courtesy of our very talented artists.  For this week’s contest, we are going to do
something a little bit different!

We want to know
what type of contests you would like to see on this blog!  Post your ideas below to enter.

Details are
listed below: 

  • To enter: Post a comment.
  • Start date:  Monday, September 21st, 2009.
  • Deadline: Sunday October 4th, 2009. 
  • The prize:  6 – three yard spools of May
    Arts Ribbon.  Your choice!
  • We will select one entry.  The winner’s name will
    be posted on Monday October 5th.   
  • The winner will have 2 weeks to contact us & claim
    their prize.
  • Domestic & International entries are all welcome.
  1. Yanique

    How about an island theme scrapbook page

  2. Denise Bryant

    I am a papercrafter and love to use ribbons in cardmaking. Maybe a paperarts category for a contest?
    I’m new here and I love seeing the ribbon weaving and ribbon wreath ideas….. can’t wait to try out a few projects with your lovely ribbons!
    Denise Bryant

  3. Tam OConnell

    Hi just love your ribbon and the site is very helpful. Contest? 1. How about a theme like Halloween,Thanksgiving,Christmas, etc. and you would have to make an item using ribbon for that holiday. 2.How about a contest to highlight specific kinds of ribbon Velveteen,Two Tone,Stitched Edge etc.where you would have to use it on a project. 3. Maybe a contest to use a given number of different kinds of ribbon on a project. 4. How about a designated craft like create an ornament, a mini scrapbook,or home decor item. 5. Okay one more . what about a specific size of ribbon on s project. Thanks for letting me rattle on.This gave me ideas. I’m on my way tomorrow to pick up ribbon at Archiver’s . Thanks.

  4. f lynn rush

    i would like to see ways to use ribbon, then have a contest on that technique. show more card layouts/challenges.

  5. Kerry A

    I always love a contest that challenges me to create a new project. And what about a contest where people recommend new ribbon colors? Or tell you their favorite May Arts ribbon?

  6. Daiva

    I would love to see a technique challenge that goes with an article. Maybe showing how to make some ribbon flowers and then having a challenge to use them on something like a card or layout.

  7. Lisa Somerville

    I’d love to see Sketch Contests, Altered Items or Inspiration Photos for contests using ribbons!

  8. Lynda aka arlsmom

    Contests are great for inspiration!!! I would love to see some card contests, maybe an altered project featuring ribbon contest…

    I can’t wait to see what you decide on!

  9. Julie Creek

    LOVE the way you sewed on that ribbon and crinkled it up. Gotta order that ribbon and try it myself!

  10. Meredith

    I would love to see a contest on creative and beautiful packaging using ribbon, since the holidays will soon be upon us.

  11. Kimberly Madrid

    I love how you use your ribbon. especially when you stitch it on!

    How ’bout a color challenge? Or a challenge to use a particular width of ribbon?

  12. Laurie Brauer

    I am loving all the creative ways to use this beautiful ribbon!!

  13. Jan

    I would love to see a Christmas ornament challenge.

  14. Alecia Castro

    Would love some contests here! How about any of the following: sketch challenge, recipe challenge (list of items to use), ad challenge, color challenge… I could go on, hehe!

  15. Tracie

    just found the blog today and made my own ribbon wreath…so very easy!!!

  16. CandyCB

    I enjoy using ribbons for embellishing wearables & accessories including using them in jewelery making

  17. Wendi R

    today I saw the sketches article and what about a sketch contest and show examples using you ribbons?? that would be lots of fun

  18. avina

    I find your contests on how to use your ribbons most interesting. But what about a design your own ribbon contest? That would be really interesting!


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