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Contest #1: “Organization”

We hope that you have enjoyed our first blog post “Ribbon: Organization!”.   We would love to have your creative input
for storing & organizing ribbon; prizes will be awarded for the most creative
entry.  For our first contest, we ask
that you share your techniques with us!  All
you have to do is post a comment; feel free to include photos…we always love to
see pictures!  But it is not necessary;
our goal is to simply have you participate! 
So, here are the details:

  • To enter: Post a comment.
  • Start date:  Monday
    June 8th, 2009
  • Deadline: Sunday June 14th,
  • The prize:  4 – three
    yard spools of May Arts Ribbon.  Your
  • The winner’s name & idea will be posted on Monday
    June 15th.  We will pick the most creative entry. 
  • The winner will have
    2 weeks to contact us & claim their prize.
  • Domestic & International entries are all

To post your comment & enter our contest, click here!

  1. Anonymous

    great ideas! So nice to be able to share thoughts w/ other ribbon-junkies!!! LOVE the ideas…keep them coming!

  2. Laurie Brauer

    I store my ribbon in the cropper hopper boxes and for my must-have-can’t-leave-home-without it ribbon I use the ribbon ez pull container. I love all these great ideas!

  3. Veronica Ochoa

    I use ribbon every day to create my hair pretties and I have a TON of ribbon, My work studio seemed like it was being taken over with my obsession for ribbon. I tried several methods but the BEST by far is storing the ribbon in Plastic Christmas Ornament containers. They have 3 layers and have adjustable compartments. I can organize by color, prints and size. The best part is they lock together and stack nice & neat under my desk. So my husband has no idea how much ribbon I truly have!

  4. Alecia Castro

    Love me some ribbon, and your storage tips are excellent!! I store mine in glass jars that have screw top lids… sorted by color. LOVE seeing all the pretty colors on my shelf. :o)

  5. jane bedard

    I am afraid my storage is not as creative as those above. I store them all in a plastic bin. The bin is labelled “ribbon” so that I can just go right to it and not go through a lot of bins…the others are labelled also…

  6. Pam

    We love ribbon…but storage is always a problem. We use dowel rods (very inexpensive) and just slide our ribbon on and they attach to the wall with a curtain rod bracket… A very inexpensive way to hold every size of ribbon roll and allow them to be pulled eaisly…alittle or alot at at time…

    very easy….and they make a bright display in my scrapbookroom…

    We also use large glass jars on the shelves to showcase our ribbon scraps by color…We let our ribbon add to the design of our room…

  7. Judi Slingerland

    I use ribbons everyday in my business of custom invitations. Storage has always been a major problem. To solve this, my husband bought four eight-feet lengths of rain gutter from Home Depot. I attached the end pieces and sprayed them black and he hung them on the wall of my studio. There are four of them that hold the bolts upright and the ribbon ends hang over for easy selection. An inexpensive and perfect solution!

  8. Leah

    tie rack!!! wonderful idea!!! I bet it looks lovely as it spins!!!

  9. Holly

    What a lovely web site! I look forward to more interesting posts!

    My husband got a motorized tie rack for Christmas that he never uses so I store all my frequently used and attractive ribbon on it. I still keep my spools in shoe boxes, but extra lengths and especially pretty ribbon go on the tie rack.


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