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Contain Your Tricks & Treats!

This post will help to inspire your Halloween goodie containment.  I LOVE Halloween. The dressing up, trying to guess the costumes of the neighborhood children. TRICK or Treating, passing out the candy, and fun spooky toys and trinkets along with candy. A few little non-harming “tricks” are always on hand at my house on October 31: spider rings, some plastic flies, maybe an eyeball bouncy ball or two. Here are some fun ways to have your Halloween loot ready to hand out!!!


Frightening box

Here is a Halloween treasure box to hold the tricks!

Ribbons used: SM08 – black burlap string, AR28 – orange ric rac, EX28 – satin cutout orange pumpkins

Items needed: plain white “school box” with clasp, paint, ribbons, stickers, buttons, epoxy star buttons.

Step by step: 1) paint box-let some of the white show through.  2) Place word stickers along the base on all sides of the box.  3) Add ric rac above stickers, place buttons on ends of the ric rac. 4) On top of the box, add border stickers and ribbon to the lower right corner. 5) Place buttons on top, epoxy stars on base.


Truffle holder

Just a little something for the co-worker, friend or a teacher.  All tied up and made extra special by the packaging.

Ribbons used: BH10 –  grosgrain stitched edge black, TS38 –  solid stitch center orange, 367-58-10 sheer looped trim black

Items needed: candy, box, scraps of black flocked paper, chipboard pumpkin accent.

Step by step: 1) tie ribbon to ends of candy wrapper.  2) mat chipboard sticker to flocked paper.  3) add ribbon to a slightly bigger square piece of paper and tie ends together with orange ribbon.  4) With foam squares adhere 2 pieces of paper together to make top embellishment.  5) Add black ribbon to box and top with pumpkin embellishment.


Treat bag

Easy to find, easy to fill.  This simple idea can be used through-out the year when you need a quick little gift.

Ribbons used: KS27, -28 colored string/wire

Items needed: candy corn, orange button, clear plastic round bag, pencil.

Step by step: 1) Fill with candy.  2) Twist wire string around top of the bag.  3) Thread wire through button and tie to bag.  4) Wrap wire to make loops by coiling around a pencil.



Zip-lock cheerios

It is not a bad idea to have a few bags of cereal for the smallest of the TRICK-or-TREATERS.  This simple idea is one of my favorites.

Ribbons used: 350-58-28 –  orange sheer ruffle edge, KB10 – black solid check

Items needed: cheerios, ziplock bag, double stick tape.

Step by step: 1) Place double stick tape on the closure of zip bag.   2)  Top with ribbon.  3) Adhere a second piece of double stick tape to the middle of the ribbon on bag.   4) Place the smaller ribbon on top of the tape.   5) Fill with your choice of items.



When they say “trick” instead of “treat,” have some of these snack baggies ready!

Ribbons used: SK47 – purple silk, 377-38-10 – black metalic velvet

Items needed: snack baggie, plastic flies, transparent tag, silver paper circle punch, hole punch, double stick tape

Step by step: 1) Adhere ribbon to both sides of baggie with double stick tape.  2) Fill with fake flies.  3) Attach transparent tag to a punched out circle.  4) Punch a hole and tie to bag with ribbon.


Cupcake liners

I have seen the cutest cupcake holders all over this year, and just had to purchase some.  I would rather spend time crafting… so I have a no-bake alternative to share.

Ribbons used: PV10 – black velvet, C28 – sheer orange, 383-38-10 – black metalic/solid band edges, EH10 – black/white grosgrain two tone

Items needed: liners, hole punch, oreo cakesters, black gel icing, sprinkles, glue dots

Step by step: 1) punch 2 holes in cupcake liner.  2) tie ribbon.  3) insert a second liner, adhere with a glue dot.  This makes sure food doesn’t get on ribbon.  4) stack 2 cakesters with a small amount of black gel icing to hold them together. 5) cover top of cakester with black gel. 6) add sprinkles.  7) place in cupcake liner.



Blog Posted By: Leah Farrar-White

  1. Maria Wildrick

    Love, Love, Love all these ideas!! Especially the zip loc baggies for little trick or treaters.

  2. Laurie

    WOWZER!! I want to come trick or treating at your house!! such cool cute ideas!

  3. Tona

    Great projects!

  4. Jen Harrison

    What a great bunch of ideas! I am loving all the ribbon! Such pretty ribbon! Love the pumpkin ribbon on the box!

  5. Deb Long

    These are awesome ideas!!!

  6. Charlene

    Leah…all of your ideas rock! I think my favorite is probably the zip lock bag, though..cute, fun and simple…an “why didn’t I think of that”? moment!!

  7. Shawn Wenrich

    great post today!!!

  8. jen shears

    Great ideas- love them all!!! That truffle box is super fun- that sheer looped trim is some of my favorite- LOVE it in black!

  9. Michelle H.

    Love the halloween box!

  10. Beth W

    This is a Halloween lovers delight.

  11. Andrea

    You always have fabulously cute ideas!!! I love the oreo cakester idea for a more simple fun treat. Thanks!!

  12. Pam Loris

    Love the truffle box!

  13. Erika M

    Such create Halloween projects!


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