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Welcome to the new category on the May Arts Blog – New & Notes!  This is where we will be keeping you up to date on all May Arts news, so you don’t miss a thing! 

Coming soon – May Arts Ribbon Fun Packs!

ribbon fun packs

May Arts will soon be selling ribbon in these handy packs!  Each “Fun Pack” comes in a set of 6 ribbons – 3 yards per spool.  We have 4 different packs for the following occasions:

  • Halloween

ribbon fun pack

  • Wedding

ribbon fun pack

  • Christmas

ribbon fun pack

  • Craft

ribbon fun pack

Post your comments & let us know what you think!  What other occasions would you like to see us “fun pack”?

  1. Michelle Mathey

    That Craft Fun Pack has my name written ALL OVER IT!! Gorgeous!

  2. Jennifer H.

    Oh my gosh!! I love this idea!! Love that you have them themed! How about a selection of all the same ribbon but in different colors. Or maybe a group of all greens, blues, reds. How about different designs or better yet, different holidays as a bundle. Could do one that has just flowers, one that has just polka dots, one that has your really wide ribbons, one that has all kinds of twine…so many ideas and endless combinations!!!

  3. Mary Anne Perlmutter

    What a about a male pack. Twill, twine and more netural colors with lots of textures.

  4. Jessica

    Love this great idea! All of them are beautiful. How about mod-baby packs with light blue, mint green & brown, or pink, lavender and brown? Outdoors packs with twill, twine and natural earth tones? English Garden with those lovely rosette ribbons and a bright color palette of reds, yellows, orange & green? I can’t wait to get my hands on some of these!

  5. Charlene

    Fabulous idea! How about a “Sparkle & Glitz” pack…gold, silver, bronze, all things glittery and shiny? A “Princess” pack…soft pinks/greens or “All Boy”…browns, blues, reds? Hee, hee …this is fun!!

  6. Lexi

    Very cute to have it all coordinating together…and that they are a mix of ribbons and trims! What about a “party pack”? As in birthday? Or maybe an “Autumn” one? Easter/Spring? Patriot? 🙂 Lots of ideas!


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