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Classic Thanksgiving Corn Decoration

Classic Thanksgiving Corn Decoration

What better way to let family, friends, neighbors know that they are welcome at your house than by an arrangement of the Thanksgiving classic décor of a trio of Indian Corn hanging on your door? A bit of May Arts Ribbon added to the corn arrangement makes the arrangement even more beautiful and welcoming!

 Classic Thanksgiving Corn Decoration

I started with the standard trio of Indian Corn that had been grouped together with some rather ugly, visible wired ribbon. I knew that I could cover this with May Arts Ribbon and choose various textures, prints and widths that played off the colors from the corn.

 Classic Thanksgiving Corn Decoration

To decorate the corn, I first looped some of the new release ¾” Ivory Canvas with Print Ribbon, featuring the fall leaves. I secured the loops with a simple staple through the cut end.

 Classic Thanksgiving Corn Decoration

I then added a double bow of the 1.25” May Arts Silk Ribbon in Antique Gold. This ribbon line is a staple for me. I love the smooth texture and with the variety of colors available, there is sure a spool to match any of your projects! Plus, making bows is super easy with this type of ribbon! To make the double bow, cut two lengths of the same ribbon. Before you tie the bow, place on length on top of the other, tie the bow on the ribbon that has been wrapped around your object, then finish by tying a bow with the second ribbon. It is essentially a bow tied on top of a bow, and adds lovely fullness.

 Classic Thanksgiving Corn Decoration

I finished the piece by adding a double bow of the May Arts Burlap String in Antique Gold (another staple in my ribbon collection!) for added texture and color. The end result is a lovely balance of corn and ribbon: a perfect welcoming piece that expresses my gratefulness and blessings during the Thanksgiving Season.

 By Karen Baker




Other Supplies Used:

  • Indian Corn
  • Stapler/Staples


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  1. jen shears


  2. TracyM #6773

    What a lovely welcome Karen – LOVE the texture & colors of the corn and LOVE your big bows of ribbons and string!!!
    Quick & easy with lots of WOW!!!

  3. Heather Thompson

    now how neat and simple is that, easy way to had some holiday cheer!!


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